Android Loader for iPhone is now available in Cydia Store

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Some features missing in iPhones can sometime be easily found in Android phones. Arguments apart; I was searching for an application for long that could simply allow me to view all my applications in one place rather than browsing several pages. Luckily, I found one in the form of Android Loader.

Android Loader

Android Loader is a Jailbreak tweak developed by Surenix, a well-known graphic designer. The tweak has been designed specifically for iPhone/iTouch users to give them a tabbed dock that helps them gain more control over their device. Few updates have also come in this tweak which should help users to do a lot more things than ever before.

As mentioned, the developer has come up with a new version of the tweak for idevices. This time for iPhone and iTouch. So, now you can navigate your iphone just like  like your Android phone with simple installation.

Surenix has gifted Cydia store a new version of Android Loader for iPhone and iTouch. In the new version the respiring issue has been fixed. Plus, it has got new features like a slide volume bar as seen in Androids. The tweak AndroidLoader v1.2 is still not ready to be used with iPad however; there are rumors about it being released for an iPad by the end of this year.


More Android Loader Features:

  • Implementation of media player – This feature lets a user switch between songs easily and displays the name of the song on the top of the screen. Besides, it includes option to play, pause and select next or previous track.
  • The slide-in or tap feature – It gives a user complete access to all the installed main applications in a single touch.
  • The GUI – The GUI now looks much clear and the applications are sorted in an alphabetical order.
  • Unwanted applications at side – Another feature that lets you hide unwanted or rarely used applications. To access the hiding option, go to the settings panel.
  • Auto hide - The dock includes an added feature of auto hide that can also be set in the settings panel. User can set the timeframe in seconds for the dock to be minimized automatically.
  • Android like Volume button - The volume slide bar has been added in this new release which directly allows you to control volume like on the Android phones.
  • Home button – This lets you switch from the Android menu to iPhone main menu in a single touch without closing it.

How To Install Android Loader?

  1. Open cydia in your iphone/itouch.
  2. Search for Android Loader and buy it. You can buy it at $2.99.
  3. Install it using via any source like “biteyourapple” or any other.


In the updated version, tweak has shown improved performance and constancy. As indicated by the name, the application resembles GUI of an Android but a user has the option to customize skin of the tweak. What are you waiting for? Give Android Loader a try and share your experience with us.


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