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There was a news last month that Samsung Galaxy S II is finally launching to hit the market store in U.S. at the end of the month. And as they have already promised, the marketing plans for them has already been started by Samsung. While one of the most interesting thing is that the American Market has never saw the face of Samsung Galaxy S II yet which is currently one of most spectacular as well as the top most biggest brand in production today.

While AT&T who has always been the top carriers in the American Market has finally launched the page for Samsung Galaxy S II live, expecting it to make complete work by the end of this month. Anyone people would have to wait for more one week since they haven’t started taking orders yet.

Samsung Galaxy S II AT&T Says Coming Soon, Page Goes Live

However, no one actually knows when it would be available in the market. But one thing is for sure, that Samsung Galaxy S II has to make it way with a huge impression in the market particularly when its another previous Tablet has been failed to impress the audience along with having so many troubles. While if you are one of the citizen of United Status an have been waiting for this particular device, then this news would surely praise you.

While you wont believe that Samsung has launched an AD for the promotion of its new upcoming product, Samsung Galaxy S II. Interestingly if you take a closer look on the Advertisement, you would get a feeling that its more like an Apple Ad instead of Samsung Ad. The ad has been titled “the Way we are Wired”, while the best factor of this Ad is that the music, sound as well Video consist of a perfect Apple Advertisements.

So move right away and start collecting more information from your nearest AT&T store to find out more information on the arrival dates as well as on Price factors.

Check out the Galaxy S II page over here and keep refreshing until you see a Pre-order button.

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Gmail is known to be Google’s most popular Email Service. Infact Gmail is so  much popular that more than 70% of people of the world are using the benefits provided by Google. Google has made Gmail in such a way that its so simple but provides huge Functionality along with extensibility.

There are lot of thing which Google is creating and attaching new ideas and features with Gmail like Google Buzz, and of course the new Google Plus Chat with Gmail Contacts. Below is the list of top 5 Desktop tools which enhances your Gmail to be Pro.


4 Desktop Apps Which Can Make You a Gmail Pro

Blogsigs is used to embed your latest and creative signatures in your Email. Using this tool you can embed your latest creative signature in your Email. It is mainly supported by Mac OS X, Windows 2000/XP/Vista and browsers like Mozilla Firefox.

2. Gdisk

4 Desktop Apps Which Can Make You a Gmail Pro

Gdisk will enable you to access your important mails, messages, and various files on internet. With the help of this tool you can turn your Gmail account to be acting as a Drive in your system. This tool can work only if you have Mac OS X (10.3 or above) and a GMail account.

3. Gmail Assistant

4 Desktop Apps Which Can Make You a Gmail Pro

Gmail Assistant is a free and open source purely java based software that acts as a notifer for multiple Gmail and Email accounts. It poses a strict security which helps users conversation and mails to be secured with the help of using IMAP over SSL to enable accessing your information in a complete secured manner.  It comes with huge lot of features, some of them includes Single-File  Deployment, Zero Installation, No Traces Left Behind, Convenient Features along with easy updatability features.

4. Gmail Mobile

4 Desktop Apps Which Can Make You a Gmail Pro

Gmail Mobile is a Mobile Desktop Application which will help you to be perfect while using Email networking. The features of this Apps includes Search Data, Conversation Data Views, Starts and Labels for 0rganising mails, Floaty bar, Archive, Mute and Move, Pam Filtering, Keyboard Shortcuts, Auto Complete Address and lots more.

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Creating an instance of an object is being used in every small substance of matter or a project. Many objects, predefined are being used with projects to create well defined details and description through it.

Clip Arts are said as to be an instance of an object or a picture and being brought predefined and used within mini or larger projects and more. For a prefect presentation of any topics, Clip Arts are being highly used. There are 5 Clip Art websites which provide predefined images, those are given below as:

1. Open Clip Art Library

5 Free Useful Clip Art Website

Demonstration of predefined images, background images are all present within this website. Users can make their account and share the images. It contains every type of clip art and also of occasion type too. You can select, upload and download any type of clip arts you want to using this website.

2. Classroom Clipart

5 Free Useful Clip Art Website

People are fond of all kinds of animations. The Clip Arts of majority of animation and their types are found within this website. This website also provides a lot of frames and textured clip arts. People can upload and share their also. Classroom Clip Art also contains lots of higher pixel clip arts even found within the lists.

3. Discovery Education

5 Free Useful Clip Art Website

Discovery Education can be assumed to mostly a Clip Art for education purpose. Subjects, Food, Animation and Award clip arts are all can be found in this website. You can order them if you need certain Clip Arts of education and all. It really imparts lots of ideas through clip art of subjects and reference.

4. iClipart

5 Free Useful Clip Art Website

All types of animated Clip Arts can be found in iClipart website. Even many background collections you would feel to admire, can be obtained by watching the overall collections. The website even provides lots of other collection like occasions and gift animated clip art to make decoration or put up a nice presentation.

5. Hassle Free Clipart

5 Free Useful Clip Art Website

It is one of those Clip Arts which comprises of all collections starting from kids to adults. It has lot of amazing clip arts such as cartoon, subjects, games and others. You can download any of the ranges provided.

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There are thousands of Search Engines provided for songs, but most of them are not free of cost. Searching the Search Engines for a particular song do take a lot of time. Instances of any Search Engines for songs takes lot of time. People are fond of music these days and everyone do want to have songs in free price and enjoy with the tune in their recreation time.

There are many links, but many ask for payment through debit cards and all. Nowadays Search Engine for downloading free songs have come out in a random fashion. There are many free Search Engines for downloading and listening songs which has been described below are as follows:

1.  Dilandu

5 Free Online MP3 music Search Engines

This is one of the Search Engines which allows you to download songs for free of cost. Many new songs can be found out by searching you favorites by just typing the Artist name. You can even share, listen and download music through this search engine.

2.  Sideload

5 Free Online MP3 music Search Engines

This is one of the Search Engines which provide lot of tracks which you can tune into. All artists, favorites and genre wise tracks are available into it and can be searched effectively and has the potential to retrieve  the best song from that particular instance. It even shows the reviews and the details of artist of the songs respectively.

3. Mp3sbest

5 Free Online MP3 music Search Engines

Mp3sbest is one of the Search Engines which contain numerous tracks of various languages and countries within its databases. It’s a fast Search Engine website and tells about every single search respectively. It has simplest form of collections within the database.

4. Mp3skip

5 Free Online MP3 music Search Engines

This search engine is mostly similar to mp3sbest. It has lot of collection within its database. People can configure type of songs, references of the songs, a song artists and many more things. Mostly you can get all types of sources and links to download through the help of the search engine of this respectively.

5. AtoZMP3s

5 Free Online MP3 music Search Engines

All the songs from the alphabet a to alphabet z collections are available within its databases. The databases comprises of artist and genre wise collection list. The list even provides most of songs which are not available at many places.

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Are you feeling the heat of huge bills for your 3G Usage? Are you finding a smart solution for saving your money? I am sure you will be looking forward to save your money while rolling over 3G. This is the best solution for all the Smartphone users in preserving along with effectively and efficiently utilizing their data.

Onavo Lite, the best Android App in saving your precious money while keeping a track of all your 3G data utilization. Once it collects relative data about the usage which you normally consumes, it will then provides valuable information along with smart tips in saving money as well how Usage can be controlled effectively.

How To over 3G Data Usage for saving Money on Android

The main issue with all Smartphone users today is the Huge Bills which is generating from the 3G Network which everyone is looking forward to cut it down. Onavo Lite is considered to be the best Apps for utilization of your 3G data along with providing useful information like where you data is been eaten up and at what particular time most data usage is been consumed.

It helps you to control your usage of data Plans which has been designed by such a methodology that it always Monitors, Include Alerts, and provide effective blocking tools whenever the data limit cross which you have already set in the beginning.

Onavo Lite provides will facilities which will later on helps you to cut short your Bills for data plan on 3G Network. Below is a complete list of features of this perfect money saving apps for Android

Features of Onavo Lite

  • It helps you to monitor and control App traffic coming from 3G network.
  • It also allows you to set a cap or a maximum limit of data transfe and usage for a certain limit e.g. 2gb for 1 month.
  • Block heavy data consumption when not on wifi or travelling abroad.
  • Save up to 80% on your data usage.
  • Available for free and simple to use and save money.

Download Onavo Lite for Android.

Download Onavo Lite for iPhone and iPad.

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We are currently into the 21st Century where Gadgets and their Apps are  relatively important and have become an integral part of everyone’s life. These  Apps brings you various Widgets to make life easier and suitable and are  growing at a rapid rate with the updated technological world. These days,  Widgets have become so important that they are localizing the benefits of  Android Applications and are found to be very much useful to a greater extend.

Everyone knows that Android invested so much of money for that Android  Application market which consist of various indefinite Apps where people can  download any kind of Apps. Along with Downloading Apps, people also have  chance of getting widgets provided by their respective authors. So now we will  have a look on hot to add and remove widgets on your Android Phone.

How to Add widgets on Android

Step 1:

You can enable your Android widget screen by two following ways:

  1. Long press an empty space on the home screen, OR
  2. Press ‘Menu’ and tap on ‘Add’ option.

How to Add and Remove Widget in Android Phone

Step 2:
Tap on ‘widgets’ option and wait until all the widgets got displayed.

How to Add and Remove Widget in Android Phone

Step 3:
Choose the widget and tap on it, and it will be added to your home screen.

How to Add and Remove Widget in Android Phone

Its done, I am sure its easy for you as well to add widgets to your Android Phone.

How to Remove widgets on Android

Adding Widgets might take sometime whereas removing widgets which has been created already, for removing you just have to hold on the widget and drag it to the bottom or top (device dependent), you have to hold this until you see a red mark blinks and correspondingly your widgets will be removed from your Android Device.

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Files Backup has become of the most important task to do for any particular  task. If you are on Mac, then Mac backup also very much essential. Mac has  such qualities of embedded software’s within itself that needs backup so that if due to technical faults or crashing of hard drives, it would be easy to reinstall the operating system and make work easy for the user collectively. But backing up files in advance would make you always on a safer area. There are two such backup applications which can backup your files at ease. Those are as follows:

1. Mathusalem 1.6

This application is mostly used for the Mac OS Leopard Systems. It can be started or make automatic start-ups by setting stipulated times. The application creates the backup of files and respective setting and plugging which can be used by you at any point of time. The application is highly useful as it can be acquired from any location.

2 free Mac Backup Applications to backup your files

The application can make multiple backups at any time. During your work, on other side it can be started and it manipulates the settings and sets a restore point which can make access to files at ease. Drives or specific locations will be asked to hold up the space of backup of the drive the user wants to, and it will save it henceworthly there itself.

2: Time machine

This application is also useful in creating backup of file. The time machine will use some slots of time between if the user recommends their important files to be backup in some random orders. It create backups in ease and it can be stored within the secondary hard drive, if the Mac OS comprising of within the system.

2 free Mac Backup Applications to backup your files

It mostly captures all the software files and other random files within system to have backup and create a small location referring to as backup and search for special issues within a particular time the files to be backup if it is necessary for the system too.

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Facebook Scam has a huge long list to cover up. Infact Facebook also done lot of  steps to implement some strict against on these fake accounts. Although no  Website or Social Network is perfect in removing spams from their accounts.

[Facebook Scam] Get free Facebook T-Shirt on 7th Birthday

So we Bloggers take initiative to aware and let people know about these scams  so that people might not get into their hacking attacks. Recently I just saw  about another Scam in facebook about Facebook 7th Birthday Anniversery.  Although being as a blogger and webmaster, I did some research and finally  came to conclusion that its a Scam. Confused, Isn’t It?? Let me explain you how  I found ..

What this Scam is all About

These is the website and are a big Source of the Scam. As per their  words they are offering Free T Shirts to Facebook Users with Facebook Logo on  it. They just tell you to get your Private Facebook Email ID and after confirming the ID, you will be given one survey to fill it up. Once you do it an Automatic  message will be posted in your wallpost about the Facebook T-Shirt 7th Birthday along with a photo that will act as a proof that you have received the TShirt, Whereas you haven’t Yet.

What they will do with your Private Email Id

Once you give them your Private Id, there are chances that they would use it for wrong purpose. Along with that they also get the rights to upload images which are not suitable for you, status which are harmful for your life, etc.

Best Point to Get Attracted toward them

Although I was very much impressed with their design of the website. Since many people might not know about all these things, so they would just agree to all steps leading to account suspension or ban or lose of account credentials as well.

Proof that its a Full Prepared Scam

There are several points which I would like to share with you.

  • Facebook was launched in Feb 2004 and and the current month is September which means that either they are going too fast as February is yet to come, or they are going too slow as February is already gone. Whatever might be the case but they are indirectly trying to fool us.
  • They want your Private Email Id, if at all they are from Facebook, wouldn’t they get your Email Id automatically since you are using their product and service, so they have all rights to take up your information. But they are asking from you, which is a clear sign of suspicion.
  • Another point of Suspicion is that the domain has been registered just 2 days before. Do anyone of them thinks that Facebook is going to use a 2 days registered Domain

Domain Details

Expiration Date: 2012-09-05 00:45:36
Creation Date: 2011-09-05 00:45:36
Last Update Date: 2011-09-05 00:45:37

  • Last point of suspicious which can make everyone be sure that its a Scam is that it has been registered with name “Vikrant Malik”. Do you think that Facebook, a Big brand would register any domain with any person name, if at all they want to register with any individual name, then it would be only “Mark Zukerberg“, owner of Facebook. Below is a picture that we have collected from data.

[Facebook Scam] Get free Facebook T-Shirt on 7th Birthday

Therefore, its clearly visible that this Scam has been growing powerful and we need your support to let everyone know about this. Do promote this article with your friends and help your friends in not losing their Facebook account.

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Social Networking websites have totally preoccupied the people of the world. People are now engaging most of the time in these Social Networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin to get latest News, Images, Videos, Games, and lot of other stuffs as well. The online or virtual world has become a place for interaction between users, friends, relatives without being going to their home. Technology has so much updated these days that people can now sit in their home and have a talk with their friends and relatives.

While most of the people prefers chatting and updating status which includes some of the short codes like LOL, ASAP, ASL, OMG, etc. If you are a common Facebook user then you much be knowing the full form of these words, if not, don’t worry, we bring you all the short codes for you to know and get expert with these Slang Words.

LOL, ASAP, ASL, OMG, are the most common words people use in social Networking websites. These are some of the most common Slang Words used in Facebook by lot of people these days. While some of the Social networking Slang words have already been added to Oxford Dictionary according to the latest sources from BBC news.

In this fast progressing world, everyone wants to stay ahead of all by completing their work on time as well optimizing chats so that precious time can be saved. using Slang words helps you most of the time to optimize your way of communication to other people. There are many a times when someone gives us a slang words and we are really unclear about the meaning of that word.

Common Facebook Slang Words Full Form for Chatting/Status

So here i have listed out the most common speaking slang words by the users via any social networking website including Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin so that the user can take maximum benefit from it without wasting much of their time. So here we start our list of Slang words with their meaning

  • ASAP   –  As Soon As Possible
  • ASAIC   –  As Soon As I Can
  • LOL   –  Laugh Out Loud
  • ASL   –  Tell me your Age,Sex and Location
  • TU   –  Thank You
  • GM   –  Good Morning
  • GE   –  Good Evening
  • GN   –  Good Night
  • JFY   –  Just For You
  • MTUK   –  More Than You Know
  • OSLT   –  Or Something Like That
  • ACC   –  Actually
  • ACE   –  Excellent or Great
  • AFS   –  Always Forever and Seriously
  • APP   –  Application
  • AUO   –  I don’t know
  • AW   –  Any Way
  • B4   –  Before
  • BBS   –  Be Back Soon
  • BBL   –  Be Back Later
  • BBN   –  Be Back Never
  • BBT   –  Be Back Tomorrow
  • BF   –  Boy Friend
  • GF   –  Girl Friend
  • BFF   –  Best Friend Forever
  • BOT   –  Back On Topic
  • BBZ   –  Babes
  • CYL   –  Catch You Later
  • D8   –  Date
  • DAM   –  Don’t Ask Me
  • DAQ   –  Don’t Ask question
  • DARL   –  Darling
  • DAT   –  That
  • DDT   –  Don’t Do That
  • F9   –  Fine
  • FBF   –  Facebook Friend
  • G2E   –  Go To Eat
  • G8   –  Great
  • GTH   –  Go To Hell
  • H2CUS   –  Hope To See You Soon
  • HAGL   –  Have A Good Life
  • HAGD   –  Have A Good Day
  • HAGN   –  Have A Good Night
  • HAGE   –  Have A Good Evening
  • HAND   –  Have A Nice Day
  • HBU   –  How About You
  • HDU   –  How Dare You
  • HEY   –  Hello, Hi
  • HF   –  Have Fun
  • HHOJ   –  Ha Ha, Only Joking
  • HHOK   –  Ha Ha, Only Kidding
  • HHVF   –  Ha Ha, Very Funny
  • hm…   –  Thinking
  • I IAS   –  In A Second
  • IB   –  I’m Back
  • IHS   –  I Hope So
  • IIL   –  I’m in Love
  • IK   –  I Know
  • J4F   –  Just For Fun
  • J4L   –  Just For Laugh
  • J4U   –  Just For You
  • JLT   –  Just Like That
  • K   –  Okay
  • KL   –  Cool
  • B4   –  Before
  • M/F   –  Are you Male or Female
  • IDK   –  I Don’t Know
  • L8   –  Later
  • L8ER   –  Later
  • ME2   –  Me Too
  • N   –  And
  • N2G   –  Need To Go
  • NOPE   –  No
  • O7   –  Salute
  • OOPS   –  If you make a mistake, you can say
  • OYE   –  Listen up
  • PPL   –  People
  • PRO   –  Professional
  • PLZ   –  Please
  • PM   –  Private Message
  • Q&A   –  Question and Answer
  • RI8   –  Right
  • S2U   –  Same to You
  • SRY   –  Sorry
  • THANQ   –  Thank You
  • THANX, TNX, TX   –  Thanks
  • THN   –  Then
  • TTLY   –  Totally
  • TTUL   –  Talk To You Later
  • TTUS   –  Talk To You Soon
  • U   –  You
  • UR   –  Your
  • W/   –  With
  • W/O   –  Without
  • W/E   –  Whatever
  • W8   –  Wait
  • WC   –  Welcome
  • W^   –  What’s up
  • XLNT   –  Excellent
  • X_X   –  Dead
  • Y   –  Why
  • YEAH, YH   –  Yes
  • SD   –  Sweet Dreams
  • WTF   –  What The F**k
  • BTW   –  By The Way
  • BRB   –  Be Right Back
  • JK   –  Just Kidding
  • zzz   –  Sleeping
  • JK   –  Just Kidding
  • FYI   –  For Your Information
  • FB   –  Facebook
  • WTH   –  What The Hell
  • LMK   –  Let Me Know
  • OMG   –  Oh! My God
Stay tune for list of all Facebook Smileys :-)

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People do think of mailing friends, family, teachers, colleagues and other members through many mailing search engines, most common of them is Gmail. It makes you retrieve mails, store and enhance other features which really  make work easier and organized.

There are many tips given below which makes mostly all member use Gmail rather having so many mailing ids. The reason and features which enhance the use of Gmail are as follows:

5 Simple Gmail tips to make your life easier

1: Forward other Email Accounts into Gmail Accounts

Many Users have loads of mail ids, and think which one to provide to company or place or to friend. People even if forward mails or get mails into other accounts, can assemble them, organize them all and transfer them into Gmail accounts into one way to make work easier, even check for the accounts which been marked to enhance its importance.

2: 100 Maximum Conversation in one Page

The page sometimes shows only 10 or 20 mails and for reading other mails, you need to click read older messages below to read and search other older mails.  For this, you can go to options and change it from either 10 or 20 to 100 so that  more mails upto 100 conversations can be read on one page enabling to  make work in a better manner.

3: Turn ON your Gmail Priority Inbox

People who need to organize some of mails which are either unimportant or important can do by switching on Gmail Priority inbox. The Gmail Priority inbox makes the organizing of importance of mails to be read in the first and then the other mails to make work faster and easier. However, the priority will show a blink of starred in left hand corner and depict the importance.

4: Use keyboard Shortcuts

There are so many shortcuts for Gmail to enhance the faster view and works through it. Retrieving mail and sending can be done through the shortcut used through the keyboard. The shortcut for reply is r and for forwarding is f. This shortcut makes it faster work instead of clanking on to the button present.

5: Gmail Labs to Enhance Gmail Functionality

This makes us use our own functions which we want to. We can recommend certain keys to make changes within keyboard shortcuts for Gmail. Even when suddenly or drastically a mail gets send, but I need something more to be  added, we can undo and bring up, add what required and send it after that.

Still don’t have an Gmail Account? Get one for yourself!