Pentax Q10 – New Mirrorless Compact Camera In The Market

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Love to capture the memorable moments ? Then you must have a nice camera with superb lens and LCD display. There are at present many compact cameras in the market. All the cameras from the leading camera manufacturing companies and there is stiff competition among them to get the largest market share.

Pentax Q10 –The New Compact Camera

Pentax Q10 is a new compact camera from the well known brand Pentax with an interchangeable lens and promises many good features to catch the attention of the consumers. Pentax Q10 is the new baby in the market, but it is from a reputed brand Pentax.

Pentax Ricoh Imaging Company has extended its already popular Q series camera line with Pentax Q 10. It comes with a new 1/2.3-inch sensor with 12.4-megapixels. The High Dynamic Range (HDR) functionality of the camera is able to produce the finest of photographs. Pentax Q 10 with its premium functionality is giving a stiff competition to others hybrid compact cameras like Canon’s EOS M and Nikon’s One V1.


  • 12.4 megapixel backlit CMOS sensor
  • 3.0-inch LCD display
  • ISO capabilities from 100 to 6.500
  • A stabilizing systemto detect vibrations
  • 4.0 x 2.3 x 1.3 inch in dimension
  • 200gram including batteries
  • DR II dust removal function
  • Built-in flash guide number 7
  • Improved battery life
  • Bokeh control function
  • Full HD video functionality
  • 5 frames/second high-speed continuous shooting (in JPEG)
  • In-Camera Movie Editing
  • Micro-HDMI output
  • Works with all Pentax Q-Series lenses

One of the most amazing features of the camera is that it can be personalized in 9 different ways. Before the actual click, user can see the different effects in preview mode on the LCD panel positioned at the rear side. There is also a provision of adding 19 various types of digital filters in this camera. Pentax Q10 also has a face recognition AF system that is able to locate and pay attention to up to 12 faces in a single frame. For an amateur photographer, Pentax Q10 deserves full points as the camera’s auto picture mode automatically selects the right mode for a photograph. The camera is hardly larger than a deck of cards and thus is very compact in size.


The Pentax Q 10  is very compact and light weighted camera from the brand ‘Pentax’.  The camera comes in three body colors black, silver, red, and color 97 to suit the taste of different personalities. There is nothing about this camera that can be disliked by the buyer. All the features are just excellent. Its mirror less look can  make you think that the camera is a toy instead. However, the Pentax Q10 is a solid camera with a sharp sensor and interchangeable lens for the user convenience. The camera looks very stylish in terms of appearance and functionality. Ideal for photographers  of all levels, the camera has an advanced algorithm for improved performance, with higher quality images and faster autofocus.

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