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Visualizing our own image sometime even become tougher is looked through other ways. When we move in to many sites, they ask us to create an avatar of our image. People think of which type of avatars would they like to create. There are many websites launched for creating free and easy avatars.

Some of those websites are being provided below as follow:

1: Weeworld

5 Tools To Turn Your Face Into a Cartoon

Weeworld application is an online free avatar creator. This application provides tools which comprises of all the parts of as body along with various shapes and features. User can utilize all the features, and make an avatar of their own. The avatar can be saved up after enrolling is done which is free. The avatar once  saved, can be used in other places where user has created an id over there.

2: Meez

5 Tools To Turn Your Face Into a Cartoon

This application is worth creating avatars of any shape or form the user wants to. You can develop your own visions by applying small textures inbuilt within  the tools of Meez. Meez not only provides online free creation but also tools to  make user understand what he or she wants to built in and create as a scrap for  their email id or socialite sites.

3: Befunky

5 Tools To Turn Your Face Into a Cartoon

Befunky is an online free avatar creator tool. It enhances the properties of every texture within itself comprising of all odd tools and makes work in ease for creation of avatar. Just play with the tools and see what you get as your avatar in style. The texture looks are amazing to play in creating the avatar.

4: Joystick mi characters

5 Tools To Turn Your Face Into a Cartoon

Joystick mi characters is an online avatar enumerator. It really makes pictures in a animated fashion. It makes people visualize themselves and can make their faces look with creative features. Those creative features are likely said as to be of mustaches, curves within smiles, speck resolution and many more. You can name the creature after finishing the task of creating a dynamic avatar.

5: Moonjee

5 Tools To Turn Your Face Into a Cartoon

This is an online application for creating toons and avatars. All types of faces with new textures are daily upgraded. So the user can implement any of the features likely given through them. They even within their tools create lot of blends and smoothness to make nicer and good pictures.

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Keeping memories within life is recollecting with images the times spend. Even people feel like to convert those with special effects to make the picture look a more interesting and fantastic. Even there are so many tools out which users try to implement within the image to bring out looks which can be funny or nice. There are certain tools mentioned below:

5 Cool Photo Effect Tools to Play with Photos

1: Fun Facer: Make fun with your own face

This website provides creating images which on appearance look hilarious. It also provides dissecting of images into smaller proportions to analyze each part and apply content which the user intent to. The user even can apply other extracts present within their tools to make appearance droll out.

2: Framed iPhone Apps

This iPhone application enables various diversions within the image through its various functions itself. The applicant can apply any type of visions or means within the image to change the appearances within it. You would think of implementing into various forms such as driver, officer, hunk and others respectively through this application.

3: Add Moustache on Photo faces With Mustaschify

This is an application which helps in change the attire of the face through application of mustaches. The mustaches of any size can be applied to reshape the outlook of face. The person can impart oversize within there images through the presence of mustaches. The mustaches also provides a variant looks like dark brown or pale black an can make someone change the look within the images.

4: Turn your face into Cartoon with Meez

You would try to impart wider cheeks and make teeth to appear in a laughter mood or you would try to paint some red colored within your faces and make nose peaky, etc. This tool enables you to make appearance within images hilarious and laughable. Its having all tools to create your face into a cartoon like Mickey mouse and others through variations and contrasts enabled within their tools.

5: Fun Photo Effects, Collages, Retouch Photos

This applications make impart lot of effects within your images with after-effects within the tools to impart newer photos and photos which bring gestures through themselves. Even people can connect multiple images and traverse them into one using this application in ease.

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In today’s life, Communication modes have become easier and cheaper. With newer technologies surfacing as a mentor, its leading to user’s lives amendable. The Mobile Applications are providing any type of information which user’s wants to within the quickest time. There are many Social Mobile Application built in provided that user can utilize and use it in generic way. The Applications are given below as follows:

1: Instagram

5 Great Social Networking Mobile Apps for iPad

After having been researched on iPad for a certain period of time, got to know more about this Application. This Applications make user to upload images of any formats, and even upload them on Social Networking sites. People can traverse through images, making tags upon and visualize them on with friends and families after the picture has been uploaded. If many times people don’t know occasions where the images were taken, they also have the option to post and can tweet through them in ease.

2: Foursquare

5 Great Social Networking Mobile Apps for iPad

People try using many Mobile Applications on their iPad and other phones, while some Apps has supported but other hasn’t. This Foursquare Application can be used in any phone of any platforms by the user. People destine to know new locations and know about various places. Through this Application you can get involved about many places. The initial work will be enrolling within the Application about yourself. You can also comment, make certain information uploaded for other people who aren’t aware about it.


3: Flipboard

5 Great Social Networking Mobile Apps for iPad


There are so many things which might be favorites to users which they might feel to use it in their day to day life. Keeping contacts, summing up those reviews and comments posted all over in social networking sites, pinches of views and many more are some of its interactive features of this Application. This application is keen and simple to hold them out and keep in one place to make people know every slots of their life.

4: Twitter for ipad

5 Great Social Networking Mobile Apps for iPad

People acquire to mostly multiple profiles in day to day life. They create many profiles to be in touch either in one way or the another. Several profiles can be attached and various outlooks can be connected within one Application using a simple iPad Application for Twitter.  The Twitter Application can also make comment and tweets to all are present after connecting many profiles within one application.

5: My6sense

5 Great Social Networking Mobile Apps for iPad

Many people desire that there must be fewer contents and those which they most use to it. There are many Applications which give loads of tabs which user frequently won’t use. This application makes you to use those items which you frequently use and stay with it.

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Joomla templates helps in achieving various manipulations in users mind to display an evergreen web page. One will achieve more visual clear appearance if more brighter colors are being used. Basically templates are made to to privide additional resources in terms of making blog or website colorful with amazing pixels and dynamic view.

The Joomla offers various features in shaping up a colorful and quality looking blog. There are many websites presenting the Joomla templates to be downloaded. Those are as follows:

5 Websites to Download Free Joomla Templates

1: Joomla24

This website plays for all template creating and surfacing background visuals  for any screen palette. There is numerous number of templates which furnishes the screen and makes look amazing and enjoy with it.

2: Joomla2u

This template can be downloaded freely from many websites. People thinking of putting up scenarios related to occasions. These templates provide a lot of  features for those occasions with a mixture of color backgrounds and other  related features respectively. Users who demand to feature with those   occasions within their mind and present as for any other site creations or social networks can implant with this template.

3: Themebase

Many social networking in sites used templates which were named as the themebase. This template has created such backgrounds which can predict the mind or condition of people at its trendy way and even predict the festivities across their places occurring. These types of template even make small features predicting in figures the conditions of your mood even.

4: Themebot

The themebot templates are available through many sites. It is mostly for creating themes for windows as well as for typical browsers. Even they are used for business purposes to arrange and show colorful graph and structures for their revenues or net inflows.

5: Themeza

The propositions of putting extra color variation through themes and other designing formats. The themes create user id creativity and within mail id even. They can colour the background of their inbox, outbox and others through  their own wants.

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VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a popular typical method of networking using computers with the help of Public Internet Access that will allow two different users to share information across network across two Remote locations, or from a Remote Location and Business Home Network.

It provide secure information transfer by authentication users, it is frequently used by remote workers or companies with remote offices to share private data and network resources You can go fro this service if you have any problem opening websites like Linkedln, Twitter or social networking sites are blocked in your system.

OpenVPN – Free VPN client

Top 10 Free VPN Services all over the world

OpenVPN is a full featured SSL VPN software solution which integrates OpenVPN server capabilities, enterprise management capabilities, simplified OpenVPN Connect UI, and OpenVPN Client software packages. It accommodates Windows, MAC, and Linux OS environments. It also provides high-security and privacy. OpenVPN client do not work on mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, Windows Mobile and Android. But OpenVPN works on Windows, Mac. It can run in various modes ranging from a simple remote user accessing the private network resources.

PacketiX.NET – Free VPN client

Top 10 Free VPN Services all over the world

PacketiX.NET is a Japan premium service. They provide you with PacketiX.NET online test service as well which is free to use.   The features of this service are- they are fast, reliable, easy to use etc. This service works on Windows and Linux only. Free users just have to install software on your PC and enter your free license number. You just have to download, install and connect it to use!!

UltraVPN – an OpenVPN client

Top 10 Free VPN Services all over the world

Ultra VPN is a free French VPN client/server SSL VPN solution based on OpenVPN. It hides your connection from unwanted ears and allows you to use blocked applications. It can be used by any individual who simply wants to protect his privacy, either on a LAN or a public hotspot. It has a limited traffic quota and the bandwidth is up to 500Kb/s depending on network conditions.

Hotspot Shield – The most popular free VPN client

Top 10 Free VPN Services all over the world

Hotspot shield is one of the most popular Free VPN clients. It came in to attention of users when hulu was launched as it allowed users to watch Hulu even when it was blocked.  The most attractive usage of this service tends because of its unlimited bandwidth and it works on both PC & Mac. It secures your connection at both your home Internet network & Public Internet networks. They also have UK & US based VPN services, these can be used to- protect your from identity thefts, Censorships and Wi-Fi Snoopers.


Top 10 Free VPN Services all over the world

This is the latest entrants available in VPN market. This service can do plenty of service for you like it can get an OpenVPN server, SSH access, PPTP & TOR proxy. It can also bypass strict content filters, browsing the web anonymously, securing your VOIP communications or remote access to your home/office workstation. This is also a free service but it is limited to 1GB per month and it works on Windows, Mac, iPhone & iPad.

CyberGhost – Free VPN service

CyberGhost – Free VPN service

Cyberghost is a free VPN service. It is from Germany and it routes you through German IP. This service is free for limited usage – 1 GB per month, Later it was 10 GB per month which was a lot more than enough for any user for surfing on websites, chatting and email. The abstracting point for users may be that once you register with them you will not be able to select the servers. The paid service is also affordable.


Top 10 Free VPN Services all over the world

Security KISS Tunnel directs all your online traffic through an impenetrable tunnel to our security gateway. It ensures perfect security and privacy once you pass your documents or files. Everything is transferred into the encrypted manner which becomes hard to understand for others. It protects you from online identity theft and secures your passwords, credits card numbers, your online shopping details.


Top 10 Free VPN Services all over the world

USA IP is a services which access the blocked sites and services. This gives you the free PPTP, L2TP and OpenVPN testing accounts that are compatible with all the platforms today. It protects your data by encrypting the internettraffic and hiding your real IP address. This is easy to use, you just have to download the USA IP file, open the file and activate USAIP PPTP connections. Therefore you will be able to access the USA IP free VPN services with the username demo and the password demo.


Top 10 Free VPN Services all over the world

As the name itself implies, you will be able to access all the inaccessible things. It will also hide your network address from those who don’t need to know. You can download this software or can use it in an open VPN mode. This service can be used freely for 6 hours. This service works on Windows, Mac & Linux platforms.


Top 10 Free VPN Services all over the world

MacroVPn allows you to access the restricted resources from your geography Internet connection. It provides your system with virtual” connection to the global network. This service is also free but it is like extended trial. It comes with the condition 2GB traffic and 256kbps speed.

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In any society or any part of the world you go; when you look at something which might be a special or might be unknown to you; you would ask a question like why or what is it and henceforth. So people desire to move into any many things into a deeper knowledge and hence they look whether they can receive their queries answered through networking sites in a desired manner.

There are certain sites where people can view there answers provided; make use of their own comments to post it to make certain analysis within the networking site to take place. There are 6 best sites which people ought to look at for their answers.


You would think to get a bag worth moneys and chips; why not desire to get bags of answers for any query of your own. This site has a tabbed bar which can be said to have a combo box which can make random search statement for the statement you desiring and can make you give many links in a sequential order to look for your answer for your queried stuff. Here you can post any answer to any question which are asked by others.

6 best sites to get your questions answered

Even you can leave a comment to make betterment for yourself; you would like to have after reading posts or answers provided by the other users. It even provides answers or the questions to the queries for society views and even you can post some of the problems faced within the society and make discussion to occur within that comment.


Yahoo! answers

Yahoo being one of the best emailing sites used worldwide; it even provides with answers which can make you learn what you wouldn’t have come across about it. This yahoo website provides a combo box to make you write what you ought to search for and provide links which can fetch you numerous answers with the verified links attached within yahoo. But here registration is a must. Actually many people do post anything which is not a proper question or a proper answer.

6 best sites to get your questions answered

They just misuse the content of the site. So the owners of Yahoo Company have sorted to make registration as a must. After registration is done then only you can need to put into your question and can even answer them to make the public to know about the measures of its accounts respectively.

Blurt it

People feel like searching alliances on any topics they vision at. People just not find answers; sometime they look for a knowledge based answers to the questions it. This site provides it. The various questioning are done in here. People think to visualise the answers and pertain to them in any manner they wish to. The blurt even provides various link within inside they have joined to with their resources and make people across the world known about the activities about politics or any major field lively occurring.

6 best sites to get your questions answered

Here registration is not an important for posting questions and answers; you can simply search in the search bar for your answers and can dealt with them accordingly you view at in for. Even they can post there view; sub-reviews and can make public queries to be gathered across the nation or worldwide.

Anybody out there

First when I was searching in engines; I read something as this site when I asked for sites demanding questions and answers. When I read title I thought what does it really signify or mean as by saying anybody out there. But anybody out is really simple and easy to use for getting your certainty clarified. Any type of questions will be answered in ease or in a particular way.

6 best sites to get your questions answered

Any topic or social views questions can be searched through the best user’s answer or the ones who have defined answers in the bestest way to be read for user. The anybody out there in some views make registration to be done otherwise registration is not a major issue for it. The anybody out there can make even know sources and friends interact with latest issues around the globe occurring.

Wiki answers

Wikipedia, which is the world’s largest site for enumerating stuffs with each and every logical answers located within its site. It is the famous site which provides the best answers out of the thousand answers provided by the users. It selects the one answer which is good and sends them to the display menu when a question about a certain topic is asked for.

6 best sites to get your questions answered

There are many question which are kept under one tagline to which can be answered by the users there itself. There are other options such as making more vivid answers one by one next to the answer provided if the user feels that some deeper view can be provided for the topic. Registration if done makes email send by to there id for respective topics and new topics within the market.


People think getting answers might have not only dealt them perfect things. All users don’t have same opinion in regards to what answers are being furnace within the fun advice. People need to even get together and make small opinion polls and make other related to with them for discussing various topics.

6 best sites to get your questions answered

Even talking with different companions and making them discussions for the topics. Answers to related questions are being provided and people and there new companions can elaborate more on it.

These sites would have emanated them to relevant question answer scenes and might make people known about there topics or discussion in a uncomplicated way respectfully.

And yes, if you need some help or questions answered about Windows, you can always visit our TWC Windows Help Forums. ;)

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PC and Laptops are being used the same way in everyday life. The same scrolling, saving, installing, double-clicks, saving and many other activities. But now you can feel the change in the usage of your PC or Laptops. Here comes the Mac OS X Lion which will take you to another world of using operating systems. Mac OS X Lion launched recently promises to change the way we work on our systems with its promising new features.

For those who haven’t installed this OS, let me tell you- you are missing the experience of Multi-touch gestures, to launchpad, full screen apps and much more. There are 250 cool features that Mac OS X Lion comes endowed with.

It is the eight and current major release of Mac OS X, Apple’s desktop and server operating system for Macintosh computers. If you are planning to be a part of Mac family, then don’t wait to think about it, you can boldly go for it.

10 Safari Features in Mac OS X lion that enhances the user experience(check captitals,formatting)

The new Mac system will be now available with OS X Lion ably installed. Well the point is safari is apple’s default web browser and it keeps adding cool features to enhance the user’s experience. The cool features of Safari Mac OS X Lion are listed below.

Full Screen Browsing:-

Full screen browsing is one of the cool features which allow you to switch between full-screen applications. It provides you more space to view the web pages; hence it is one of the most ultimate browsing experiences for Safari users. The menu bar disappears in Full-Screen mode, though it rolls down into view if the pointer is hovered near the top of the screen – which gains a new button at its right side so you can exit Full-Screen mode and return to the normal Space for that application.

Therefore Web pages take up every inch of your display so there’s nothing to distract you from what’s onscreen. You can also dedicate one page for Twitter feeds, one for video and lot many others for browsing, easy swiping back and forth between them makes it user friendly.

Reading List:-

Reading list is considered as one of the best feature of Safari which enables you to save the website links to be read some other time in case you are unable to do so while carrying out the task you are into. So you can make use of those saved links later and can go through the links. Links can be of any type like articles content, videos, shopping etc. It’s an easy process, just open your link-filled reading list and go through it. Those links get displayed in a clean, uncluttered space. You can also add or delete a page as per your choice.

Privacy and Security:-

Mac Lion OS X offers best privacy and safety features for Safari. It would be appropriate to run through them and highlight some of the security and privacy related features that would be of interest to our security-minded audience. You can browse, shop, read, and do anything you want to without bothering about the safety.

Application Privacy Pane:-

It provides you with a privacy pane i.e. you can easily customize cookie settings, clear website data and decide whether websites can request your location information more easily with Privacy Pane. The cool new ‘Privacy Pane’ feature in Safari preferences shows what kind of data websites are storing and enables you to remove it.

Application sand boxing:-

Sandboxing is a feature which prevents the websites from tampering with your computer making you feel insecure. It also protects the system by limiting the kinds of operations an application can perform. The content and applications are Sandboxed to make sure that the sites don’t use exploits to access your system. Sandboxing makes it more difficult for a security threat to take advantage of an issue in a specific application to affect the greater system.

Application Private Auto-Fill:-

This feature is designed to help users fill out forms quickly while keeping personal information. It eradicates the need of filling the information every now and then. Safari detects it whenever it comes across the software and enables you choose to use AutoFill to complete the form with information from your Address Book. This is a good feature, but there is question if it will be able to fight off carefully crafted XSS attacks?

Internet Account Set Up:-

This set up will eliminate the need to set-up your mail account for Gmail, Yahoo Mail and AOL Mail separately. On the other hand you will also get the option of using your Yahoo, Google or AOL accounts with Mail, Address Book, iChat, iCal & other applications in Mac OS X Lion, the very first time when you login your accounts.

Easy Downloading and Download Popover:-

Here pops-up one more feature that is easy downloading and popover. The Safari Mac OS X makes downloading task even more speeder and convenient. Hence the downloading task of software, application, videos, audios etc with any abstraction. There is no separate Safari download window in Mac OS X Lion instead it consist of ‘Download List’ that is visible in Safari main window to let you know the status of the download. While downloading an arrow mark appears to the right of the Smart Search Field and shows you its progress. Clicking on that will provide you with the list of whatever you have downloaded.

Media Caching:-

Media caching allows you to store audio and video data for web applications. The main specialty of media caching is it allows offline media playback and comes out with better media performance even if the net connection is weak.

Multi Touch Gestures:-

Now Safari Mac OS X Lion is available with Multi touch gestures allowing you to tap, scroll without making any fuss. It appears to be very natural and smooth to work on making it lovable. the features in it works in following ways- tap, scroll without any fuss, Tap to zoom, Pinch to zoom and Two finger scroll.

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Everyone knows that the Ultrabook has not been invented by Intel, Perhaps its just the name they had given to it. Ultrabook not only represents about the size but also has focused on user experience these days. Recently, Apple Inc. has now been granted, a collection of 14 new patents for the design of MacBook Air which is really we were expecting a look before.

Patent infringements is the most unlike part of Apple where it would have to go behind Intel as the Chipmaker is delivering the Hardware for their PC’s. But this patent is surely going to enlighten Intel’s $300 million fund to support the launch of Ultrabook early.

Apple Patents Design of the MacBook Air

This is what Patently Apple says,

The US Patent and Trademark Office officially published a series of 14 newly granted patents for Apple Inc. today and it’s Apple’s design related patents which won the day. While we cover Apple’s four design wins this morning, we also list a number of other delectable delights for the techies amongst us who might be interested in the details behind Apple’s H.264/AVC coder or Apple’s Motion program or perhaps Apple’s acceleration-based theft detection system for portables.

Similarly, credits for the patents have also been given for the design of cover including for iPhone 3G and Apple’s second-generation Smartphone. These designs basically consist of shell for the devices along with holes for buttons, speakers and ports, also leaving room for the touchscreen and Hardware Internal structure.

Apple has also granted two new designs including Apple TV Remote along with their fruit Company’s Battery charger for AA cells. The available credits for all the four patent designs including above mentioned two will go to VP Industrial Design at Apple Jonathan.

However, history has always witnessed that the normal PC’s doesn’t look like Apple Computers and they may even not be really look like Ultrabooks as Ultrabooks are proposed to resemble the visual appearance of the Macbook Air.

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Most of the companies today are focusing their growth plans on the Tablets market. There are many companies in fact which comes in the popular list of Tablets in the market including Samsung, Apple, Motorola and few others. But one would rarely hear the name of Beetal with Tablets, along with Beetel, few other emerging companies like Micromax and Maxx mobiles are also planning to take their step ahead in Tablets.

Beetel is now planning their way in the world of Android Tablet, as they have launched their Android Tablet, called Magiq in India which is a 3G Google Android Tablet. With this launch Beetel Group has become the seconds largest and popular company in the country to launch Android Tablet along with OlivePad by Olive Telecom.

Beetel Magiq Features and Tech Specs

  • SIM Status : Single SIM
  • Screen Size : 7.0” WVGA
  • Camera : Dual ( 2MP + 2MP)
  • Memory : Internal – 8GB, Expandable-Upto 16GB
  • Battery : 2200mAh
  • Android version : 2.2
  • Wi-fi : 802.11 b/g/n
  • Frequency Bands : GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900 UMTS 2100 MHz
  • Google market access : Yes
  • Processor Speed : 1GHz

Beetel Magiq Android Tablet launched in India

Beetel Magiq Tablet comes with an impressive 7 inches touchscreen along with a pixel resolutions of 800×480. The new Magiq will have Android Froyo Operating system, although Honeycomb 3.0 OS is always preferred by most of the Tablets producing companies. Now you can do high speed processing activities with Beetel Magiq since it is powered with 1 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor enabling users to process their even faster.

Looking for connectivity option, it has got many ports for 3G HSDPA connectivity, Wireless LAN connectivity, a mini USB post for PC connectivity and USB charging devices along with a good support for EDGE through GPRS.

One of the best part of this Tablet is that it has a 3G connectivity which can be used with the help of 3G SIM card from any of the networks in India. Beetel has fulfilled the promise made to its customers in terms of Storage capacity and battery life, as they included a 8GB internal memory along with 16GB expandable memory with strong battery supporting 2200 mAh and 8 hours of battery life.

Beetel Magiq Price and Data Plans

Though Beetel Magiq is not locked with any of the network but since Airtel is a group of it, so Airtel users will be getting free 3G data usage up to 2GB each month for the next 2 months after purchase. However the Beetal magiq is not updragable to Android 2.3 Gingerbread but we can expect more upcoming stuffs from this Brand. The Beetel Magip will be available in the market at the rate of Rs.9999 for Indian Users.

Beetel Magiq Availability

It is not yet available in the market but it is expected to be released with in the next two months in Indian market.

With its nice configuration and cheap price, It may give the tight competition to its competitors.

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Adobe Muse is a new beta tool developed mainly for designers to create HTML websites without having to keep the written code in mind. It is particularly developed for people who likes to design and develop websites without having to deal with the code.

If you are looking forward to spend more time in designing stuffs like InDesign and Photoshop, then Adobe Muse (code name for Adobe) will now work as a godsend to you. And if you believe that marginally to be as a code than a high profiled design, Muse has still something for you.

Adobe Muse a new Web publishing and design tool

Adobe Muse offers the two main features for better designing activities which includes

Firstly, a free mindset for designers by allowing them to use most familiar tools like Photoshop and Fireworks during their designing process instead of using the typical WYSIWYG editor. There is also another advantage for designer, now you can even import .PSD kind of files into Muse.

Secondly, Muse provides the advantage of integrating various web friendly content that it quite similar to it. It also comes with flowchart like facility along with drag and drop facility allowing you to organize page navigation with its best interface. It also offers various features for designers in integrating videos, maps and other interactive web contents using a predefined menu option.

It also offers many benefits in terms of Adobe hosting, Browser compatibility, Export to a provider facility, Trial sites for testing, along with various graphics elements of Sideshows, Tabbed and accordion panels, Light boxes, Embedded HTML, Auto-generated navigation, including some freedom to design facilities like Familiar Adobe tools, Dynamic page resizing, Image optimization, Round-trip editing, Text and paragraph styles, Precise typography, Pin to browser, Flexible width, Asset management, Preview your design.

Adobe is providing websites hosting as well option to export web pages to be exported somewhere else. You can also try out free trial sites for your convenience.

Adobe Musu is going to be fully free beta version until its official release by Adobe in the early 2012. Unlike other Creative Suites, Musu will be available on the basis of subscription needs with functionality and features for online exposure. The official and complete Suit of Adobe Musu is expected to be from $15 to $20 per month.

Try it out Adobe Musu for free