Google Desktop will no longer be available after 14th September 2011

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Google Desktop

Google Desktop is desktop search software made by Google. In 2004, Google launched Google Desktop. It is compatible for Linux, Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows. The program allows text searches of a user’s e-mails, computer files, music, photos, chats, Web pages viewed, and other “Google Gadgets”. Users can access all this function through their desktop.

Google Desktop already got more than 10 million users around the world. Google is really very humbled by the great support and intellectual use of Google Desktop. The usage and the users feedback  was tremendous, says Google.

Google Desktop

Recently, on September 02, 2011, new update on Google Desktop comes out through their official Google Desktop Blog.

“Desktop has been used by tens of millions of people and we’ve been humbled by its usage and great user feedback. Thanks again to all of our users. It’s been a fun journey.”

Google Desktop will no longer be available for download from 14th September and onwards. It is among the 10 products that Google is discontinuing. Also, existing installations will not be updated to include new features or fixes. So its confirmed that Google is about to remove this exciting and really helpful feature.

Google Destop is still really helpful and entertaining for many users. So it is true that those users won’t be happy with this decision. So here we are giving you an opprtunity to share your experience about Google Desktop with us by commenting below.

“Will You Miss the Google Desktop???”

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