The Leaked S Voice is running on Non Samsung Devices

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The S Voice app, which was going to come along with the next Galaxy i.e. The Samsung Galaxy S III has already hit the shores of the mobile devices. All credits to the members of XDA Forums. They were able to extract the S Voice app out of the firmware which was leaked on the Forums. A few days ago, we tested the S Voice app on Samsung Galaxy Nexus and it was running fine. We used it for around 45 minutes on our Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

Then just after the day we tested it on our Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Samsung blocked the servers of S Voice app. It stopped working on our Galaxy Nexus. Samsung said that the app won’t work on any of the Android Devices except Samsung Galaxy S III. We thought that this would be the end of our fun.

S Voice Comes Back!

But today we noticed that S Voice has started working again. Even after the announcement from Samsung we didn’t removed the app from our phone. The app is working fine and we didn’t face any sorts of problem while running the app.

This time we have good news for the Non-Samsung users too. The app was tested on the Sharp’s Aquos Phone and it ran without giving any sorts of problems. It was working in the same way as it was doing in the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

After Samsung blocked the servers of the S Voice, some group of modders managed to make some tweaks in the API of the app to get it back up and running again. But the test, about which we are talking about, is a normal test. Nothing has been done to the leaked version of the S Voice to make it run again.

This could be an error from the part of Samsung as the Samsung Galaxy S III will arrive in the European Markets tomorrow. Let’s see whether this continues or Samsung retires the leaked version of S Voice AGAIN!

Source: The Verge

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