Top 10 Dock Speakers For iPod and iPhone

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Have you ever been in a situation when you have got your iPod full of party numbers but not a good enough set of speakers to blare them at your party? If yes, this piece of writing is just for you. We have come across numerous dock Speakers For iPod and iPhone in this post.

Most of the people nowadays are using MP3 players, Smartphones and PC as the major source of music in their house and thus the demand of the speakers’ docks is steadily impending. The wireless speakers and the  dock Speakers For iPod and iPhone  have overpowered the CD-based boom boxes and stereo systems.

In the last couple of years too many models and brands of iPhone and iPod speaker docks have emerged in the market (both online and local market). I wonder that Best Buy alone has more than 230 models of speakers on sale and there are numerous other online stores like Best Buy. How can anyone wade through so many different options?

This is the reason I have compiled a list of top 10 dock Speakers For iPod and iPhone . My list might not be the best but I have done a great research before bringing them to you. The list below includes well featured speaker docks which may suit your budget and needs accurately. The features I have considered while making this list are the sound quality, size and design, portability and price of course.

Top 10 Dock Speakers For iPod and iPhone:

1. iHome iA91

This is the cheapest one in my list of top 10 dock Speakers For iPod and iPhone but let me tell you that this little speaker dock is highly outfitted with great features. iHome iA91 has a feature of dual alarms which can be set according to your schedule. This dock is best for your bedroom as the backlighting and clock are easily dimmable. The EQ settings of iHome iA91 help you get the best sound. It is available at a price tag of $99.

2. Altec Lansing octive duo M202

It is a dual dock, fits two iphones simultaneously. It offers dual functioning for mixing and other purposes. It has a USB port to support charging and any other device. It has a curved look at the front and triangular look at rare. So the design offered is very unique and attractive. You just need to shell out $99 to own a Altec Lansing octive duo M202.

3. Logitech S715i

it’s a smart looking Logitech dock that is very efficiently designed. It has a highly portable structure and good shape.
The eight hour rechargeable battery is the best feature of this speaker. You can own the Logitech s715i by paying $125.

4. Klipsch’s iGroove SXT

Klipsch’s iGroove SXT is a new speaker dock in the market but is giving a real tough competition to some bog sound speakers. The remote control, aux input and the S-video jack are some of its extra features which make it stand out. Klipsch’s iGroove SXT is available at $170.

5. Soundfreaq sound platform

The name of the device is perfect owing to its design. A phone can be easily ported on the dock. It offers portability, good quality sound, FM radio, Bluetooth connectivity. You can get the Soundfreaq sound platform by paying $179.

6. iHome IP4

iHome IP4 is trying to get the most out of the nostalgic memories of retro era with its design. You can get the great sound on the go with its 6D-cell batteries. The rubber finish makes it resilient to any kind of scuffs and scratches. This dock is also available in hot pink color. You can get the stylish iHome IP4 at just $200.

7. Fluance FISDK500

It has a very simple look. But the quality of speaker influences the overall performance of the dock. It has a good quality sound. Its sound level can be raised up to a good level. Fluance FISDK500 is available at the price tag of $229.99.

8. Altec Lansing Mix BoomBox iMT810

Altec Lansing is one of the best speaker dock that is present today. It is very unique and attractive too. There are many advantages offered by altec speakers in all point of views, whether it is about its design, or its looks, or its performance. From design perspective, it is very attractive. You have to pay $ 300 to get these.


9. Audyssey audio dock

Audyssey audio dock is a very attractive and efficient speaker for iPods and iphone. The look of the speaker is very unique and slim. The compact design makes the speaker portable. It offers good sound with a great clear bass. It has a built in Bluetooth, so iPhone can be synchronized with it directly without any source. Audyssey is available at $400.

 10. Bowers and Wilkins Zeppelin Air

If you are looking for a speaker dock which turns your party into a big blip streaming music, you better buy the Bowers and Wilkins Zeppelin Air. Its super stylish looks make it trendier enough to be kept at party place. It is the priciest one in my list and you need to pay $600 to get it.

I have complied this list of  dock Speakers For iPod and iPhone after reviewing dozens and dozens of speakers, but I would certainly like to know if you guys are using some other ones. Add more to the list if you come across any other dock Speakers For iPod and iPhone

Note – The prices may differ from store to store.