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android cooking apps

I am a mom of two grown up kids and both of them are big foodies. Although, I am not the best of best of cooks, my kids love my cooking and this actually sometimes become a problem for me. They demand new and delicious dishes every next day.

While internet is the best source to get more and more new recipes but trust me taking the laptop in the kitchen is not sensible at all. Thank God, I own an Android mobile phone and then again thank to the makers of innovative Android apps.

Seeing the abundance of apps in Google Play, I thought to look for some Android cooking apps and found some excellent ones. Here is the list of some best Android cooking apps I use to get good and new recipes.

Best Android Cooking Apps

Allrecipes Dinner Spinner

android cooking apps

While searching for the Android cooking apps on Google Play when I found Dinner Spinner from AllRecipes, I downloaded it immediately on my phone as this is my all-time favorite website to get new and variety of recipes. This was always the primary source of having different cuisine recipes for me and so is this wonderful app.

The app from AllRecipes is named Dinner Spinner and it works likewise. This cooking app has a spinning system which has to be rotated to land on any set category, ingredients and time of cooking.

You can get numerous varieties of dishes by spinning these three categories. As I have used it I can say that this Android cooking app has the largest recipe database.

Recipe Search

android cooking apps

This is again one of my favorite Android Cooking Apps and the feature which brings this app in this list is that it gives me the recipes according to the ingredients available in my kitchen.

Isn’t that amazing!

I just have to type the ingredients I have and the app comes with dishes I can make using them. This app has a broad categorizing of recipes, for example main course dish, side dishes, stews, soups, snacks desserts and much more. It also includes diet recipes. Overall it has around 70,000 recipes.

One more feature which makes this app one of the bests is that it has YouTube videos for recipes as well and we can share them with your friends on FB, Twitter, and SMS and via many other social networking websites.

Mobile Rush-Hour Recipes

android cooking apps

I guess the name tells the most about this Android Cooking App. I use this app usually to make the school Tiffin box for my kids. This is actually the fastest working app and gives me a random recipe as I select the options given on the home page.

Though it has structured search with different categories but the random recipes on the home page help me more.

Cake Recipes

android cooking apps

I don’t know about all, but kids love cakes and if you ask for my kids, they are just crazy about cakes and thus this app has to be in my list of Android cooking apps. This app has more than 65 cake recipes and I have tried most of them. Trust me; this is one of the best android cooking apps if you have kids at your home.

The best part about this app is that I can store any of its recipes on my phone.

Kraft Foods Cooking School

android cooking apps

I don’t use this app much but I have it. This cooking app actually works as a cooking school. It has a very neat and clean interface and every recipe is explained in details with video. I like the step by step recipes mentioned here in this app.

You can see the cooking time, total time, servings, and recipe rating with every recipe.

This app also allows me to rate and share the recipes with my friends and relatives on the social networking websites.

This was my list of Android Cooking Apps and I would like to mention here that all of these apps are absolutely free to use and thus you don’t need to give it a second thought.

You know what! You can move all these apps to the SD Card, so no more tension for your internal memory of your device.

Download them now on your Android devices and enjoy cooking, especially the moms like me.

Keep Cooking!

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