Boost and Update Samsung Galaxy Spica to Android 2.2 Froyo

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We have seen in part one, how to flash an official ROM based on Android Eclair 2.1. We will now learn how to root the system and boost Samsung Galaxy Spica using Recovery Method. Now after Flashing Official Eclair 2.1, we need to wake up the beast inside it, so let’s do this.

A) Root and Recovery:

1. Now we must do these first preparations:

  • Enter download mode.
  • Connect the phone using USB cable.
  • Open  Odin Multidownloader.
  • Check for the connection ( The Yellow Background).

2. And now extract the file: [L – Kernel] :: Leshak Kernel [Download].

3. This time  just put:

  • [OPS]  :: spica_jc3.ops – use this for OPS field.
  • LkMod-2_5_1-PDA – use this for PDA field.
  • Check Debug Only.
  • Press Start Button.
  • Wait until it finished.

Congratulations you have now Root and Recovery.

Now we reached to the Recovery Method.

B) Recovery Method:

In Recovery we can apply patches that will improve the performance of the Galaxy Spica.

1.Download new version of Leshak Kernel : .

2.Put the kernel on the main root of your SD card . And enter to Recovery mod .

3. To enter to Recovery:

  • Shutdown your phone .
  • Press “volume down + power button + call button (green button)” to put the phone into Recovery.

4. From Recovery Menu Choose Mount and storage :

  • Format  All [System / Data / Cache ] To EXT2 then Reboot To Recovery Again.

you can do many things here at Recovery mode, but we will learn how to upgrade to unofficial froyo and install the super boost patches.

C) Upgrade To Froyo :

1. There are Three Amazing Mods based on froyo 2.2 Android. (Developed by Devs at )

A) SamdroidMod 2.2.1 a9 – Froyo: Download

Samsung galaxy spica

Samsung galaxy spica

B) CyanogenMod 6.1.1–a8.4 – Froyo: Download

Samsung galaxy spica

C) SpicagenMod B2 – Froyo: Download

Samsung galaxy spica

Samsung galaxy spica

  • Choose your Favorite Mod . then download it and put it on the sdcard then apply it in Recovery Mod.
  • It will upgrade the phone from Eclair 2.1 to Froyo 2.2.

Congratulations you have successfully upgraded your Samsung Spica to Froyo (Android 2.2).

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  • Darexy_62

    my sumsung gt-i5700 is going off and on plz what is the problem

  • frk

    You’ll get delay on touchscreen if you install any 2.2 versions. And slower than 2.1.

  • Neuer31

    Sry can you reupload the links???

  • Chris_p7928

    my phone got error after updating root and recovery

  • jordaN

    i can no longer download the Odin Multidownloader…. so how can i upgrade now without that???

    • frk

      find from internet

  • jordaN


    • frk


  • nathanielfin

    hi…can you help…

    volume down + power button + call button (green button) wont work on my Samsung i5700///

    • lahiru

      hey my ph also doesnt work volume down + power button + call button (green button). did u get any solution from anyway? pls help me dr

    • frk

      are you sure that you have rooted your phone? try to hold press 3 buttons at least 5+ seconds.