Nikon S800c – First Ever Android Supported Camera

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Nikon S800c

When you think about buying a camera, Nikon as a brand automatically comes in your mind. Nikon has a long reputation of producing most powerful cameras for its users. But with its new launch Nikon S800c, Nikon has taken a step ahead from its traditional brand image as a leading camera manufacturer.

Nikon S800c

It takes a lot of effort to make a device where one can get the best quality point and shoot camera in one hand and on the other hand, most advanced technologies like Wi-Fi facility and android operating system. The device has just arrived into the marketplace, and waiting for mammoth success and popularity among the tech-savvies. With its quality outlook and unique features, the line of success seems very near for this device.

As a camera NIKON S800C features crystal clear picture quality and probably better quality than the other point and shoot cameras from Nikon, at the same price range. The 16 megapixel CMOS sensor, accompanied by 10x NIKKOR zoom lens would let you to capture some great or special moments of your life with perfect color and sharpness. The sharpness and clarity of photos and HD videos, even in the bad light are some features that will keep it among the leading point and shoot cameras in the market. But, as mentioned earlier, this camera is quite unique than the others for the reasons of Android support.

Here are a few features of this camera that will help the readers better to understand the device-

Nikon S800c feature

  • Android OS: This is the best part of this camera. As it is powered by Android operating software, users can always stay connected with their different social networking websites like Twitter, Facebook and Google+. With the help of android technology, they can easily download their favorite games and applications on their Nikon S800c. So, with Nikon S800c, one can relish the same benefits of Smartphones and tablets.
  • The Benefits of COOLPIX Camera Technology: The EXPEED C2 processing engine of Nikon S800c promises to deliver speedy performance to its buyers. Its continuous drive mode takes almost 8-9 frames within a second to ensure that you will not miss a single moment to capture. With its variety of filters and scene modes, you can easily take stunning pictures of exquisite qualities.
  • Built-in GPS: With the help of the inbuilt GPS facility in the Nikon S800c, you can easily access information about your shooting location.
  • Full HD Video: The Nikon S800c has the capability of capturing full HD video with startling sharpness and fidelity. In addition, it features an awesome stereo quality sound, which can give you a feel of a mini home theater. For showing your creativity to others, you can easily upload your videos in any popular websites like Vimeo and YouTube almost instantly.

Nikon S800c has almost similar functions and operations like a Smartphone or tablet. With the help of its bright and wide 3.5 inch touch screen OLED monitor, the device is very easy to use and navigate through. You can easily access internet connection in your camera with the help of its Wi-Fi connection facility. Overall, it can be concluded with its wide ranges of unique offerings, the device is completely worth to buy.

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