Top 5 Sites to Send Free SMS across India

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In the past few years the number of mobile users in India have increased steadily. Sending messages via mobile seems to have become a favorite past time among youths. SMS messaging on mobile phones has proved to be a great method for quick and easy interaction with your family and friends all across the country. But sending bulk messages via your cell phone is slightly costlier and hence the concept of online SMS is in huge demand these days.

There are many websites in India that allow you to send unlimited free SMSes to any number. These sites offer very affordable plans – free!! However, before subscribing to their services it is essential that you register with them. The process to is free.

Once done, you can use their services and send unlimited free SMSes to your near and dear ones at anytime, anyplace. Here is a list of top 5 sites to send free SMSes across India.


It is one of the most widely used website to send free SMSes across India. This site was launched in December 2006 and soon after its launch, it brought a revolutionary change in the world of online messaging.

Sending SMS with Way2SMS is quite easy and fast and you can send unlimited free messages to any mobile number in the country. Moreover, it also provides some attractive features such as Phone book, templates, scheduled messaging, Gtalk and much more. You can send messages by logging in to your Google or Yahoo accounts.


It is also a great website for sending free SMSes to any mobile number across India. It is a social networking website that also allows the registered users to send free SMS, enjoy chatting, play games, watch movies etc. It offers free service for messages up to 140 characters long only.


This website allows its users to send free messages via a computer or a mobile phone.  It was this site which allowed sending free messages from your mobile with internet connectivity. The maximum character length of a message is 145 and you can send SMS to 20 people at a single go.


This is the first free text messaging portal in the country that supports more than 200 characters long SMSes. This free SMS site includes support for all mobile networks in India and delivers the messages at a very fast speed. With Site2SMS, you can even send 1 lac of messages daily without any charge.


This free SMS website allows you to send free messages all over India but plays a trick. What is it? To avail of its facility both, the user and the receiver should be registered with Youmint. Not only this, the website also allows its users to make money online just by recommending the site to your friends and by adding them to your network. With Youmint, you can send messages up to 160 character long.



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  • sushil kumar

    you missed out which is offering good feature like sms backup etc…

  • Ramesh Windows

    160by2 is dead… after new DND regulations by TRAI.