Fukushima Explorer Toshiba Robot Revealed

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Toshiba Robot

Toshiba has been giving its high tech gadgets to the world for years. The extensive list of Toshiba products include Laptops, LCD/LED TVs, projectors, cameras, tablets, computer accessories and much more. A new and innovative robot is now added to this extensive list. Toshiba Robot

A new four legged robot was today revealed by the tech giant Toshiba. This robot is specially designed to investigate the nuclear disaster held in Japan. The sole purpose of creating this four legged robot is to explore the devastated power plant in Fukushima which has not been explored since tsunami disaster in March 2011.

None of the devices or any human were yet sturdy enough to withstand the high radiations in this devastated power plant in Japan or thin enough to enter the narrow areas there. This new Toshiba robot has a capacity to bear extremely high radiations and to climb over the debris. It can also squeeze through narrow spaces.

This robot can be controlled through a wireless network. With a dosimeter, a camera and the acumen to get through the uneven terrain this robot is the best gadget to enter the devastated power plant of Fukushima.

This robot is very smartly designed and can climb the stairs and also can avoid the obstacles automatically. Having a battery life of 2hrs this robot has a maximum speed of 0.6mph.

This Toshiba robot is half a meter wide and one meter high. It has a camera in its arm which can be inserted in the extremely narrow areas to take the pictures.

This four legged robot however has the speed much lower to its predecessors but the only benefit is that the experts can navigate through the narrow and toppled areas like pipes etc.

Negative Aspects Of Fukushima Explorer Toshiba Robot

  • This Fukushima explorer robot is undoubtedly designed meticulously but there are still some glitches which came up during its demonstration.
  • During its demonstration, the Toshiba robot got misbalanced and frozen up in the air with its one leg upside down. It actually took a misstep which brought a jerk and it was misbalanced. It was then rebooted.
  • This robot lifts its legs slowly and takes about one minute to climb one step. If some unexpected debris comes in the way, this robot will take around 10 minutes to clear it.
  • If ever this robot falls in the power plant, it won’t be able to get up on its own which is a major flaw.

Despite of its flaws and negative aspects (TEPCO) Tokyo Electric Power Co, is ready to try this Toshiba robot in inspecting the suppression chamber of the plant but there is no word yet on when it will start exploring the Fukushima Plant.

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