iZettle Is Now Available on Android

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If you are a tech-savvy person, then you must be familiar with both the terms iZettle and Android. iZettle is nothing, but an effective mobile application for making credit card processing. There are some great advantages of using iZettle application and that is the reason behind its immense popularity these days.

No doubt, the coupling between a great mobile OS platform, like Android and a great mobile application iZettle, is certainly a great news for the Smartphone lovers. However, for the timebeing the application is limited to a few lucky Swiss Samsung Android phone users only.


Smartphone lovers and tech-gurus have identified iZettle as a smart application to have in their mobile. Using this application is pretty much free of any hassles. The sign up process is simple and quick. Moreover, the application is completely free as you do not require paying for either any registration charges or any monthly charges. The only pity was that this application was not available in the Android platform. However, those days seem to be over as we have it now in Android too. Though, it is in the observatory phase, but it is anticipated that soon the application will be available for the global Android users.

The iOS users can accept credit card payments through a dongle that is provide by the iZettle company. But after the tie up of iZettle with a few Samsung Android based phones, users do not require having such dongle. They can enjoy the benefits of iZettle through their Samsung smartphones.

Does iZettle Android Has the Same Features of iZettle iOS?

This is a common question that is resting in minds of the iZettle lovers; especially those who have used iOS based iZettle quite frequently are concerned about the functionality of Android based iZettle. Well, there is nothing to worry as iZettle Android features the same functionality that is present in the iOS based iZettle too. Have a look on the list to find out the Android phones which are compatible with iZettle :

  • Samsung Galaxy S series. For example – Samsung Galaxy S II, S III, S II LTE
  • Samsung Galaxy Note

The list may disappoint the smartphone users, including Samsung smartphone users as it is too short or limited with a few phones. But, the good news is that iZettle will be available for all Android users soon. Downloading the iZettle application in your mobile is easy and would take a whisker of time. On top of that download is completely free. So, you can enjoy iZettle for free, you are a resident of Sweden and have a smartphone, listed above.

No doubt, this tie up between iZettle and Android would provide a new dimension to the worldwide mobile users. For business people, making payments or receiving payments would become easier than ever. iZettle is a secure application and approved by all major credit card companies, like VISA, MarterCard, Maestro, Europay, etc. Hence, it will save your time, cost and effort to make payments or receiving payments, as with a simple mobile application you can do these stuffs from anywhere in this globe.

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