Top 30 Useful Ways To Promote Your Websites

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Making a website and finding a web hosting provider is no longer enough for drawing traffic to a website. A website owner needs to master the effective website promotion strategies to race ahead of the rivals and retain the visitors. This is true for both personal websites and ecommerce websites. However, these techniques can be somewhat tedious and time consuming.

30. The website owners should make use of the various article directories in the Internet to promote their websites effectively. The Internet users often find the desired websites from the articles submitted in these directories by website owners. Some of the most popular directories are eHow and GoArticles.

29. The website owners are aware of the importance of search engine optimization measures and back linking is rated as a valuable SEO method. The website owners can succeed in getting back links by posting their articles in the business directories. Some of the popular business directories are dmoz and cannylink.

28. Another important website promotion method is using the online classifieds. Posting in the classifieds is free and it is a sure fire way to reach a huge number of web users. Craigslist is among the widely used classifieds.

27. Needless to say, the search engines can help in website promotion immensely. Top search engines like Google rate websites based on the freshness and relevance of content as well as keywords. Appearing at the top of online search results is very effective for website promotion.

26. The social networking websites are perhaps the best means to promote online business and websites. The popular social media sites like Facebook and Myspace allow website owners to post their ads and promotional offers.

25. Similarly, the social bookmarking websites can help a person to promote his website online. Many website owners submit quality articles in these sites to get traffic to their websites. Notable examples of such websites are Reddit and Digg.

24. The website owners can also utilize the various online forums for effective website promotion. The website owners who contribute to the forums can expect to get traffic along with back links. The website owners have to look for forums dealing with relevant topics.

23. Basic and dated as it may sound, word of mouth publicity can also help in website promotion to an extent. The blog site owners can get more visitors by telling about his website to colleagues, friends and others. This can be a good beginning for his website.

22. Banner advertising is quite useful for promoting websites. The website owners can create their own banners or use an intuitive one from thousands of free samples available online.

21. In recent times PPC or Pay per Click Advertising has become famous for website endorsement. This powerful online marketing tool however can prove to be costly. Google’s AdSense is one popular example of PPC advertising

20. A costly provision for website endorsement is print advertising. It is ideal for website owners with deep pockets who want location specific advertising. For instance, a fast food chain owner opening a new branch in a city can distribute flyers in the region to attract people to his outlet and website.

19. The website owners looking for affordable yet effective website endorsement methods can try text link advertising. However, the catch is that the traffic may not be always specific.

18. The individual websites owners including artists can submit their work sample to selected websites that host online portfolios. The artists in particular can benefit from submitting work to websites like Deviant art.

17. Some website owners resort to a method called Link baiting for promoting their websites. It denotes writing for a topic with the potential to draw traffic and links. Videos are also used for this purpose sometimes.

16. Some website owners, particularly the designers resort to submitting tutorials online to fetch traffic to their websites. Getting a link from websites like Tutorial post can do wonders for a website.

15. Link exchange is another popular way for fetching website traffic. However, website owners need to exchange links with relevant websites, failing which they stand to get black marked by Google.

14. Email marketing is another widely practiced website promotion method. However, the website owners should offer the target users the option to accept or reject the promotional mails.

13. A number of website owners succeed in drawing viewers by offering lucrative online contests in their websites. There are instances of the contest crazy web users becoming frequent visitors of websites hosting those contests!

12. Videos can be used by the website owners to increase website traffic. The web users love interactive content and there is hardly anything that works better than interesting and relevant video content in a website.

11. The hot trend among the website owners for winning the viewers is viral marketing. It may not be easy though. The trick lies in coming up with an outstanding idea and implementing it in a website by means of article or video.

10. Blogs work very well for website promotion but they can take time to fetch the users. The key to get more viewers via blogs is content updating. A number of websites have a blog section these days. Blogs can be created with apps like WordPress and Squidoo.

9. Podcasting is another option for endorsing websites. The website owners who do not want to use video can allow the site viewers to stream or download audio content from their websites.

8. The blog website owners can also resort to eBooks to woo the users. The online communities are often addicted to eBooks.

7. The web site owners can use web based networking services and messenger apps to increase website traffic. The online buddies from services like Skype and Yahoo messenger can come in handy for website endorsement sometimes.

6. A website owner can also use Press Releases at times to get the media attention. Of course, he needs to have worthy content at his disposal.

5. An effective way to draw attention of the web users is using appealing signatures with Emails having domain names.

4. Registering with Google local business often proves to be useful for the website owners. This is best suited for region based businesses.

3. The Yellow Pages directory is also useful for website owners willing to endorse their business. It comes for free and is easy to use.

2. The website owners can use cookies to keep track of website visitors and learn about their preferences. This in turn helps them in implementing steps in the websites that attract the web users.

1. It is also essential for business owners to eliminate elements in their websites that hinder search engine spiders such as excessive Flash content.

You can start with domain name registration service to register a desired website name before promoting it.

So, how many of these are you currently using? If you know any more, do share with us!

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