Digital Signatures On Mobile Phones In India

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digital signatures

Digital signatures will soon be provided through mobile phones in India. Presently this facility is available only through computers.

This facility of digital signatures on mobile phones is to be provided by an Indian firm MobME Wireless Solution. The company has signed an agreement with Valimo Wireless Oy from Finland and Gemalto from Netherlands to go on with this get service.

digital signatures

Finland based Valimo Wireless Oy is a leading software solution provider for digital signatures and mobile authentication and Netherland based Gemalto is the world leader in digital security.

The company MobMe bought the technology rights for the service. Digital Signatures will serve as one of the most secure mode of online transactions. Even (RBI) Reserve Bank Of India has recommended it as the preferred mode of secure online transactions and log-ins.

Sanjay Vijaykumar, CEO of MobMe said in one of his statements that India has more than 900 million mobile phone subscribers and more than 15 million users of Broadband and thus mobile phone is the preferred platform for the service of digital signatures.

Digital signatures guarantee the highest levels of legal authenticity and security and thus is always supported and recommended by the IT Act in India.

Till now this wonderful service by used only through the computers but it will soon be available even for the mobile phone users. The service of digital signatures would serve best to the mGovernance services because every government department asks for the signatures with any of their applications.

However, the penetration has been limited to around three million users in the country having a population of over 1.2 billion, as till now it is used only through computer.

This service of digital signatures would also be helpful for the Indian farmers as they can now apply for different agricultural schemes from government and get the certificates instantly through the mobile phones.

Digital signatures on mobile phones could also be used by banks, mobile operators, public sectors, corporations, and other service providers.

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