Samsung Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note and Galaxy Nexus Cases

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The launch of Samsung Galaxy S 3 has heated up the mobile phone accessories market. Many manufacturers are now busy making best cases and covers to protect their gadgets and enhance its looks.

Out of many manufacturers, UK based online shop Proporta was the first one to showcase the latest and trendiest Cases and Covers for Samsung Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note and Galaxy Nexus. Some other major companies which have come up and are competing in the same space are Belkin, Otterbox, ZAGG, and Case-Mate.

I have compiled a list of 5 best Cases from Proporta here. Have a look and decide which one suits you and your personality best.

Proporta Samsung Galaxy Cases

1. Samsung Galaxy Pencil Case

These are one of the most colorful Smartphone covers available. These cases are described as the ‘pencils’ by the makers. The name is given as the case design features the bottom ends of the colored pencils. You can check out the innovative design and looks of this case. Made using a good material this case prevents the scratches and bumps on your much costly Samsung Galaxy series gadgets. You can own this case by paying 14.95 Pounds.

2. Union Jack Samsung Galaxy Case

If you are a proud citizen of Britain you better buy the stylishly designed Union Jack Samsung Galaxy series gadgets case. This is a robust case designed with the color combination of white, red and blue. You can own this patriotic Smartphone case at 14.95 Pounds.

3. Ted Baker Siman Samsung Galaxy Case

This is a traditionally designed premium Samsung Case having a combination of dark red and black color. The best part is that you do not need to remove the case to charge your phone. It is a very durable Smartphone case and is highly recommended for the British people. Makers give a lifetime warranty with this case and you can own it at price of 29.95 Pounds.

4. Hollon Birdie Samsung Galaxy Case

If you are a nature lover you can go for the nice pink Smartphone case from Ted Baker with a bird print on it. The soothing design of this case will definitely look good on your Smartphone. You need not to remove the case for charging your phone. This case is available at 29.95 Pounds.

5. Ted Baker Decoupage Samsung Galaxy Case

This Samsung Galaxy Case is designed on a pure romantic theme by Proporta. This case provides complete protection as well as a trendy look to your pricey Smartphone. You can own this romantic Samsung Galaxy Case 29.95 Pounds.

Along with Proporta, Belkin also announced a trendy as well as durable line of cases and covers for Samsung Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note and Galaxy Nexus. Belkin has focused mainly on modern and playful designs. It has also considered durability and usability in these Cases and Covers. These Cases and Covers from Belkin will be available in US market from June onwards.

Belkin Samsung Galaxy Cases

1. Grip Sheer (F8M398)

This case is available in a transparent finish and is made from a flexible material. The grip sheer case is available in day glow, ruby, black and reflection color and can be owned at a price of $24.99.

2. Grip Glam (F8M400)

This case from Belkin is designed with metallic pearl finish with a tint of sparkle. It provides great protection to your Smartphone. It is available in magnetic, copper and blacktop colors. You can own this case at $29.99.

3. Grip Weave (F8M401)

This Smartphone case is designed with a Laser-etched design and is available in four different colors red, copper, silver and black. This case is available at $29.99.

4. Shield (F8M402)

Available at $24.99 this Smartphone case is designed with highly gloss and opaque finish. This case provides ultimate protection to your Smartphone without adding any bulk. This cover is available in six different colors ruby, glow, black and whiteout.

5. Shield Fade (F8M405)

This is a high gloss cover and glaze at two tone finish. This cover is available at $29.99 and is available in six different colors gray/black, indigo/black, violet/black, blue/pink, and red/black.So, this was the list of best Samsung Galaxy phones covers. Hope you liked it! You can add more to the list, just mention more in the comments section below.

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