iPhone4 Stun Gun Case – Protect Your iPhone And Yourself

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iPhone4 stun gun case

I just came to know about this new and most innovative iPhone4 stun gun case Yellow Jacket and couldn’t stop myself to share it with my readers here in The Geeks Club.

This iPhone4 stun gun case is one of its kinds and is created by Seth Froom who is a former police officer. He became a victim of armed robbery a few days back and this prompted him to create and design some brilliant self protection device.

Actually when he was attacked by the assailants, the only thing in his reach was his cell phone and there he got an idea to create a self protecting device which he can attach to a phone.iphone4 stun gun case

It is the only phone case which not only protects your iPhone but also protects you.  It is wonderful self-protecting device for stopping the violent assailant.

However I am still confused why he has given the name Yellow Jacket to this iPhone 4 stun gun case.

Anyways let us not discuss about the name and move towards the featured of this one and only iPhone stun gun case.

Features of iPhone4 Stun Gun Case

  • The Yellow Jacket iPhone4 stun gun case has a built-in battery which also works as a backup battery for your iPhone. This battery grants a 20 hours of additional standby time.

Isn’t that awesome?

An iPhone case which provides a battery backup as well as acts as a self protection device.


  • This innovative iPhone4 stun gun case has two thick layers casing which prevents the users to get a jerk accidently while making a phone call or using their iPhone.
  • There is a special safety switch in the iPhone 4 stun gun case which has to be engaged to use this case as a stun gun.
  • There is an electrode cap in this stun gun case specially designed to prevent any kind of accidental physical contact.

How does an iPhone Stun Gun Case work

iPhone4 stun gun case

You might be wondering, how much time this device takes to get ready for an attack on the assailant, so let me tell you that it takes just a few seconds to get activated. The user can flip the electrode cap back in just a few seconds and then hit the safety switch. It is much faster than the safety devices like the standalone stun gun and the pepper spray.

When the electrodes are activated, a current of 650K volt generates which is enough to stop the assailant.

The first lot of Yellow Jacket iPhone stun gun case is designed only for the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 but Seth Froom and his friend Simone are planning to design and create more of such stun gun case for the other range of Smartphone like iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy range and HTC Evo.

This amazing Yellow Jacket iPhone stun gun case is available at a price tag of $125 but if you place a pre-order you can get it for $100.

So protect your iPhone and your life simultaneously with Yellow Jacket.

Video Showing Working Of iPhone4 Stun Gun Case



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