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Tablet, the word was related only with medicines before Apple guy, Late. Steve Jobs brought up a device named iPad. Apple iPad is something which almost every tech lover dream to own but the fact is that it is not affordable by all. Fortunately many other brands have designed the budget Tablets for such tech lovers. There is actually a plethora of budget Tablets in the market which in fact makes the choice difficult.

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You will agree with me if I say that the budget tablets designed in the beginning were nothing less than a atrocious gadget but with time the first phase of bad Tablets have changed into decent and advanced budget Tablets.

budget tablets

The major feature which makes the latest budget android tablets a decent power under the hood is the operating system of Google Android. The tablets working on Android are actually worth buying and if the operating system is Android 4.0 ICS, it doesn’t calls for a second thought.

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In this piece of writing I am coming with a budget tablet buying guide. I will take a budget spectrum of 272 USD* (15,000 INR) while considering a budget tablet.

My list will include a few tips or say factors which may help you deciding with your budget tablet-

Look for Build Quality

You are buying budget tablets but that doesn’t mean that you will compromise with the build or make of the tablet, however it is not sensible to expect a stellar quality too. Usually the budget tablet have a 7 inches screen but the iTab from Intex is an exception with an 8 inch screen.

The budget tablets are usually made from plastic and have a matte finish to provide an easier grip but some of them like Intex iTab, HCL MeTab, Zync Z990 and Mrcury mTab come in a glossy body.

Try avoiding the glossy body tablet as they get smudgy and dirty faster.

I feel that the build quality is not very good but seeing the price it is acceptable. What else can you expect at such low price?

Look at Micromax Funbook, it is available at just 118 USD* (6,500 INR) and still have a quite decent build. The best made budget tablet priced under 15K (INR) is Blackberry PlayBook.

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Screen Quality And Size

I mentioned this thing above that most of the budget android tablets are coming with 7 inch broad screen except Intex iTab which has a good 8 inch screen. The tablets with 7 inch screen have a resolution of 480X800 which is not brilliant of course, but again; seeing the price it is justifiable. Actually the resolution works fine in all kind of work.

When we talk about the screen, the next thing which comes into consideration is the quality of touchscreen. So let me tell you that the quality of TouchScreen varies according to the price.

For example- the touchscreen of Micromax Funbook which I am considering as the cheapest budget android tablet is not best at its touchscreen quality but when we check that of Zync Z999Plus and iBerry Axuxus it is fair enough. But then again BlackBerry Playbook has best touchscreen in this segment.

Well if thought in terms of budget tablets, the quality difference is not much. I mean to say that if you consider the tablet pricing 6,500 to that costing 10,000 the quality is hardly speckled.

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When we are talking about the tablets under budget segment, the processors does not vary much. All of them are generally single core processors between 1GHz0 1.5 GHz.

If you are looking for a dual core processor tablet in this segment of budget tablets, you have just two options to go with- Mercury mTan Neo 2 which has a 1.2 GHz dual core processor and BlackBerry Playbook having 1.5GHz dual core processor.

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If you are willing to move ahead of the budget android tablets, you will definitely get a wide range of tablets running with brilliant processing power but the thing to consider is that do you really need that much power?

Actually the decision depends upon your use of tablet. If you don’t have some heavy duty use of the tablet, the single core processors would work fine for you.

Only thing which may affect is memory, lower memory affects the multitasking abilities of the tablets. BlackBerry Playbook, iBerry Axuxus and Zync Z990 comes with 1GB Ram and rest are with 512 MB RAM.

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Features and Connectivity

Only BlackBerry Playbook has a USB port for charging and the other entire budget tablets come with a DC IN Jack for charging battery. Now, if you consider the USB charging port as an unspoken standard for charging, the budget tablets would let you down.

If you want to use your SIM card in your Tablet to double up its use as a mobile phone as well, you have to go with the Mercury mTab Neo 2, iBerry Auxus AX03G or Zync Z999 Plus, because all of other budget tablets don’t have a SIM card slot.

If you are looking for a GPS connectivity let me tell you that none of the budget tablets is featured with it. You will get relocation via cell towers of A-GPS Support.

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If you want to store many of your favorite songs or pictures in your tablet, I must warn you here that the budget tablets don’t have a high storage capacity. BlackBerry Playbook has a 16 GB storage which is the highest; rest tablets in this segment have 4-8 GB of storage capacity.

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Operating System In Budget Tablets

This is the best feature in the budget tablets that most of them run on Google Android 4.0 ICS. The only budget tablets running on old version Android are iBall Slide and Mercury mTab Neo 2. Intex iTab also runs on Androus 2.3.1 Gingerbread.

You can access the Google Play Store with almost all of the budget tablets except HCL MeTab and BlackBerry Playbook. Micromax FunBook has its own custom app store.

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My Conclusion

There are many different budget tablets in market emerging every next day and after doing a comprehensive research I can advice you that almost all of them are homogeneous in nature. All of them provide a good value at a price tag of 181 USD* (10,000 INR) .

In a nutshell My Buying Guide aims to make you informed about various factors you need to consider before shelling out to buy a Tablet.

If power and performance really matters to you, go for the dual core Tablets instead of single cores one and do not buy the ones offering 512 MB RAM.

If storage capacity is very important for you, buy the Tablets with 8 GB. Do check that it as a micro SD Card slot.

If you are buying the Tablet to watch movies, go for the one offering high resolution display.

  • My Pick- iBerry AUXUS AX02
  • Best Value Budget Tablet- Micromax FunBook
  • Best Performance budget Tablet- Mercury mTab Neo 2.

Note*– Prices mentioned here are approximate and are subjected to vary.


  1. If you want to buy the very cheapest android tablet, then I will prefer the Micromax FunBook tablet because It runs on android V4.0 ICS Operating system and powered by fast processor. Its original price is Rs 6099.

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