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best headphones

What would a person do without a mobile phone today! Mobile phones have now become the most integral part of our lives. But wait are mobile phones really everything for you? I yes then why do you start feeling uneasy and not complete even when you carry your phone and forget to carry the headphones?

Yeah we know your answer. Headphones are a man’s best friend today. They gel with you with like your old lost friend.

Early morning when you go out for your daily jog, it is indeed your headphone that provides serenity to you. It motivates you to keep going and makes you feel that time goes by so soon. Surely, you have had many experiences where your headphones have rescued you from the screaming crowds of train, helped you to receive that urgent call even though your hands were full of important files.

This significance makes it important to choose the best and most appropriate headphone. But one may wonder what features of headphone would make it the best?

Well, let us have a look at the problems we face with our headphones and let us analyze it.

Durability and music quality are the major aspects to consider while buying best headphones. We all know that headphones do not have long term durability and after every 8-9 months we head towards an electronic gallery to change it.

Secondly, it’s the music quality. How many times, has it happened that you had to check the volume of the system to get the right volume of sound?

Best headphones

I have a list of best headphones here which provide the most appropriate solution for these problems. Check out the list below-

  1. SoundMagic E30- If you are serious about portable music device SoundMagic E30 is the best option for you. You can enjoy a high definition audio experience with this in-ear set of headphones. It is compatible with mobile phones, computers, MP3 players and all other portable music devices. It has a 3.5mm jack socket. This is the cheapest set in my list and available at just $39.90.
  2. AKG Q701- Excellent build quality, comfortable fit and great sound are three best features of AKG Q701 headphones. Some advanced tech features includes two layer diaphragms and flat-wire voice call. However it is fairly expensive but if you a fanatic of good quality music devices, you can go for it. It is priced at $260.08.
  3. Grado GR10 – This is an evolutionary improvement over the predecessor headphones of Grado. This in-ear headphones comes with a vented diaphragm incorporating a large air chamber which gives best quality music. It provides 20 KHz Bandwidth which avoids voice breakup at lower frequencies. This set of headphones is quite expensive and you can own it by paying $399. 
  4. Bose QuietComfort 15 – Great comfort fit and effective noise cancellation are two best features of Bose Quiet Comfort 15. Other commendable features include attractive carry case, spare airplane adapter, removable cable and 35 hour battery life. It is available at $299.95.
  5. Sennheiser Amperior – Best features of this set of headphones include dual cables, iPhone remote, and Neodymium drivers, rotating ear cup, excellent fit and remarkable ass slam. You can own this set of headphones at $249.95.

But are these the only quality that makes a headphone world best? No, there are many other features as well. While listening to music, our feet starts tapping, we all desire to bounce a little and dance. But a loosely fitted headphone makes it impossible.

A Cordless headphone would be the best for this. Today with increasing noise pollution, it has become next to impossible to have a clear audio of the music even with the loudest volume available on our headphone.

Thus it is important us to have a headphone which along with being able to block the noises coming from surroundings should also be comfortable for the ears.

So if you want to have best noise locking headphones you can buy ACS T2 Dual Driver monitor or Fanny Wang On-Ears Wang for the best wireless, noise blocking headphones. If you are troubled with the Bass heavy sets which ruin the rhythm, you can opt for Bass Slam as well.

All of the headphones in this list are excellent and are giving tough competition in almost every characteristic by providing most stylish looks along with an excellent music hearing experience. Get the best out these world best headphones and experience an all new music experience.

Let me know which one’s your favorite! I’d love to know why you think its the best!

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