Giveaway: 10 Licenses of Mac UberMask

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UberMask  hides files and folders with a simple keystroke from curious eyes and inadvertent discovery. Files and folders managed by UberMask can not even be found by Spotlight.  We are delighted to giveaway 10 licenses to our readers worth $15 each if you want to grab this cool tool then come and participate in our contest.

Have you got files on your Mac which are for your eyes only?

Use UberMask to hide your  precious data from curious eyes. And there is no chance that your family members, collegues and friends stumble upon your selected files and folders accidently when using your Mac.

Even Spotlight will not find your hidden data!

Hidden files and folder can be seen and managed by the UberMask application. But niether the finder nor spotlight will be able to detect them.

Hide all selected data with a simple key stroke

Choose a BOSS key combination and the BOSS key  any time you want  all your managed data to turn invisible. It works like magic and keeps your conscience  clean whenever your Mac is used by someone else.

To win a license, simply share the following on any social networking site of your choice and post its status URL here.

10 license Giveaway of Mac UberMask @TheGeeksClub. Get your copy for free at

If you do not use social sites, you could post this offer in you favorite forum or blog about it. The more you share, the more the chances.

The winners will be announced randomly after 7 days and the email IDs sent to the company, who will then forward the license to you directly.