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I guess it was around two years back, that Millat, Pakistan’s own ‘Facebook” was launched. Now a new ‘halal’ version of Facebook is now being launched very soon – sometime in Ramadan in July this year! SalamWorld is the world first, global, multi-language, “no-haram” Islamic IT project for the modern Muslim, catering to the ‘Halal’ market.

Inspired by the fact theat the Muslim population is the world is over 1.5 billion, world-wide, the potential for a social network catering to Muslims is immense, and expects to acquire a user-base of over 50 million in three years.

SalamWorld promises to be a Universal Islamic alternative to popular social networks and hopes to have Muslims generate generate Islamic content for Muslims.

The venture is being financed by some private investors in Kazakstan and Russia and promises to be a truly Islamic Virtual World! The project is being carried out by a team of professionals from 12 different countries with an Executive Board comprising of members from 17 different countries.

Visit to check it out. More in the SalamWorld brochure.

Only time will tell, which way it goes. What do you think!?

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We have already seen what is Google Panda update and some basic tips on how to recover from Panda. Now, Search Engine Land and BlueGlass have produced an Infographic that will tell you how the Google Panda update works and how it has impacted the Internet, through its various updates from Panda 1.0 to Panda 3.2.

The update also talks of the major winners and losers and how one can escape Panda’s slap.


What has been your experience with Panda?

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We have our anti-virus software to protect out computers from malware – but no protection as such for our websites. While a person in the know may be able to harden his website’s security by tweaking a few settings and changing file permission, a layman would probably be at a loss! Recently all our websites were hacked, and that is when I started looking around for a good free service that would help me protect my websites in future. That’s when I can across WebsiteDefender!

Protect Websites is an online security monitoring service, which helps you secure your website or blog against malware or any hacking activity. It actively and periodically patrols your website and reports any detected malware, hacker activity, and security vulnerabilities, including file permission — with clear instructions on how to fix each issue. This is important: Clear instructions on how to fix them – which even a layman will be able to follow!

Features that make Website Defender unique:

  1. It will notify you, as soon as one of your website’s file properties have changed and, will also highlight these changes.
  2. It notifies you immediately about any threats that target your website or blog
  3. It checks if your site is blacklisted by any Internet search engine, such as Google
  4. It continuously looks for new security weaknesses on your site
  5. It checks if there is any under the hood hacking activity on your website.

WebsiteDefender is also the only online website security service which provides specific security checks for WordPress, such as:

  1. Check if plug-ins are safe
  2. Check if the database is protected
  3. WP installation is secure.
  4. Fire permissions are secure, etc.

The service is free for one website or blog per user. If you have additional websites, you will be required to pay.

Secure WordPress Blog

For WordPress users, things become very easy! Simply download and install the WebsiteDefender WordPress Security plugin. This plugin was developed, after the company took over the two most popular WordPress security plugins: WP Security Scan and Secure WordPress, WebsiteDefender developed the WebsiteDefender WordPress Security plugin, which brings together the best features from the other two plugins into a new and more capable tool to help you secure your WordPress website or blog, with minimum effort.

If you use WordPress, you might want to have a look at some more Security Tips to protect WordPress blog.

If you are a blogger, I would strongly recommend that you consider using this free service or installing its WordPress plugin to secure your blogs.

I would be happy if it even included a TimThumb scanner, in its future versions. Currently we have separately installed the Timthumb Vulnerability scanner WordPress plugin which ensures that your Timthumb files are always up-to-date. The Timthumb files are often hacked to gain access to your WordPress installation. EDIT: I stand corrected. WebsiteDefender already checks for the TimThumb vulnerability. More on that here.

What methods do you follow to secure your WordPress blogs? We’d love it if you were to share your tips with us!

You may also check out Quttera Web Malware Scanner.

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If you think you have some knowledge about WordPress and are familiar with WordPress trivia, you might want to check out and play this game. The WordPress Game Show powered by WordPress, goes on test your knowledge about WordPress.

Other features:

  1. Uses the WP Categories for question groups
  2. Questions are a custom post type
  3. Questions have custom fields for difficulty, answers, follow-up questions, etc
  4. Uses FancyBox and LocalScroll for effects
  5. Theme uses a single image, all other graphics are done with CSS3

Head over to play the WordPress Game Show and let us know what you think of it!

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iPhone users sure are a proud lot, taking with some justification, pride in being an iPhone user. There are 7 types of iPhone owners according to this Infographic.

7 Types of iPhone Users by All Area Codes

by All Area Codes

If your are an iPhone owner, let us know which category you think you fit into.

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The United Nations Population Fund has launched a new website 7BillionAndMe on the occasion of the 7 billionth baby, which was born a few days back.

Head over to the website to find out where exactly you stand among the 7 billion of the worlds population. See how many people were alive on earth when you were born, who these people were, where they lived, the life expectancy, and more!

On the day you were born, so many people have ever lived on earth, since the first homo-sapiens. Also, see how many of these people were still alive the day you were born. Find out who these people were. Where did these people live? Find out about the difference in life expectancy for men and women the day you were born and today.

To get this information you will have to answer some simple basic details about yourself like:

  • What is your sex?
  • What is your date of birth?
  • When did you have your last child?
  • In which country were you born?
  • In which country do you live now?

Enter these basic details and hit Proceed to get these details.


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Search logs are nothing but a mechanism search engines implement in order to give users absolute relevant results. It is a file (i.e., log) of the communications (i.e., transactions) between a system and the users of that system.

The use of data stored in transaction logs of Web search engines, Intranets, and Web sites can provide valuable insight into understanding the information-searching process of online searchers.

For Web searching, a search log is an electronic record of interactions that have occurred during a searching episode between a Web search engine and users searching for information on that Web search engine. Search log study actually began when the era of search engines on World Wide Web was initiated.  As when the knowledge contents all over the world began to get consolidated over the internet, the study of search log interested many.

Talking about, the giant search engine and a world leader on the web, which gives you accurate results almost every time. So how’s that possible? Google, like any other search engine monitors or tracks user behavior and displays the results accordingly.

Let’s try to explain this concept in a simple way. When someone searches “cars” for example on Google, the search engine searches it over web and sends back the result in fraction of a second. Then what happens is they store some data about this exchange: the search query (“cars”), the time and date it was typed, the IP address and cookie of the computer it was entered from, and its browser type and operating system.

This user behavior in kept on user’s browser in form of cookies. A cookie (technically, an HTTP cookie) is a small file stored by your web browser. It looks like a lot of numbers, letters and symbols strung together. A cookie records user preferences. Using these cookies on their search logs, search engines optimize queries in best possible way. This information on your browsers also helps them to send you relevant ads. As you could see these days, they display ads to you which you may interest or you where looking for it earlier some time.

You can clear cookies any time on your browser through browser settings tab. There will be considerable difference in search results before and after deleting the cookies. The video explains the story.

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Google today announced the launching of  YouTube Space Lab with Lenovo, in cooperation with Space Adventures, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the European Space Agency (ESA), and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA).

Space Lab is a new galactic channel on YouTube that will lift off from your laptop, taking you to interesting and awesome videos from around the world, and beyond.

Google is asking you to come up with a science experiment for space and upload a video explaining it to YouTube.

Can plants survive beyond the Earth? Could proteins in space reveal the mysteries of life?

If your idea wins, it will be performed on the International Space Station and live streamed on YouTube to the world. And we’ll throw in some out-of-this-world prizes, too.

All Space enthusiasts can find inspiration in the space related content on YouTube SpaceLab.

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Secure My Files is a software for the Windows operating system that uses AES 256b to protect your files, and IT’S FAST. Using this software, you can encrypt store your files in portable Secure Bins (password protected) and take them with you anywhere.


  1. Secure My Files uses AES 256b (Rijndael) to encrypt your files very fast.
  2. Protect your files in an encrypted and portable container.
  3. Secure My Files uses parallelization and multi-threading for a fast encryption/decryption process.
  4. Deny access to certain folders very fast with just a click.
  5. Encrypt/decrypt your removable drive in seconds on ANY PC.
  6. Secure My Files uses a simple Graphical User Interface.

Secure My Files costs $9.99 for 1 license, but The Geeks Club is pleased to offer 10 licenses of this very useful software free to its readers.

To win a license, simply share the following on any social networking site of your choice and post its status URL here.

10 license Giveaway of Secure My Files @TheGeeksClub. Get your copy for free at

If you do not use social sites, you could post this offer in you favorite forum or blog about it. The more you share, the more the chances.

The winners will be announced randomly after 7 days and the email IDs sent to the company, who will then forward the license to you directly.

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iPod the ultimate gadget for portable music.  Phenomenal in working, sexy in looks and stores loads of music. What makes it best selling is its look and style. It is extremely simple to handle. Smooth outer surface so it can easily slide in your pocket.

Well there are some covers we spotted this time in market that could add more attraction to the iPod. There are some things you can add to any gadget for hardly any cost and make it look a next generation one. This segment we bring you some of the best iPod covers in the market. From simple to complex, sweet to sexy and sleek to custom style we have them all.

Here are they:

1.)    Blue Flower 2d Hard Snap-on Crystal Skin Case Cover by Electromaster.
This is a killer in its looks. What impresses me is the beautiful flower design on both front and back cover. It is sleek, unique and fits absolutely for music lovers. Apart from the looks it has a precise openings on the protector case to allow access to all controls and features on the iPod Touch. Here is how it looks.

for more details and price click ( here

2.)    Snap-On Protector Hard Case for iPod Touch.
This is the ultimate safari look iPod case. Having a Zebra looks on the back cover makes it stylish. It is hard plastic and extremely smooth of the outer surface. What I find more cool about this is its dust and scratch proof surface. Made for perfect fit. Protect your iPod Touch without compromising it’s original slim look. All stylish and rock star band people this one suited you better.

For more details and price click ( here

3.)    MyBat Apple iPod Touch 4G Diamante Protector Cover – Bubble
 This is the jewelry style cover and latest and coolest so far. Has a wonderfully crafted diamond studs on the outer cover makes it look beautiful. Well it looks complex for simple people. All the jewelry loving girls there could be nothing better than this for you.

For more details and price click ( here

4.)    Dog Paw 2d Hard Snap-on Crystal Skin Case Cover
The name itself tells you the design. Having beautiful design of dogs paw makes it look sweet. Well the effects are great. It looks so good when it shines. Utter smooth and elegant to use. All the pet lovers this one is for you.

 For more details and price click ( here

5.)    Gummy Cover – Transparent Clear/Solid Black (S Shape)
Finally we have something for office workers. Simple and attractive case for iPod. The unique combination of hard and soft casing gives this case an unmatched look. The case is great for those are seeking a fresh new design for their phones as well as protection and full access. This also suites people who do little bit rough with their gadgets as it is strong and heavy duty. Here it is how it looks

For more details and price click ( here.