Best dictionary apps for Android Phones

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It’s always good to keep yourself updated with new words and meanings that you come across daily and what better source could be than dictionary to find them. Needless to mention, Dictionary apps have become very popular in the Android market. There are multiple language dictionary apps also that acquaint you with new words in a native language. Check out the list of best dictionary apps for Android given below. These apps will let you successfully search a word’s meaning, synonyms as well as its antonyms.

Best Dictionary Apps for Android Phones:

One of the most downloaded and best dictionary apps for Android Phones. It includes more than 350,000 word meanings  and their synonyms. It is updated regularly. Through this dictionary app, you can find the meaning of a word, with its pronunciation and synonyms. The app provides you with a particular ‘daily word of the day’.  With a user rating of 4.5 out of 5, this free app is simply irresistible. Another such free app is the Merriam Webster dictionary app, which is one of the most widely used American dictionary.


Snapanda too is one of the Best dictionary apps for Android Phones. It provides a user with different kind of support. The app allows a user to search for a word’s meaning by simply touching over it. You can face your Android camera over a word that is there on a newspaper or a book, and simply touch the word over the screen with your finger. The app then takes you to the meaning and synonyms of that definite word. Moreover this reality app provides you with the facility of saving the word and its meaning for future use.


The Colordict is a dictionary app for your Android device that takes you to various websites like Wikipedia, Wordnet, and Google Dictionary to search for the words. This is one of the best dictionary apps for Android Phones  and is also helpful for those non-native speakers of English as well, as it supports various languages like Eng-German, Eng-Czech, Japanese-English and many more. It is now no more a problem for non-English speakers to take a tour of those countries speaking English as their native language. You simply need to bring along your Android phone with you. The rest is the job of the app and the device.

Multi Lang Dictionary +TTS

Another helpful and one of the best dictionary apps for Android Phones  is the Multi Lang Dictionary +TTS for the Android. This is not a simple dictionary but rather a guide to the unknown language as well. You just have to put in the words of a person in this app, it then takes you immediately to Google Translate and makes you understand what the other person is trying to say. All you need is a stable internet connection and the whole process could be real fast.

Urban Dictionary

There are a few more dictionary apps, useful ones, for the Android, which includes the Urban Dictionary, which is helpful to detect the urban language and their meaning. It provides meanings of the colloquial and slang words as well as phrases used in the urban areas. With a 4.4 star out of 5, this app, released by Tim Clark, is one of the best that you can have for your Android.

There are many more offline search dictionary apps for Android, which are also helpful, but not as much efficient as the online ones. I have enlisted these apps as per my knowledge. You can improve your multilingual skills and expand your vocabulary as a language enthusiast with the variety of Dictionary apps available for the android devices.

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