Points To be Considered While Filing a DMCA Complaint

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How do you feel when you come to know that someone has stolen all your copyright matter and published it on some other blog or site? It can be quite disturbing!! So let’s have a brief discussion over a Splog or Spam blog.

What is a Splog or Spam blog?

It is a blog where one can find copied content or the content that is already present on some other blog. Such blogs have only one intention and that is to earn revenue from others’ hard-work.

What one should do if he/she comes across such blogs?

Immediately file a legal DMCA complaint. Also, the step becomes necessary when the splogger completely refuses to remove the copied content/copyright material from his site.

Now, the question arises what to mention in a DMCA complaint?

Mention all the essential points that you remember or you have noted. If in case you fail to file legal DMCA complaint in a proper way, then the chances of disregarding your complaint by the relevant company increases. Therefore, your DMCA complaint has to be perfect with advertise of splogs, feed service and splog itself.

Let’s discuss how to file a DMCA complaint. For this action, you must include the following elements in your notice:

  • The specimen or electronic signature of an authorized person in case of absence of owner that is allegedly infringed.
  • Mention enough and complete contact information and also a valid email address for further discussion.
  • Mention all the links in which your copyright work has been displayed.
  • The person making the complaint must have good faith belief that the copyright material used is not all authentic or authorized by the owner, its agent or the law.
  • A statement of acceptance that all the information mentioned in the notification is true and perfect and as per the penalty of Perjury, the complaining party is an owner himself or an authorized person to take action on behalf of owner with an exclusive right.
  • There must be legal signature of an owner of copyright material or of an authorized person acting on the behalf of legal owner that is allegedly breached.

Where to File DMCA Complaint?

You can file your DMCA Complain here. This is a Google authorized tool and Google will support you with step-by-step instructions to proceed.  When you file a notice about the DMCA complain, its one copy is sent to the Chilling Effects organization. They use it for annotation and publication. They might also use the same for getting your email address and contact number.

There are law suited actions to control the copying of your own original content. These copy protection schemes help the copyright owners to great extent.

The access to a copyright content is illegal under section 1201 of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) and can be stopped with a very little effort.

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