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Apple Inc’s iPad and iPad 2 tablets have set benchmarks for their competitors in market. Whenever new Tablet PC hits the market, it gets compared with iTablets first. Incredible performance and reliability of iOS are cardinal reasons for the success of this portable. However, you can make this fast tablet run even faster, process with more speed and can even make it more intelligent. At The Geeks Club we have  covered some useful tips and tricks, apps and tweaks that can help you get best out of your iPad or iPad 2. We are sure there is something useful for every iDevice user.

Let us start with some useful posts that explain jailbreaking of iPad/iPad 2.

Video Guide to jailbreak your iDevice and to create a custom firmware will take you through step by step procedure for jailbreaking iDevices. Being video tutorial for jailbreak, this one is easier to understand and implement. Apart from jailbreaking, it also provides tips for creating customized firmware. Explanation with use of image for each step makes things easier to understand and work on. The Geeks Club have covered reviews for many tools that can assist you during jailbreak. We are sure you would find them helpful and interesting.

One can surely use Google or Bing to get lists of thousands of Jailbreak tools available on Internet. But are all of them safe to work with? Warning! Stay away from fake Jailbreak tools for iPad2 lists down fake or deleterious tools. A must read before you rely on third party applications.

Now that you have jailbreaked iPad/iPad 2, lets take a look at some How-To’s.

How to install Deb files on iPad lists down four methods for installation of files with .deb format. Out of four listed methods some are difficult to implement while some are easy. Its reader’s choice to choose one that suits him/her best.

How to install iOS 5 on compatible devices guides you through process for installation of iOS 5 and also lists down iDevices that are compatible for this upgrade. It also includes steps to upgrade on jailbreaked devices.

Siri has become very popular ever since it was released. However, only iPhone 4S users were able drive benefit and fun from this cool, funky assistant. Now, you can have Siri on iPad too! Spire- A legal way to get Siri on iPad is a post that introduces you with step by step procedure to install Spire on your iDevice.

Well the list doesn’t end here; Top working cydia tweaks for iPad2 is a post that is must for every iPad2 owner to go through. Apple iPad2 is different from its predecessor in many aspects and if you try to run tweaks for iPad on iPad2, well, get ready for disappointment then. This post introduces you to some of the excellent tweaks that will boost performance of iPad2 without causing any harm to it.

If you are using Wi-Fi + 3G enabled iPad then How to enable 3G service on 3G + Wi-Fi enabled iPad vai AT&T is just for you. Accessing high speed 3G connection for video chats and downloads is never a disappointment. In case of Wi-Fi, for setting up new connection disconnecting the older one is necessary. But, as many iDevice users will agree, its an irksome task. The Geeks Club through its How to delete configured Wi-Fi connection on iPad post have explained simple steps to make your task easy.

Till now we went through a list that contained some tips to tweak iPad by enhancing its in-built functions. Now we will see some third party apps for iOS that would make using iPad more fun. Let us start with some Top 10’s. Under entertainment criteria, Top 10 iPad Games lists down time crunching games. If you are not just looking forward to have games, Top 10 useful iPad2 Apps is a post that contains list of iPad apps that will add simplicity in daily tasks you perform on iPad2. We have also covered profession specific apps like Top 10 iPad apps for Real Estate Professionals or Top 5 apps for teachers. For music lovers, we have Top 5 music apps while for social networking “freaks” we have Top 5 social networking mobile apps.

Now let us be specific. On The Geeks Club, our authors have reviewed useful iPad and iPad 2 apps for business, schools, students, system management, photos, videos, recording and so on. There are apps for everything. Check out list below.

Reading books in leisure time is best way to pass time but imagine experience you can have if reading gets accompanied with cool yet relevant sound tracks; sounds interesting, isn’t it? Add sound effects and sound tracks in your eBook with Booktrack introduces you with this interesting app and also explain how to work with it.

Now consider a situation where you have bought some app from App Store but you don’t like it now for some reason. It has ultimately caused you loss as you have spent few bucks for that app. What if you get to test app for free before paying for it? Installous 4.0 is app for testing paid apps beforehand and post Tips to download and install Installous 4.0 on iPad will guide you during process.

Making phone calls through your 3G enabled iPad is also possible. Read Phone it iPad post to know more about how to’s related to this topic. Skype app for iPad is very useful for video calling purpose and easy to use. You know that TeamViewer app can help you to virtualize Windows or Mac on your iDevice? Here is how it is done: Virtualize Windows or Mac on iPad using TeamViewer App.

Now that you have installed all these useful apps on your device, there must be some kind of manager to handle all these things! AVCWare iPad mate platinum is a mixture of iPad manager, converter and transfer software. It provides one door access to all your installed apps and eventually makes their management easy.

There is lot more to discover on The Geeks Club related to iPad. In this post, we might have missed out something that might be important for you. So feel free to explore through our website and recommend it to your friends too so that they also can benefit from us. We also have covered tips and tricks for Android devices, but more in it next time.

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