SeaMonkey is an all in one internet suite. It is free, open source and above all, it is available for both Linux and Windows! It has a web browser, download manager, chat client, e-mail client, feed reader, address book and HTML editor all rolled into one.SeaMonkey review


  • A web browser based on Mozilla Firefox, with support for tabbed browsing, pop up blocking etc.
  • IRC Chat client (Chatzilla)
  • E-mail client with support for IMAP and POP services
  • Feed reader
  • Address book
  • HTML editor with some nice features


SeaMonkey’s browser performs equally well at loading pages as Mozilla Firefox 7. The interface of Firefox looks more mature but Seamonkey has some nice applets such as Chatzilla which is a full featured IRC chat client. The main feature of this suite is its HTML editor. The editor is well thought out and has a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) approach.

SeaMonkey review

The mail app worked nicely and taking all things into consideration, Seamonkey is a well thought out product and it includes many useful features to enhance your browsing experience. It also has some tools like Image manager, Password Manager etc. that help you make your web experience even better. The HTML editor is nice and is quite fast and stable.

SeaMonkey lacks the polish and interface of modern browsers like Firefox 8 and Chrome 18. But if you take all that away, SeaMonkey just rocks! Get it from here for Linux and from here for Windows.

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