Zicom Qube IP Network Mount Camera – Price, Specifications And Features

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Zicom Qube

Zicom Electronic Security Systems Limited – Zicom is India’s first organized electronic security solutions provider. Recently, Zicom introduces the Qube Camera. The camera is designed on the globally acclaimed IP surveillance platform. Zicom’s Qube Camera will make available the remote monitoring of homes and offices. It is also available on such electronic devices like Mobile phones, Laptops and Computers.

Zicom Qube its a sturdy build quality IP camera. When the camera’s IP goes online, the user interface can be administered from a browser within the network. Authority levels can be assigned to this camera to control the user inteface. Still users can customize the settings. Its sure that, Zicom Qube is very expensive camera.

This camera does not require the recording of security footage on separate DVR’s. Direct recording on the hard disk of any selected computer with the help of the software included in the kit is possible.

Zicom Qube

Specifications of Zicom Qube

  • CMOS Sensor.
  • 1.3 Mega Pixel IP Camera.
  • Resolution: 1024X768.
  • 4.3 mm Lens.
  • LAN Ports available.
  • Line out for external audio.

Features of Zicom Qube

  • Progressive scan that provides HD quality videos.
  • MPEG/MPEG4 dual codec and MJPEG & MPEG4 dual streaming.
  • Multiple profiles and 3GPP Streaming.
  • Comprises 6 IR LEDs for low light environment.
  • Inbuilt Mic & Audio I/O for 2 way communication.
  • No extended cabling required.
  • Remote viewing is possible with Static IP as well as with the Dyndns facility.
  • Scheduled & triggerd event functionality with preset actions and alarm notifications via e-mail.
  • No Separate DVR Required. can be recorded on PC’s Hard disk with the software CD available with the kit.

Price of Zicom Qube

Current price of Zicom Qube IP Network Mount Camera is Rs. 13,700 INR in Indian market. Zicom Qube is also available to buy online. So, you can buy it online also.

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