Google Voice Search finally on Desktop Computers

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Finally Google has activated Voice Search feature on PC. The Voice Search feature is already available on Android phones. Now we can use it on personal computers (PC) too! This new feature is available only on Google Chrome browser. The new feature was announced by Google few days ago at its search event in San Francisco.


Google Voice Search on Chrome

The voice search option allows users to to speak their search requests in English while sitting in front of their office and home computers. It saves a lot of time of writing our query manually again and again. From past few months, Google is really working hard to improve some good features for search engines. More search request provides more opportunity to Google to show the Ads. It will generate more Revenue also.

This feature actually works on Voice-Recognition technology or Speech-Recognition technology. For this feature, Google already stored more than 230 billion words in their database. Google developed that feature while processing and testing spoken search requests on Android phones from past two and half years.

For now, voice search requests option for desktop computers is available only on Google’s Chrome browser. Google hopes to make all the features available on Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Mozilla’s Firefox browsers. Both Browsers having much more users than Google Chrome. People will be able to speak requests in other languages soon.

To Activate Voice search, you just have to click on microphone icon inside Google’s search box on You need to connect headphone first to speak through it. So that you can speak your query after clicking on microphone icon. Check out screen-shot above for help. This feature is only available on

Try Google Voice Search now and enjoy Voice searching on your Google Chrome.

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