Apple iPod Touch 5G – Features, Price and Availability

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ipod touch 5g

Though iPhone 4S was the star of the “Let’s Talk iPhone” event, its new iPod Touch that also grabbed attention. Sporting stunning memory ranging from 8 GB to 32 GB, this device can carry all your music and your favorite books wherever you go!

Along with usual black colored iPod, there will be white version of this new generation iPod that will be available soon. The product is expected to get released in market on 12th October 2011. 

ipod touch 5g

Apple iPod Touch 5G Price

Apple iPod Touch 5G with 8 GB capacity can cost you around $199. The bigger one with 16 GB capacity will be around $299 and 32 GB will carry a price tag of $399.

The Geeks Club will soon come up with review of this portable music library. So stay tuned!

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  1. I touch 5g is only been launched in 32 and 64 gigs variants..the Image which u have used is of the previous iPod..gen 4

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