List Of 5 Best Tablets For Kids

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Tablets have become hot favorite among anyone interested in technology. Not only are they resourceful but a trendy gadget to carry around. And when all adults are going gaga over this technological miracle why would the kids be left behind. Kids love to ape everything the elders do around them so wouldn’t they love having their very own tab. Looking at this market opportunity, many toy makers have churned out ‘edutraining’ kids tablets in cool designs and colors just meant for the kids. The bodies of these tablets are made of hard plastic and are fit to take good amount of manhandling and are very user-friendly. There are many options available suiting your needs. They might not exactly be great functionality-wise, but do not underestimate them as they would perfectly match your child’s demand.

Below we have brought you an exciting list of the top 5 coolest tablets available for kids.

1. Barbie Fashion kids tablet

This kids tablet is definitely a befitting answer to anyone who thinks gadgets are only meant for boys. Oregon Scientific has introduced a Barbie Fashion Tablet, which obviously comes in color pink and positioned towards the fairer sex. The callowness of this tablet lies in the fact that it is deprived of basic functionality, even a colored LCD display. The tablet can be better described as a fashion accessory for young girls and is expected to create a rage similar to that of the Hello Kitty merchandise. This kids tablets comes with a stylus meant for the monochrome touchscreen LCD. It would prove useful for little girls as it has learning activities like vocabulary building, writing, drawing, music making, memorizing etc. Girls can chose from various themes viz. fashion, design, parties and pets. Greatly appealing to Barbie fans and interested collectors, the tab is priced well at $49.95.

2. Nabi 2

Nabi 2 is one of the most expensive kids tablets in the tech market even if it is meant for young users. Priced at $199, this tab would come closest to the actual tablets used by the grown-ups.  An ideal way of engaging your kids by combining fun and learning, the tablet is worth the price as it has a 7” display with a powerful resolution of 1,024×600. In addition it has 8GB built-in memory, 1GB RAM, microSD card slot, Tegra3 processor, USB2.0 slot, Bluetooth, Wi-fi connectivity, a 2 megapixel camera with 720p resolution recording capability.

3.LeapFrog LeapsterGS

The new LeapFrog Leapster GS tablet is positioned towards parents rooting for ‘edutainment’ for their kids. Basically these parents are looking for matched amounts of education and entertainment for their tots. These days downloading apps is famous among everyone, then why leave the kids behind. The Leapster holds a digital library of software and apps from where kids can download their choice of app for $5 each. The tab comes with a built-in camera supporting recording and motion sensor. This kids tablet is powered by a LF 2000 processor and fully worth at $69.99.

4. Archos Child Pad 2

Archos Child Pad 2 is a tab on which any kid would want to lay their hand on. Though the price remains same the original Child Pad did not have a touchscreen display, which the new version has. On the functionality front the pad comes with 1GB RAM and 1GHz processor. Making it more interesting it has access to the Kids App Store. The pad is enabled by the Android4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. The USP of this product is the parental control, by which you can make sure that you little one has no reach to anything inappropriate.

5. Genius Kids Designer ll

A good mixture of technology and creativity is the Genius Kids Designer ll tablet. It is a graphics tablet where the kids can reinvent their creative potential. Fit for kids aged between 3-8 years, the tab has a range of pre-installed software and games. This kids tablet comes with 5”x8” display, a wireless stylus and easy volume controls. Parents would need to shell out about $64.99 for this rewarding toy.