Remote access your Samsung Android Smartphone from PC, iPhone or iPad

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If you are a hardcore Android fan, your most used Google search terms will include ‘latest Android apps’ for sure.

If you are the one among numerous Android apps fan, I have good news for you!

QuickSupport from TeamViewer

I am talking about the new and latest app released for your Android operated gadget. This latest Android app is QuickSupport. This app is released by TeamViewer aiming to improve its remote support services.

TeamViewer has developed and launched this app just for the Samsung devices running on Android Operating System. QuickSupport is available to download at Google Play Store now. You can now have a remote access to your Samsung Android Smartphone from your PC, iPhone or iPad.

TeamViewer has been known for its services to provide remote technical support to your distant friends, family or relatives.

I remember when I started working online TeamViewer helped me a lot. My online friends and relatives helped me solving my system problems through TeamViewer and now, when I am good enough with such problems I use it to support my friends/family who need my help.

I am glad that TeamViewer has now brought up this new and useful app for the Android Devices. You can now provide remote technical support to your friends, family or colleagues living distant apart using your Samsung device as well. Only thing you and your friend (seeking support) need to do is to install this app on the device.

Like TeamViewer’s other software, QuickSupport is also totally secure and utilizes 256-Bit AES session providing the best remote connection services. Installing, setting up and connecting with QuickSupport is very easy.

How to Use QuickSupport

  • To use this interesting app from TeamViewer you first need to download it from Google Play and install it on your Samsung Android device. You should also have a TeamViewer on your computer system. 
  • As soon as you install it on your device, you will get a TeamViewer ID via email or text message.
  • You just need to enter your ID and you will be connected to your computer with a small confirmation notice.

Features of QuickSupport from TeamViewer

  • You can connect your computer with your Android operated Samsung device to check the emails, text messages or to use any other apps.
  • QuickSupport allow the users to access computer running on any OS like Mac, iOS, Windows and Linux.
  • It is one of the most useful apps for the IT departments as it helps the employees resolving the support questions through their Samsung Android Gadgets.
  • QuickSupport is compatible with all Samsung Devices running on Android Operating System 2.3 or later.
  • You can conveniently enter any data to your Samsung device from your computer.

This is an exciting app released by TeamViewer but the only glitch is that it is developed only for the Samsung devices. I think TeamViewer should bring it for other Android operated devices soon.

Well let’s hope for QuickSupport to be developed for all Android devices in near future.

Video Showing How QuickSupport Works

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