HTC Sensation XE to be Launched in India Soon

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HTC Sensation XE

Some reliable sources have revealed that HTC Sensation XE would soon be available to the Indian Market. The HTC Sensation XE is said to be the restructured debut of the its previous avatar though the looks and basic structure look identical.

HTC Sensation XE

The HTC sensation XE was advertised to be a superb handset which aroused the buyer’s attraction, so as soon as the phone was announced by the manufacturers the ripples in the market can be felt.

The company feels that the inclusion of exquisite music and audio technology would be the high point of the HTC Sensation XE. It will, without doubt, provide the customers with excellent music quality.

The Company released an official statement in which it declared , “Here we want to put the music capabilities of this phone to one side and take a closer look at the video and camera features present on this excellent model”. When talking about the features of the HTC Sensation XE the release asserted that the device would certainly be making the customers feel the experience of a premium smart phone with a 3264×2448 motion, along with a camera quality of 8MP and superb video capturing prowess of 1080p resolution would definitely help the   user to reduce the blurred images.

The camera also provides the users with interesting shutter buttons positioned on the right hand side of the screen so that one can get the better picture quality to capture the desired image.

HTC Sensation XE Pricing

The soon to be launched HTC Sensation XE  would cost the customers around 32,400 INR but the features are such that the huge amount would seem like a trifle.

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