5 Android Apps to help you stay connected with Olympics 2012

With hardly 35 days left for the world’s largest sporting event, Summer Olympic Games 2012, London, the host city is certainly gearing up to welcome more than ten thousand five hundred participating athletes and millions of spectators from all around the world. So whether you are planning on flying down to London for witnessing the Olympic Games or planning on keeping yourself updated from home/work, we here at the The Geeks Club have a comprehensive list of 5 Android Apps that will help you stay connected with the latest news and events  from the London 2012

1. London Olympics 2012 Schedule

First of the five apps is the London Olympics 2012 Schedule. Recently launched this app is rated four and a half stars and runs on devices with Android version 2.2 and up. This app helps you stay connected with Olympics 2012 by keeping you up to date with the current schedule of Olympics 2012. Users can view the schedules based on venues, local time zones, live news, events and a whole lot of categories. Users can also set a reminder for specific games based on local time. The app’s user interface (UI) has a nice look and feel to it.

  • Price: – Free
  • Installer Size: – 1.6 MB
  • Works on: – Android 2.2 and up

2. London 2012 Join In App

This is the official London 2012 App for Android 2.2 and up devices. The London 2012 Join App encompasses all the phases of the Olympics right from the Olympic Torch Relay to the Opening and Closing ceremonies. The ‘how to get there feature’ and sharing your pin with your friends ensures that you get to the right set of Olympic games at the right time with your friends. The app also suggests local community, cultural and city celebrations. The app also helps you plan, share and enjoy the Olympic Games experience. This app is a data rich app and requires 60 to 80MB of free space on your phone for installation.

  • Price: – Free
  • Installer Size: – 4 MB
  • Works on: – Android 2.2 and up

3. Olympics 2012 Countdown

The Olympics 2012 Countdown app developed by App Guru is a simple application that ensures that you won’t miss out on the start of the London 2012 Olympics. It basically displays a countdown to the start of the London 2012 Olympics. The countdown is displayed in a number of different time zones. The user can customize the countdown display according to his/her time zone needs.

  • Price: – Free
  • Installer Size: – 844 kB
  • Works on: – Android 2.1 and up

4. Olympic 2012

The Olympic 2012 app provides detailed information about the events and games scheduled for the London 2012 Olympics. One can browse through loads of Olympics 2012 related data under the Daily Updates, Venues, countries participating, sports played and the schedule. Users can also set reminders for their favorite event. This app also supports a number of languages like English, Deutsch, Russian, French, Italian, Japanese and Korean.

  • Price: – Free
  • Installer Size: – 3.6 MB
  • Works on: – Android 2.2 and up

5. London Olympics 2012

This is a paid app and contains a whole lot of information in case you plan to fly down to London to watch the Olympics in person. The app provides real time information on Olympic Scores, Events, Traffic status, Weather Forecast, Journey planner and places to hang out in London. The User interface is nice and intuitional.  This app will certainly keep you updated of the latest from the Olympics 2012 in real time.

  • Price: – INR 113.21
  • Installer Size: – 11 MB
  • Works on: – Android 2.2 and up

Links to download apps:

  • London Olympics 2012 Schedule
  • London 2012 Join In App
  • Olympics 2012 Countdown
  • Olympic 2012
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