Simple Yet Essential Tips For Buying A Student Laptop

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Being a parent of a ninth grade student I now need a laptop for him and I have started looking for some tips for buying a student laptop for my son. If I ask you which laptop I should buy, you will straightway tell me to look over internet but honestly speaking I have searched for so many websites and most of them were reputed tech websites but everywhere I found superficial laptop buying guides with over simplifications and misinformation.

After going through so many laptop buying guides I wish to try my childhood idea of picking up a chit to buy a laptop for my student son.

But if you are a parent looking for a laptop for your student or even a student looking for a laptop for yourself, you don’t have to go through such dilemma.

After a thorough research I have some useful tips for you.

Tips for buying a student laptop

Size matters– If you are buying the laptop for a student of high school or minor who is supposed to use it mostly at home, you can go for the cheap 15-inch laptops but it you are buying it for a higher grade students who have to take laptop from class to class you better go with the 13 to 14 inch laptop. Smaller laptops weigh up to 5 pounds and thus are much easier to carry.

However 11-inch laptops are also available in market but those are not practically comfortable to work on.

tips for buying a student laptop

Look for premium designs- I can’t say it for every student but my son is not at all careful and so I prefer buying a laptop having a metal lid to avoid the wear and tear. On the other hand students also prefer having a laptop with sleek design and premium looks. So if you are paying your hard earned money, why not pay it for a premium design laptop.

For example- HP Sleekbook has an aluminum finish around the keyboard as well as over the lid. The soft-touch finish on the bottom gives an easy grip too.

Look for the specs substantially- Students often ask for good graphics in their laptop to enjoy the latest 3D games but it is not advisable to spend your money on Pentium CPUs. They won’t serve enough for long haul. They may provide up to double the 3D graphics but speed is considerably low.

Remember you are not buying the laptop just for playing games. However if you don’t want to spend much on it, you can go for 2nd generation Core Processor.

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As far as the memory of system is considered, try buying a laptop with 4GB Ram but I guess some brands also provide 6-8GB Ram in same priced laptops.

Ultrabook is a good option- The new class of laptop from Intel termed as ultrabook is worth adding in this list of Tips for buying a student laptop. An Ultrabook have sleek design and the best feature loved by students is that it starts up instantly as the lid is flipped up. It offers 5 hours of battery life which is fine for a student.

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However the Ultrabooks are expensive but a few of them are fairly priced seeing the features, for example Toshiba Satelite U845 is available at $749 and Dell Inspiron(14 inch) is available at $699.

If you can afford, you can go for the premium Ultrabooks like Asus Zenbook Prime U31A and MacBook Air. These ultrabooks provides blazing fast speed even with a limited storage of 128 GB.

Look for the battery life- At least 5 hours of battery life must be considered while buying a student laptop and trust me this is one of the most important tips for buying a student laptop. Students usually need more battery backup as they might need to use the laptop in college where they cannot plug it in frequently.

Sony VAIO S Series laptops and MacBook Air provide 8 hours battery backup but they are quite pricey ones.

Consider Both Windows PCs and Macs- Operating system matters and thus I am including it in my list of tips for buying a student laptop.  Windows OS are cheaper and also provide extensive range of programs but on the other hand Mac are improved designed machines with better security.

With the inception of Windows 8 you have yet another reason to go with Windows OS and similarly Mountain Lion brings latest features to Mac.

Touchpad and Keypad

Students need to do lots of typing, may it be their Facebook status updates, chatting or some of their writing reports, so it is important to look for a good keyboard while buying a student laptop. It should have at least 19mm pitch and concave keys. Then again, touchpad is also very important for easy navigation. Look if there is a long palm rest below the touchpad as it is important to prevent any injury.

So, these were my list of tips for buying a student laptop, you are most welcome to add if you have any of such tips which may genuinely help the readers to buy a student laptop.

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