Drawbacks of Posting Copied Content on your Blog

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When same content appears on two or more sites it is considered as a duplicate or copied content. Posting copied content is becoming a serious problem for many bloggers and webmasters nowadays. It affects blogs as search engines fail to decide which content is original and which is the copied one. Ultimately, the search engine crawlers choose any one among the two randomly.

Copying content is wrong and is discouraged strongly by search engines. The problem troubles many writers and hence various search engines are taking serious efforts to eliminate duplication of content from result pages of different websites.

Types of Duplicate Content

Before learning about the drawbacks caused by duplicate content, we should first know about its different kinds. Duplicate content can be classified under two categories-

  • Deceptive duplicate content
  • Non-deceptive duplicate content

Drawbacks of Deceptive duplicate Content:

When content is copied on more than one website in order to decrease or increase the search engine ranking or page ranking intentionally, it is referred as deceptive or malicious duplicate content. This kind of duplication of content finally results into the degradation of page ranking of certain website. In some cases, the website can be permanently blocked or removed from the listing of search engines.

The concept of duplicate content is entirely discouraged by the top ranked search engines such as Google, Yahoo etc. To block duplication search engines are taking keen efforts and employing back end crawling techniques to eliminate the websites that are involved in this practice.

Drawbacks of Non Deceptive Duplicate Content

When the same content is copied several times on the same website with different URLs, it is said to be non-deceptive or non-malicious duplicate content. Your content will be considered as non-deceptive duplicate content by Google if you have given copyright policy of certain words at each of the web page of your website because it contains the similar keywords on every page. The major shortcoming of this kind of content is that after finding out same content on differ pages of your website, all of the pages will be discarded except the one.

How to avoid duplicate Content and its drawbacks?

To get rid of non deceptive duplicate content and its drawbacks, you can use no-index or robots.txt meta tag that will help you to block content of the web pages of your site. Canonicalization is also a great way to get rid of duplicate content. Moreover, you can also file a DMCA complaint to Google if you find your content to be duplicated.

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