iBike Powerhouse for iPhone – A Complete Cycling Fitness System

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iBike Powerhouse

Have you heard about iPhone app iBike Powerhouse? It is the updated version of iBike Dash CC developed by Velocomp. If you are guessing it has something to do with bikes, let me tell you that you are quite close.

iBike Powerhouse

iBike Powerhouse is a cycling fitness app/tool, which can be considered as one of the best tools ever launched for the fitness and cycling freaks. It makes biking a fun experience and also helps the user reaching the goal.

iBike Powerhouse is designed by world’s top cycling expert Hunter Allen.

It is not just an app but is a complete cycling fitness system which includes:

  • A waterproof and shock resistant case to guard your expensive iPhone
  • Tested electronics which calculate accurate cycling measurements
  • A perfect mount to fix the iBike Powerhouse to your bike
  • Powerhouse app having perfect fitness plans developed by the experts
  • Special cadence sensor and wireless speed sensor

How iBike Powerhouse Works


  • iBike Powerhouse when installed on your iPhone performs an automatic measurement of your fitness level. Then according to the assessed fitness levels it helps the user in setting the fitness goals.
  • There are different goal plans in the system, for example weight loss, fast fitness, and improved cycling. You can select your own goal and then select the corresponding iBike app plan.
  • There are many specific apps plans catering some particular fitness goals such as Zero to 20 miles, Weekend Warrior, Brazillian Butt, Express Fitness, Cycle Max and iSlim. Among these goals only Cycle Max and iSlim are included in the iBike Powerhouse app, rest others will cost some extra USDs.
  • iBike Powerhouse records the bike speed, cadence and distance covered. During each workout the app also prompts the user to reach the goal. According to the goal selected by the user, iBike Powerhouse prompts to set a specific speed for every bike ride or 45-90 minutes.

iBike Powerhouse developed by Velocomp is available with the price tag of 279 USD. Additional fitness programs cost extra.

So if you are a fitness freak but are confused in figuring out what to do, stop worrying because coach Hunter Allen has done it for you. With the specially designed fitness plans Coach Hunter Allen will encourage the users in every step of their ride.

Set your goal, select your plan and enjoy your ride with iBike Powerhouse.

Video Showing The Working Of  iBike Powerhouse



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