Mozilla has recently updated the beta version of Firefox browser for Android smartphones. The new version of Firefox come along with refreshing look & other improvements. This beta version of Firefox has a redesigned look that blends in with the Android user interface. This version has enhanced performance and supports third-party plugins, like Flash for a better mobile browsing experience.

Firefox Beta for Android

Firefox for Android Beta app features Firefox Sync, add-ons, tabbed browsing, enhancement to start up and response time, improved graphics performance and smooth panning and zooming. This beta version of Firefox for Android uses hardware acceleration to improve performance with web-apps, games and photos.

“We are always working on a beta here at Mozilla, but this one is special because we have done a lot of extra work to add features, improve performance and address things that make mobile browsing faster and easier.” – Mozilla Firefox said in their blog post.

New features and improvements include faster start-up and loads the webpage quickly. As we said earlier, this beta version of Firefox has a redesigned look that blends in with the Android user interface. You will also notice the changes in default start page and it now shows you the top websites.

Firefox Beta for Android

Things that have been rearranged in the application are the Top Sites, Bookmarks and History. These features are now easily accessible to the users.  Some issues from the previous build have been fixed, just like blinking characters in fields and reloading a page would increase the zoom levels etc. If you experience a crash or any other issue with this app, please file a bug here.

Firefox for Android Beta also supports a wide range of Android versions and phones. This beta update has been offered to Android phones in English at this time, but Firefox will add more languages soon.

Download the updated Firefox Beta for Android from Google Play.

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