Sexy Undo Close Tab extension for Google Chrome

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Sexy Undo Close Tab

Working on internet is sometimes frustrating. If you are working on internet with  more and more open tabs on your web browser and what if your tab get closed accidentally? You may lose some important data for a while. If you need to get it back then you should have to open the browser history. So that, you can find your exact lost web page. Isn’t it frustrating? No need to frustrate more. Because, in this article we have featured an awesome Chrome extension only for Google Chrome web browser, known as ‘Sexy Undo Close Tab’. Sexy Undo Close Tab Brings Back Your Closed Chrome Content.

Sexy Undo Close Tab

If you need to get back to a tab that you closed down a while back, with its contents intact. Press the combination Ctrl+Shift+T until your fingers get sore. Second way is, open Sexy Undo Close Tab and search or click for your tab. You will find your lost tabs after hitting the extensions icon.

Sexy Undo Close Tab

Sexy Undo Close Tab covers the lost tab and its functions. This extension does its well job like keeping track of a number of tabs you control. It shows maximum 20 tabs. If you need more then you have to clear previous tabs by hitting ‘clear’ button. On top of that, you will find some more cool options. It gives you some other goodies like changing the undo-tab-close to Ctrl+Z. It allows to mixing up the fonts. Also, users can customize icons and list as per their wish.

You can also use it inside incognito mode by ticking the “Allow this extension to run in incognito” box in the Extensions manager. Simply go through: chrome://extensions/ With delete function you can easily delete any pages you want. You can also clear the list if you want to pages in the list, as we said 20 is the default.

Sexy Undo Close Tab

Simply this cool extension is nothing but the mini-history manager for your Google Chrome. It saves the time. Extension enables the save closed tabs feature and it will save up those closed tabs. If you want to get back that tab you opened last month, then also you will get them in the list. Add Sexy Undo Close Tab extension on your Google Chrome and enjoy the ‘No More Frustration’ while browsing on the internet.


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