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There are many ways by which you can promote affiliate products easily over the Internet. I, however selected the most comprehensive and effective way of promoting affiliate products which every pro-Internet marketer considers as “the best”.

Getting your business out there and advertised in the digital age isn’t easy. Name and reputation will only get you so far. Sometimes you need help to get yourself out to customers over email, social media and even search engines. When it comes to online marketing, you are not going to find anywhere better than Network Solutions. They offer everything a business could possibly need to get their popularity up and their name out there to potential clients. One of the best things offered by Network Solutions is their pay per click advertising. This neat little way of using photo banners can help to draw the eye of potential customers and you still get paid when they find their way to your website. Email marketing can help you to stay in touch with existing customers and to help draw them back in to make them loyal returning customers again and again. With these different types of marketing you can be certain that you are covering all of your bases. Customer service at Network Solutions is some of the best around.

They do their best to be constantly in touch with you while you are creating your marketing plan. Once your marketing plan is in effect, they will be in touch regularly to share results and answer any questions you might have. Network Solutions covers all the bases when it comes to taking care of your business. Their marketing strategies are cutting edge, and they will implement them in your business, no matter the size of your company.

First thing to ensure before promoting affiliate products is that you should have a website that not only relies on the affiliate link but also impressive and good quality content.

Website Traffic

One thing you must consider while promoting affiliate products is how you divert traffic to your website. This is of course the main concern of every website owner. Because, when it comes to Internet marketing nothing is more important than getting enough traffic to the pages of your website where the affiliate products are displayed. So, the best way to promote affiliate products is building enough traffic to your website. How?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – Get your website ranked among other sites that promote affiliate products by optimizing it through search engines. SEO is a great way for people to find your site easily on search results.

There are various things though you must consider while optimizing your site, but one thing that is very important other than web-page tweaking is to make sure you have included meta tags on each page of your site. It is also important to submit your sitemaps to the leading search engines like Google, Yahoo!, Bing, etc.

Another method of optimizing your website is coming up with good quality content daily and regularly. This helps search engines list your site on search results. The more content your site has, more are its chances to get listed in search engines, and this means getting more traffic. And more traffic means more leads to the affiliate product you are promoting.

eBook Marketing – This is an excellent way of promoting the affiliate products you are selling. eBook is a virtual book that contains certain amount of information on a specific topic.

With an eBook, you can improve your online reputation, drive more traffic and aside from that you can link your affiliate ID which can earn you a chance to increase your online sales of the affiliate product you are promoting. Make sure your eBook is free and it gives everyone the permission to host your eBook on their sites too.

One good thing in eBook marketing is that it can become viral. If your eBook has a very good and excellent content, people will like it and distribute it to others who are interested. This in turn helps you generate more traffic to your site and therefore more sales. It is also good that you must submit your eBook to other online eBook directories, so that more people can download it easily.

Create Your Own product

I came across a website that details an effective way of promoting an affiliate product and it says, “to promote an affiliate product is by creating your own product” to which I absolutely agree.

I have been in online marketing business for over a year now and I believe that creating your own product is an excellent way of promoting an affiliate product aside from driving traffic to your website.

One example is eBook marketing, which I have already mentioned above. eBook is one of your personal product to which you can link your affiliate product and if someone buys it, you earn a commission.

Another thing is blog and article marketing, where you can link your affiliate ID or write a product review and promote a product you’re reviewed. If the readers buy it, you earn a commission.

Example of Own Product

If you have come across a website called, you can see how their own product promotes an affiliate. Their product is domain searching, where everyone can search an available domain. I tried searching a domain, and the results were displayed quickly. My friend bought the domain from the link that was displayed and it’s of GoDaddy, see how it works. My friend didn’t know that he found the domain from that site but bought it on the other site. The instantdomain— is an affiliate of GoDaddy and they simply promote their affiliate product by creating their own product. Do not just simply rely on links and referrals.

That is how your own product works together with the affiliate product you are promoting. What I mean in creating your own product is a strategy on how you get leads from your own products.

You have something to add?

If you have something to share with us on the topic of promoting affiliate products, cast it by leaving a comment below.

*Photos are from Google Images.

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Notably, iTunes App Store marked over 25 billion downloads of different Apps available in the market both free and paid applications. Apple, one of the star providers of modern quality handsets, released a list of top selling apps of all time, ever noted in history.

And this includes the following 10 best-seller apps:

#1 Camera + App

This ranks best as top-selling iPhone Apps of all time. The Camera+ has the basic photo editing features like photo cropping and adding special photo-effects. It also has the capability of uploading your photo directly to facebook. Camera+ is one of the cheapest iPhone app bearing the price tag of $0.99, is still available in the Apps Store.

#2 Pocket Gold App

Pocket Gold is an iPhone game app which allows you to rule over your people in the island. You play as God over the entire islander and  control the fate of all the citizens and control the fate of all the citizens. You have the power and authority.  The app is continuously updating new episodes of the game, every now and then.

#3 Angry Birds Rio App

Angry Birds is one of the most popular games played by most young and adult. This iPhone app was released as partnership with the animated film, Rio.  Though it is the Angry Birds game, its graphics and style has difference with the desktop Angry Birds App. This special edition lets you rescue exotic feathery friends instead of usually destructing the swine’s hoard. More special features and exiting tactics are improved in this App that you will surely enjoy.

#4 Tiny Wings App

Tiny Wings, one of the top-selling iPhone app, was recently chosen as the iPhone Game of the Year in the App Store Rewind 2011 list compiled in Europe. This comes with a beautiful graphics art that engages gamers to play on their iPhone.

#5 Words with Friends App

This app – Words with friends –  is one of the most expensive iPhone app that costs $2.99 per download. The reason why this ranked on the best 10 top-selling iPhone app since many people love this app for if they can’t play this game on their iPhone they can  continue it on Facebook.

#6 Angry Birds Seasons App

This application updates the levels that match with the season you are in, like Chinese New Year,  Valentine’s Day, Christmas or Halloween. The constant updates also bring you new birds with new unique powers, which you can play according to your more comfortable with your game character that suits your ongoing season.

#7 Cut the Rope App

The Cut the Rope game has acquired more than 60 million downloads, recently. This was also the first strategy game that win  a BAFTA award for Best Handheld  Game , landed in IGN’s  Best Game on The iPone List in 2011. The app can be sold in the App Store for $0.99 only.

#8 Doodle Jump App

Doodle Jump was developed by Lima Sky. This is the most enjoyable game app you can ever play in your iPhone. You can bounce your way to the top while battling aliens and UFOs, by just tilting your iPhone either left or right. Even the developer – Lima Sky – developed a special Christmas edition of this app, the old version still remains the popular choice of most of the iPhone geeks.

#9 Fruit Ninja App

Fruit Ninja is another top-selling iPhone app, a beautiful game that requires completer eye and hand coordination. This game will develop your visual and kinetic skills.

#10 Angry Birds App

Of course the Angry birds is one of the most popular games in iPhone, no doubt this became one of the top-selling iPhone app in history.

Which of these apps you owned? How is your experience with such? Share your experience below.

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Smartphones are witnessing good sales. Everyday there is a new Smartphone out in the market by some or the other company claiming to have faster processor, good screen display, long-lasting battery, etc. latest, claiming to have all these  characteristics is Samsung. The company is planning to come up with “Samsung Galaxy Note II” with an ‘Unbreakable Plane Display’ (UBP). And it said to be flexible. This comes really as a news to users and Samsung lovers.

This may come in a 5.5 inch ‘unbreakable screen display’. And it may have certain characteristics to be bendable as it is the precursor to the flexible display. And this is maybe made possible by YOUM technology since they have announced earlier, if you remember, that they will help Samsung produce flexible display of smartphones.

According to rumors, the thinner display will give more space for the base band core chip and application processor, Keeping Galaxy Note II a slimmer smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy Note II will be running on the Android operating system called the Android Jelly Bean which is said to have a more improved battery life and sturdiness, enough to protect the phone against accidental falls.

Multi-tasking will be possible as the phone will be equipped with a quad-core processor.

The soon-to-be-arrived Galaxy Note II will outperform the current Galaxy Note’s 8-megapixel camera since it may feature high resolution 12MP camera at its back.

Originally, Samsung wanted to release the Galaxy Note II earlier this year, but decided last-minute to push the launch date a bit in an attempt to compete iPhone 5 – the MK Business News reports. The phone will be a “derivative model” of the Galaxy S3, so expect curved corners and pebble-like design.

Samsung has not yet made any official  statement on release date of Samsung Galaxy Note II but it is expected be seen somewhere around October, this year.

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Apple iPhone is more than a phone, it’s a style statement! It’s not only the phone’s slim and glossy look that attracts buyers but also the accessories that make it look more appealing. Apart from serving the primary purpose of protecting your expensive phone these accessories make your phone look more stylish so you can flaunt it. Mentioned below are the must-have iPhone accessories.

Must-have iPhone Accessories

1. Elago Premium Privacy Protection Film

This accessory is intended to protect the beautiful display monitor or screen of your iPhone. It is also called the “Elago Apple Premium Privacy Protection Film” since it protects your personal information or identity in your iPhone against theft and fraud issues. Even a slight change in viewing angle will foil the nosiest peepers.

2. iHome Rechargeable Mini Speaker

The iHome stereo speaker is cool and an elegant iPhone music player that substitutes the role of an ear phone. It has high-end capacity of playing music with its best quality. It provides respectable sound and can be carried along easily – you can just pack it in a laptop bag or in your trouser pockets. One of its creative features is that it has magnetized bases that you can easily compress while packing. Just separate the speakers and expand their top with a simple twist and plug it to your iPhone when you are going to use them. Another cool thing is, you can just use them while charging.

3. Incipio Feather Case

This is a common iPhone accessory. It protects the phone from scratches. The shell which looks cute and sexy is made of polymer materials and comes in a variety of colors. It is only1mm thick.

4. iP9 Alarm Radio-Clock

This is one of the best iHome products that helps you wake up in the morning. Apart from playing the alarm sound loudly  the device plays your favorite lullaby, it can play the music from 15min to 2 hours and shuts-off once you fall asleep.
If you are tired and would like to operate the device from bed, there’s no worry as a remote controller lets you control the device with ease.

5. Motorola Bluetooth In-Car Speaker

Introducing the new Motorola T505 Bluetooth In-Car speaker! This iPhone accessory transmits data from your iPhone using Bluetooth device to the stereo of your car, such as your favorite music or FM station and plays it. It helps you enjoy your drive. You can listen to pop music and browse your playlist without touching your iPhone screen by just simply using Voice Recognition app like Dragon to receive a call or respond a message or dial a number. When you receive a call the music continues to play in the car stereo and is not stopped.

The five iPhone accessories that I have mentioned are just few among hundreds. You can help me add more by mentioning them in the comments section below.

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One of the reasons why iPad is considered as the most lovable device is its ability  to play music well. Music Lovers, at any given time can find in App Store their favorite music and play it right away. Most music apps are free but, some are paid ones. If you are looking for top iPad music apps, check out my list of  ‘Top iPad Apps for Music Lovers’.

Top iPad Apps for Music Lovers

1. Pandora

Pandora tops the list because it is very easy to use and is absolutely free. Pandora has a great feature called Music Genome Project that helps you find your favorite music in creating your personalized radio station.

2. Vevo HD

This is one of the top iPad apps for music lovers which is considered as Hulu in the world of music industry. Vevo is also free and can be downloaded from the App Store anytime. It lets you create a playlist of up to 25,000 music videos or listen directly to your favorite artist playlist. You can also share videos with your friends and even watch recent news, premier videos and live concerts using this app. You can even use your TV to get the big-screen experience using your iPad’s A/V adapter.

3. Discovr Music

Discover Music helps you find your favorite music using name of a artist or organize by albums. It is quite similar to Pandora. With the price of $4.99, Discovr appears affordable and allows you to read reviews, preview songs and find music in YouTube and download the available music in iTunes.

4. iRadio

This app costs just $2.99 but gives access to over 45, 000 radio stations (AM/FM) around the world. You can even buy a song you have just enjoyed listening on iTunes. You can perform basic functions such as rewind, pause and fast forward. You can also set manually your favorite radio station, or favorite artist using iRadio app.

5. Glee Karaoke

Glee Karaoke will not just let you listens to music but do a lot more. This popular app is available in the App Store for free!

These were top 5 iPad Apps for Music Lovers that surely you will love. If you want to download any of the above application to your iPad, just visit the app link by clicking the app name listed above.

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Various photo sharing apps for iOS have started coming up. So, if you are an iOS user and do not know which apps to pick as best photo sharing app I will help you find them. Check out the list of  best  free and top photo sharing apps for iPhone and iPad.

In this article I have compiled the list of top photo sharing apps for iOS that may interest you. Which are the top 5 photo sharing apps for iOS?


A unique photo sharing apps for iOSthat has super-friendly interface which allows user to easily capture photos, edit and share them online. Instagram also allows users to upload their photos right to its own social site or to other leading social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. This photo sharing application is supported by first generation iPhone 3G, 3Gs and iPhone 4 and it is available in the market for free.


This photo sharing app is compatible with iOS or Android platforms. Like Instagram, photobucket also allows easy editing and online sharing to Facebook and Twitter. However, there are some unique features that this application doesn’t have. It has a cool sub-app that enables users to edit frames and allow easy social sharing, which is called Snapbucket. The app is also free.


This is considered as the best app for iPad, which lets users check recent activities, recent searches or even track references of recent downloads and picture uploads. You can download your photo using Flickstakr application through iTunes or your photo library in single or multi-files. It also allows you to tag your friends in pictures and search people and images. This application is available in the market for free as well as a premium app that cost $1.99. Premium version includes more features. Flickstakr is compatible with iOS platform.


This too is one of the top photo sharing available for both, iOS and Android platforms. It lets you create a photo stream like Instagram, however it only allows you to add up to 50 members. Instagram on the other hand allows you to add thousands. Path also allows easy online photo sharing and even share videos. It has a unique feature that lets you chat with your friends. Thus, by using this app you can socially connect with your friends on Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, and even on Tumblr.


It is one of the best photo sharing apps for iOS that is widely used today. It allows you to snap and share pics with the leading social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google +, Flicker and Tumblr.  It has a unique feature and that is you don’t need to keep it open during uploading photos to your favorite social sites. You can close the app while uploading and it will work on its own. When you come back later, your photos are displayed on your online twitter stream automatically.

With the above listed photo sharing apps, I hope I have helped you find the best top photo sharing apps for iOS that you are looking for. Hopefully you found the right one for you. Thanks for dropping by… *To download the specific applications, click on the app name.

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Many iPhone users love Android maybe because of its different characteristics that other phones doesn’t have, and now they want to switch and transfer data from iPhone to Android. But many are few who know how to manifest in switching data to their Android phones. That’s why you, as a new Android user, keep on searching ideas on how to transfer data from iPhone to Android. Well, fortunately you are lucky enough to come here, because we are here to help you transfer your data from your iPhone to your new Android device.

Please read carefully the following steps as you go over the transition.

Things you need to Transfer Data from iPhone to Android

  • iTunes installed and synced with your iPhone
  • Computer that you used to synced with your iPhone
  • Your computer OS must be XP SP3, Vista or Windows 7
  • Your Android phone, of course
  • MicroSD card of your Android
  • Your USB cable

Note: To perform this activity you must have a valid Gmail client email ID. Because by default, Android phones will urge you to either sign in or set up a Gmail address during the initial configuration of setting up your phone. So, if you are not using google as your email, now, you need to. Android’s OS is made by Google, so there is no doubt why Android requires using google ID.

Now, let’s assume you have those things mentioned above. So, let’s proceed…

Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android

We will begin the process by moving first your contacts stored in your iPhone. To do this, sync your iPhone contacts to your Gmail account.

Please take note that only the following information will be moved:

  • People’s names
  • Contact addresses
  • Their company names
  • Postal addresses, emails, and phone numbers
  • IM names, and other types of extra services
  • Notes
  • Their job titles

So, to start with, the instructions are very easy, keep ease and read carefully.

  1. Connect your iPhone to your computer using the USB cable.
  2. Open the iTunes application installed.
  3. Select your iPhone and click the “Info” tab.
  4. Check the box which have Sync contacts with option and select “Google Contacts” from the dropdown menu.
  5. Click on “Configure” and enter your google username and password.

After that all your contacts will be moved over to your Google account which will be synced later to transfer to your Android phone on its initial setup.

Transfer Photos, Music, Movies, etc from iPhone to Android

These data are most likely your favorites and you don’t want to trash them, thus, you want to transfer these also to your Android. Like other files, these are stored locally in your MicroSD, so there is no hassle to transfer these. To transfer it, as usual copy the files to your clipboard or on your desktop storage:

  1. Open your iPhone’s MicroSD storage device on “My Computer”.
  2. Select all the files you want to transfer.
  3. Right click your mouse and select “Copy”.
  4. Open a new folder (much better in your desktop so that it would be easy for you to locate it later).
  5. Paste your chosen files and save.

To transfer it to your Android, just copy the files you have saved earlier on the desktop and send it to your Android’s MicroSD using again the USB cable.

Transfer SMS from iPhone to Android

Transferring SMS from your iPhone to your Android is possible; however it needs a little amount of money somehow, since Apple is not big on allowing access to the file structure of the iPhone, we have to rely on the third-party software that enables this task.

  • First, I suggest you to download the free software and install it on your computer. Click here. Don’t worry it’s free.
  • Then, open iTunes to download the SMS Export app to your iPhone, it cost ($4.99), you need to release some amount. Download here
  • Once downloaded and installed, export now the SMS, make sure it is in text format.
  • If you have already exported your SMS and your Android is already set up, you can now move your file to the root of your MicroSD card.
  • Now, you need to download another app from the Android market called “SMS Migrator” for you to use in migrating your texts to your Android device, it cost $2.20. Make sure to turn off the USB storage device on the iPhone during this process (locate the option on the top side of the menu seen when you plugged in your iPhone’s USB).
  • Finally, run the SMS Migrator software in your Android phone and choose the text file you saved earlier on the MicroSD, and the app will do the rest.

So, quite complicated, right? Just relax my friend, if you’re still confused, read it again and finally you will then enjoy your new Android without leaving your favorite stuffs from your iPhone. Or you may ask a question via comment bellow.

I hope I have helped you find the answers of your queries and have helped you resolved your problem on how to transfer data from iPhone to Android.

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After Facebook  acquired widely popular photo application – Instagram – In 1 billion $ many photo addicts decided to divert their attention to the new and free app which matched Instagram’s standards, the Pinweel!

What is Pinweel?

“Pinweel is a unique photo sharing service that connects people and their pics through group albums.” Pinweel’s support page.

Pinweel currently runs on iPhones as FREE application. It was co-founded by Rich Bulman and James Tilinghast.

Pinweel allows real-time photo sharing across networks of friends during parties, birthdays, outings and even casual fun-times as these occasions are best meant for capturing real-time memories.

The application is capable of running on iPhone models like 3Gs, 4 and 4S. Developers are also trying to make more enhancements to develop more versions of the app that will work on Android smartphones too.

How to use Pinweel App?

Does Pinweel offer photo filters? YES!

Pinweel has a unique filter that enables you to turn your colored photo to classic black-white which they named it under feature filter option of your phone as “1943”, or from classic black white to a punchy favorite which they call “1987”.

Just open the application installed on your iPhone and everything should be very easy for you.

If you want to share photos from your camera roll, just click the button you see on the left side of the camera to access your photo roll and begin uploading, Pinweel said, ‘it looks like a stack of pages, very easy’.

This cool photo app, let you also add beautiful side-borders to your photo that gives your photo an extraordinary look. Convert textures and other features are there to suit your photo editing needs.

So, what do you want now? Instagram which is cool or Pinweel which is cool and FREE? Share your bet now!

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Digg, Slashdot, Fark, etc. are examples of some link-heavy sites where you open a certain page and hit ‘Refresh’ button number of times. Why? Because, the page loads at a very slow speed. Sometimes you even get an error 404.  All this occurs due to thousands and millions of requests from users who also want to access the same site.

Hitting a refresh button over and over again can be quite annoying at times. Therefore, a web developer, Michael Freedman has designed a software which resolves the issue. The software is called CoralCDN or Coral Content Distribution Network.

What is CoralCDN?

I knew this even before when I started my career in blogging and devoting myself to the cyber world, but it is best to know what CoralCDN really means from the developer itself as the best source.

“CoralCDN (Coral Content Distribution Network) is a free and open content distribution based around peer-to-peer technologies, comprised of world-wide network of web proxies and name-servers. It allows user to run a web site that offers high performance and meets huge demand.” – Coral site.

It is a decentralized, self-organizing distribution network. It leverages the aggregate bandwidth of volunteers running the software to absorb and dissipate most of the traffic for web site using the system. With this, CoralCDN replicates content of your website in proportion to the content’s popularity, regardless of publisher’s resources in effect of democratizing content publication.

It is also known by names like Coral, Coral Cache or simply CoralCDN which as said is used to avoid the Slashdot Effect or to reduce the general load on websites servers.

How to use CoralCDN?

Using Coral Cache or CoralCDN is quite easy and it helps you to resolve issues that I have mentioned above like “down-severs”, error messages or slow page loading speed.

This simple guide explains you what to add to configure your file to take advantage of using CoralCDN cache. This is very easy just add “” at the end of a certain link or domain.

For more clear instruction, take a look at the Wikipedia entry from the developer:

A website can be accessed through the Coral Cache by adding to the hostname in the site’s URL, resulting in what is known as a ‘coralized link’. So, for example,


Any additional address component after the hostname remains after; hence


For websites that use a non-standard port, for example,


Caching is a place where something is stored temporarily. And by default content is cached for 12 hours. However Coral Cache builds its cache automatically by requesting the content from the server. Therefore, everything is not convertible unless you have enabled your {mod_redirect} configuration.

How to Configure File?

To configure a file, test if Coral Cache answers the redirect requests and load the site content. You need to enable the mod_redirect command:

server.modules = ( "mod_redirect" )

Now, here are the meat and potatoes of the code for a single hostname only: *

# make sure this isn't CoralCache requesting content
$HTTP["useragent"] !~ "^CoralWebPrx" {
# make sure that this wasn't sent back to us from CoralCache
$HTTP["querystring"] !~ "(^|&)coral-no-serve$" {
url.redirect = ( "^/.*" => "$0" )

If you want to do this for a number of hostnames at once, you may use this:

# make sure this isn't CoralCache requesting content
$HTTP["useragent"] !~ "^CoralWebPrx" {
 # make sure that this wasn't sent back to us from CoralCache
$HTTP["querystring"] !~ "(^|&)coral-no-serve$" { 
 # capture hostname $HTTP["host"] =~ "^[^:]*"
{ url.redirect = ( "^/.*" => "$0" ) }

*The codes are tips I learned from freenode#httpd, to test server redirection.

I hope I have helped you to better understand the Coral Content Distribution Network and how to use and implement it.

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Facebook helps you make friends. The same also help you make enemies. Surprised? Check out the new Facebook App – The EnemyGraph.

EnemyGraph is a Facebook application that lets you list-down all the unwanted and hated persons basically, all your enemies and post it in your time-lined Facebook profile. Moreover, the application enables you to create any page or group on Facebook as an “enemy”.

The app lets you list anything under it be it friends, foods, products, movies, books or anything.


EnemyGraph was originally launched in University of Texas , Dallas by a professor and two students. Dean Terry, the professor and director of the university’s emerging media programs is the one who conceptualized the entire project while Bradley Griffith and Harrison Massey, held the hands together to build the application. They are both graduate and undergraduate students from the same university.

“One thing that has always struck me is the enforce niceness culture,” Terry admits in an enterview. “We wanted to give people a chance to express dissonance as well. We’re using the word  enemy about as accurately as Facebook uses the word friend.”

Most social networks attempt to connect people based on affinities like bands, films, sports team, which people like to link with. They may also dislike some.

“Facebook runs queries to find affinities,” states a post on the EnemyGraph site homepage.  “EnemyGraph runs in what we call dissonance queries. So, if you have said you like, say, Portlandia on your profile page, and in our app, one of your friends has declared them as ‘enemy’ we will post this as “dissonance report” in the app.”

In other words, the EnemyGraph application points out the difference you have with a friend and open it up for a conversation.

The EnemyGraph developer does not guarantee of the public safety while using this application since the application is still under the process of surveillance.