Perkins Smart Brailler – Blind Can Learn To Type

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Finally the long awaited Braille evolution is all set to be launched by Perkins. Perkins SMART Brailler is scheduled to be launched in US markets by September 2012 and internationally by October 2012.

Perkins SMART Brailler is supposed to be one of its kind having a multi sensory technology and designed by PDT (Product development technologies) in a Next Generation Model. This super gadget will certainly make Braille easier both in terms of teaching and learning.

perkins smart brailler

The new model of Brailler features instant visual and audio feedback which would make it easier for the sighted teacher to teach and for the blind students to learn Braille. Sighted parents and classmates can now work along with the blind students and help them in learning.

The SMART Brailler is bliss to the blind students as they can now be included in the mainstream students. The SMART Brailler brings a new ray of hope in terms of communication between sighted and blind individuals.

Key Features of Perkins SMART Brailler

  • The new SMART Brailler from Perkins boasts a video screen which displays large print of Braille along with an audio feedback which brings an instantaneous learning experience.
  • It has a USB port which can be used to transfer the data electronically to other devices or to get a printout.
  • A new feature allows the user to save or edit the work.
  • The built-in software provides downloadable lessons for Braille beginners.
  • This new device from Perkins also generates hard copy braille as the user types.
  • It has a volume control button as well as a headphone jack.
  • Large screen and big text feature for adults who are losing their sight with age.
  • PDT has also included a new feature of ‘Text-to-Speech’ which is designed by Acapela group.
  • It supports multiple languages which include English, Portuguese, Russian, German, French and Spanish.
  • It has a rechargeable battery.

Major Benefits of Perkins SMART Brailler

  • The audio feedback and the video screen in Perkins SMART Brailler speak and display the words-letters right away as they are brailed, which gives a direct learning experience.
  • The blind students can take out a hard copy of Braille using the USB port or save it as a text file using saving option, which can further be used by the sighted teacher to get a printout and read it.
  • Different easy lessons developed by the American Printing House for the Blind can be downloaded for the blind students as well as for the sighted students willing to learn Braille.

Studies reveal that almost 70% of blind people are either underemployed or unemployed and facts show that only people who know to use Braille are employed.

Despite this teaching Braille or Braille use is declining continuously due to lack of qualified teachers. There are just a few teachers who can teach Braille well; especially in the mainstream schools.

However there are many high tech gadgets available in market related to Braille but all of them can be used only if you already know Braille. In this scenario, Perkins SMART Brailler will certainly bring an evolution of instantaneous Braille learning experience.

Now we can have more Braille qualified teachers who can assist the blind students in learning Braille faster and getting into mainstream.

Video Showing Working Of Perkins Smart Brailler