Infographic: The Life, Death and Achievements of Apple Steve Jobs

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The Life, Death and Achievements of Apple Steve Jobs

Former Apple CEO, Steve Jobs has been a true inspiration for most of us along with for some of the most developed personalities of the world including Microsoft’s Bill Gates, Facebook’s Mark Zukerbery, Google’s Lary Page and it continues even more with all the people of the world.

Steve Jobs is known to be the most Inspirational Person of this Era with his hard work into the Tech field for which he will always be remembered. Steve Jobs had a lot of living in his life for completely 56 Years. However, if his career would have ended at just 30 years, he would still have made history in terms of making the Personal Computer popular. But indeed he did much more than what people might have even thought.

As far as everyone knows, Jobs defied F. Scott Fitzgerald’s famous quote, “There are no second acts in American lives.”. Steve Jobs final years at Apple have always been Notifiable as his early ones.

Here is an Infographic from the Infographic World that put down the entire Jobs accomplishments and success story.

The Life, Death and Achievements of Apple Steve Jobs

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