Visual Hashing: Confirm that You have not Mistyped the Password

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Visual Hashing

One of the things that annoys the internet users is typing the password repeatedly until he get access to his account. The password while typing on password field for an account shows in the asterisk code which doesn’t reveal the characters while typing.

One alternative to check the correctness of the password and avoid mistyping before hitting the enter button is to use a special bookmark which shows the characters besides the asterisk but if there are people around you watching the screen it is not a good idea to hit the bookmark to check the characters of the password.

Here comes an extension for the Chrome which works with the Visual Hashing.

Visual Hashing extension for the Google Chrome makes you to remember the correctness of the password through the colour hashing which is displayed at the background of the password field. This extension works around the web for any website and avoids you from mistyping the password.

Visual Hashing

The password field for each website has four colors, while typing the password these colors vary continuously until you stop typing. When the typing to of the password is completed remember the color hash tags in the password field. Next time you can type the correct password before hitting the enter button and avoids you from the unwanted hassle.

It is a good practise to maintain the different passwords for the different accounts in the web. It is difficult to remember all the different passwords for the different accounts without having clue in it. The Visual Hashing extension creates a different hash tags for the different passwords and it could be easy to remember passwords for you.


  • Color hashing method.
  • Avoids you mistyping the password.
  • Visually remember the correctness of the password.
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