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Just read about the StickNFind app with Bluetooth stickers and found it interesting enough to share with my readers here on TGC. StickNFind stickers are the Bluetooth enable stickers which would help you finding your lost items.


Honestly, this is one of the best innovations for careless people like me who often lose the important things like, cell phone, keys, remote control, pen drives and much more. This new Bluetooth enabled stickers may help me finding my lost items without turning my house upside down.

These StickNFind stickers are just an ounce heavy and measure about the size of a quarter. These stickers are based on low-energy Bluetooth technology. You just need to stick these stickers on anything you often misplace and then the accompanying app will figure out where you kept it last.

This StickNFind app works more or less like radar. When the item with sticker comes in your range this app will give you an alert and also gives a warning alert when the item goes out of the range.

The radar functionality of the StickNFind helps locating the item but it just indicates the proximity of the item and not the direction. You just need to roam around the area and check where the signals are getting strong. Signals will get stronger when you reach near the item.

The Bluetooth stickers of StickNFind app work on the watch battery and every sticker uses a replaceable battery. The battery used in these Bluetooth stickers has a life of around one year when used for average 30 minutes a day.

The price for two StickNFind stickers is $35 and the pack of 10 stickers is priced at $150.

This is a funding campaign. StickNFind is raising funds to put the project intro full-fledged production and has set a goal of $70,000 on Indiegogo.

You can also check airport extreme with bluetooth 2.0 edr card, networking base and accessories for Apple computer systems at apple parts store.

Video Showing the Working Of StickNFind Bluetooth Stickers

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Toshiba has been giving its high tech gadgets to the world for years. The extensive list of Toshiba products include Laptops, LCD/LED TVs, projectors, cameras, tablets, computer accessories and much more. A new and innovative robot is now added to this extensive list. Toshiba Robot

A new four legged robot was today revealed by the tech giant Toshiba. This robot is specially designed to investigate the nuclear disaster held in Japan. The sole purpose of creating this four legged robot is to explore the devastated power plant in Fukushima which has not been explored since tsunami disaster in March 2011.

None of the devices or any human were yet sturdy enough to withstand the high radiations in this devastated power plant in Japan or thin enough to enter the narrow areas there. This new Toshiba robot has a capacity to bear extremely high radiations and to climb over the debris. It can also squeeze through narrow spaces.

This robot can be controlled through a wireless network. With a dosimeter, a camera and the acumen to get through the uneven terrain this robot is the best gadget to enter the devastated power plant of Fukushima.

This robot is very smartly designed and can climb the stairs and also can avoid the obstacles automatically. Having a battery life of 2hrs this robot has a maximum speed of 0.6mph.

This Toshiba robot is half a meter wide and one meter high. It has a camera in its arm which can be inserted in the extremely narrow areas to take the pictures.

This four legged robot however has the speed much lower to its predecessors but the only benefit is that the experts can navigate through the narrow and toppled areas like pipes etc.

Negative Aspects Of Fukushima Explorer Toshiba Robot

  • This Fukushima explorer robot is undoubtedly designed meticulously but there are still some glitches which came up during its demonstration.
  • During its demonstration, the Toshiba robot got misbalanced and frozen up in the air with its one leg upside down. It actually took a misstep which brought a jerk and it was misbalanced. It was then rebooted.
  • This robot lifts its legs slowly and takes about one minute to climb one step. If some unexpected debris comes in the way, this robot will take around 10 minutes to clear it.
  • If ever this robot falls in the power plant, it won’t be able to get up on its own which is a major flaw.

Despite of its flaws and negative aspects (TEPCO) Tokyo Electric Power Co, is ready to try this Toshiba robot in inspecting the suppression chamber of the plant but there is no word yet on when it will start exploring the Fukushima Plant.

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Digital signatures will soon be provided through mobile phones in India. Presently this facility is available only through computers.

This facility of digital signatures on mobile phones is to be provided by an Indian firm MobME Wireless Solution. The company has signed an agreement with Valimo Wireless Oy from Finland and Gemalto from Netherlands to go on with this get service.

digital signatures

Finland based Valimo Wireless Oy is a leading software solution provider for digital signatures and mobile authentication and Netherland based Gemalto is the world leader in digital security.

The company MobMe bought the technology rights for the service. Digital Signatures will serve as one of the most secure mode of online transactions. Even (RBI) Reserve Bank Of India has recommended it as the preferred mode of secure online transactions and log-ins.

Sanjay Vijaykumar, CEO of MobMe said in one of his statements that India has more than 900 million mobile phone subscribers and more than 15 million users of Broadband and thus mobile phone is the preferred platform for the service of digital signatures.

Digital signatures guarantee the highest levels of legal authenticity and security and thus is always supported and recommended by the IT Act in India.

Till now this wonderful service by used only through the computers but it will soon be available even for the mobile phone users. The service of digital signatures would serve best to the mGovernance services because every government department asks for the signatures with any of their applications.

However, the penetration has been limited to around three million users in the country having a population of over 1.2 billion, as till now it is used only through computer.

This service of digital signatures would also be helpful for the Indian farmers as they can now apply for different agricultural schemes from government and get the certificates instantly through the mobile phones.

Digital signatures on mobile phones could also be used by banks, mobile operators, public sectors, corporations, and other service providers.

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Love to capture the memorable moments ? Then you must have a nice camera with superb lens and LCD display. There are at present many compact cameras in the market. All the cameras from the leading camera manufacturing companies and there is stiff competition among them to get the largest market share.

Pentax Q10 –The New Compact Camera

Pentax Q10 is a new compact camera from the well known brand Pentax with an interchangeable lens and promises many good features to catch the attention of the consumers. Pentax Q10 is the new baby in the market, but it is from a reputed brand Pentax.

Pentax Ricoh Imaging Company has extended its already popular Q series camera line with Pentax Q 10. It comes with a new 1/2.3-inch sensor with 12.4-megapixels. The High Dynamic Range (HDR) functionality of the camera is able to produce the finest of photographs. Pentax Q 10 with its premium functionality is giving a stiff competition to others hybrid compact cameras like Canon’s EOS M and Nikon’s One V1.


  • 12.4 megapixel backlit CMOS sensor
  • 3.0-inch LCD display
  • ISO capabilities from 100 to 6.500
  • A stabilizing systemto detect vibrations
  • 4.0 x 2.3 x 1.3 inch in dimension
  • 200gram including batteries
  • DR II dust removal function
  • Built-in flash guide number 7
  • Improved battery life
  • Bokeh control function
  • Full HD video functionality
  • 5 frames/second high-speed continuous shooting (in JPEG)
  • In-Camera Movie Editing
  • Micro-HDMI output
  • Works with all Pentax Q-Series lenses

One of the most amazing features of the camera is that it can be personalized in 9 different ways. Before the actual click, user can see the different effects in preview mode on the LCD panel positioned at the rear side. There is also a provision of adding 19 various types of digital filters in this camera. Pentax Q10 also has a face recognition AF system that is able to locate and pay attention to up to 12 faces in a single frame. For an amateur photographer, Pentax Q10 deserves full points as the camera’s auto picture mode automatically selects the right mode for a photograph. The camera is hardly larger than a deck of cards and thus is very compact in size.


The Pentax Q 10  is very compact and light weighted camera from the brand ‘Pentax’.  The camera comes in three body colors black, silver, red, and color 97 to suit the taste of different personalities. There is nothing about this camera that can be disliked by the buyer. All the features are just excellent. Its mirror less look can  make you think that the camera is a toy instead. However, the Pentax Q10 is a solid camera with a sharp sensor and interchangeable lens for the user convenience. The camera looks very stylish in terms of appearance and functionality. Ideal for photographers  of all levels, the camera has an advanced algorithm for improved performance, with higher quality images and faster autofocus.

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The first week of November 2012 was really big time for Android lovers. Google introduced the Nexus 4 Smartphone as well as the Nexus 10 Tablet this week. However the Hurricane Sandy changed the way it was planned to, but the company managed to bring both of the Android devices in the market with a big bang. Google also brought up latest 3G options for the Nexus 7 tablet this week.

Let me describe the devices Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 separately-

Google Nexus 4

  • Google Nexus 4 is the first android device running on Android 4.2.
  • The Nexus 4 very much analogous to Galaxy Nexus. Sharing the same general factor, the device comes up with much improvement.
  • The first noticeable improvement is in the dimensions. Nexus 4 is much thinner than its precursor and also uses a better material for the exteriors.
  • The buttons of Nexus 4 are however placed in the same position as that in Google Nexus but still the glass used in both front and rear side makes it look better in hands. Nexus 4 has no memory expansion slot and the battery is also integrated.
  • I don’t know if you will agree with me or not if I say that the display on the Nexus 4 looks somewhat better than the predecessor with its 4.7-inch IPS screen and 1280 x 768 resolution.
  • 8 megapixel camera of Nexus 4 gives better clicks than its predecessor.
  • Nexus 4 has 2 GB memory and runs on fast quad-core Snapdragon chip.

After going through all its features I like the device and honestly saying the best part I liked is its slimmer and sexier look. The exclusion of the rear speaker and the glass back spruced up the looks of Nexus 4.

Let me now proceed to Nexus 10 Tablet.

Nexus 10 Tablet

The outstanding display is the best aspect to start with. Samsung built wide 10 inch screen with the excellent resolution of 2560 X 1600 brings the expected results. It won’t be an exaggeration if I call it as the Google version of Retina Display.

Nexus 10 Tablet is powered by Samsung’s next-generation Exynos 5250 chip and let me tell u that it is the same chip used in Chromebook from Google. This chip makes Nexus 10 run smooth.

While describing its best aspects how can I forget to mention the outstanding price range. You can own this amazing tablet running on Android 4.2 at $399.

I guess these two Nexus devices are the only devices running on Android 4.2 yet and so we need to wait a bit to know more about this operating system.

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Have you heard about the latest 3D desktop printer Replicator 2 launched by MakerBot? I just read about it on the Google News and felt that it is worth sharing news on TGC. So here I am with some of the known details about the latest 3D desktop printer Replicator 2.

3d desktop printer replicator 2

Replicator 2 is a fourth generation 3D desktop printer launched by MakerBot yesterday on September 19, 2012.

This latest 3D printer is build with a new and improved volume, latest software and an improved layer resolution as compared to its predecessors. The better features have definitely raised the bar for 3D printing.

Summarized Features of 3D desktop printer Replicator 2

  • 100 –micron layer resolution brings high-resolution results with smooth surfaces.
  • It comes with 410 cubic inches of creative potential which brings about 37% increased volume than previous models. It builds pieces up to 6.1(Height) X11.2(Length).
  • Multitasking machine with faster software and ready to print in less than 2 minutes
  • Dimension stability with no curling, peeling, or sliding.
  • Includes a new range of sparkly, metallic, shimmery, matte and translucent colors
  • Excellent durability with strong moving parts
  • Least shrinkage factors which brings smooth prints without any cracks.
  • Environment friendly and saves 32% energy
  • It seems like yesterday the idea of owning an affordable yet competent desktop 3D printer was unimaginable. How quickly things have changed – both in terms of quality and price.
  • Wear resistant and easy to use machine with no assembly required. Oil fused bearing made of bronze asks for less maintenance.
  • Supports .obj and .stl files and is compatible with Windows/Linux/Mac. 3d desktop printer replicator 2

The new 3D desktop printer Replicator 2 is launched with a brand new sleek design and customizable looks. It is about 3 times smaller as compared to its previous models. Steel frame build coated with black powder gives stylish looks and incredible durability. This all new 3D desktop printer Replicator 2 is resistance to humidity and temperature changes.

The first shipment of Replicator 2 desktop 3D printer is expected somewhere in early 2013 and would be tagged with a price tag of US$2,199. If you are planning to buy this amazing 3D desktop printer Replicator 2 you need to shell out additional $50 for the PLA plastic in 1kg spools.

The 100-microns finer layer of resolutions will bring the excellent and absolutely pristine 3D print outs with no noticeable build lines. If you are the one who love to do the 3D modeling in spare time, this machine is worth shelling out.

3D printing if you get it done in market is very expensive and if you are making a good sized model your printing expense would surcharge 3D desktop printer Replicator 2’s cost.

Well, to be honest I am not into 3D modeling, so this won’t be an intelligent investment for me but if you often need 3D prints to create digital models, you must surely consider this machine.

Have a look at this video where MakerBot CEO is explaining the working of 3D desktop printer Replicator 2.

Looking for your feedback and comments.

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iOS6 is now here and if you are a proud owner of any of the iOS devices like the new iPad 3, iPad 2, iPod touch, iPhone 4S, 4 or even 3GS you can upgrade your operating system to iOS6.

IOS6 has brought some great changes and some of the most talked about are the Facebook integration, improved Siri and iPhone’s keypad.  Well I must mention here that iOS 6 is still not supporting some of the latest iOS devices.

So this piece of writing is all about the BIG changes done in iOS. Let me proceed one by one –

iOS 6 Maps

iOS 6 is missing some of the most useful features of this app as compared to the former iOS app. The street view images and Google’s transit is missing in the Maps app in iOS 6, even the traffic information of some countries in missing in this new app.

Many locations in iOS 6 are inaccurate and also not having the up-to-date information. Wrongly categorized business, mismarked street addresses and wrong landmarks are also reported by the iOS 6 users.

However there are a few new features added to the app which were very much needed in iOS. The new features include turn by turn directions, flyover and the 3D aerial view of streets.

iOS 6

If you still want to access the complete app of Google Maps you can use Safari on your iOS 6 device. Google however has not yet announced any official app for iOS 6 and seeing the conflict between two giants, I am not at all sure that it will ever happen.

Siri in iOS 6

Seeing the massive usage of SIRI in iPhone 4S users Apple has come up with new development in SIRI for iOS 6 users. Stats show that SIRI has been one of the favorite features of iPhone users ever since its inception and thus iOS 6 has come up with a great addition to it.

I am talking Facebook integration and Twitter integration. The SIRI user in iOS 6 can now update their Facebook status or Tweet through SIRI. You just have to dictate your update and SIRI will post it for your on Facebook or Twitter.


If you look for a killer feature in iPhone or iPod touch, I am sure you will end up on camera. The feature of camera has come up with some good updates in iOS 6.

You can now click the panoramic pictures from your iOS 6 device and can instantly save it to your camera roll. You can also edit the picture directly on camera.

I know that there many apps which allow you to edit the picture but having it done in the camera itself is something new, good and faster. This feature is however accessible only on the latest iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S.

iOS 6 also brings the awesome feature of sharing photo streams but then again with a limitation. You can enjoy the shared stream only with the friends on Apple devices. You can also like and comment on the photos shared by your friends.


iOS has always kept the mail app clean and simple but in iOS 6 there are some additional features which make it a fun app. You can now add a video or a photo in your email. In the former iOS mail app the users had to paste the image in email from the photos app.

Another new feature in Mail app is the VIP option in emails. This feature marks the important emails in your inbox. You just need to select your contact and select Add to VIP, and then the emails sent by those senders will come in a special VIP folder.

iOS 6 Passbook

This is a very new feature in iOS 6 which works as a wallet for all your important loyalty cards, tickets, passes, coupons etc. However it doesn’t allow the payments like Google Wallet but still works as a place to keep your various important cards. Passbook is not accessible in iPad.

Along with the above mentioned features IOS6 also brings up some new goodies like message for ignored calls, DND feature, Remind Me Later option and Safari Offline Reading tool.

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There is a lot of tittle-tattle going on all around the internet about new iPhone5 and the special next generation Apple EarPods specially designed for the same.

apple earbuds

New Apple EarPods

After a huge speculation all around web Apple finally revealed its uniquely designed ear pods in a media event in San Francisco on Wednesday September 13, 2012.

These simple white ear phones have been popular among the iPod users since 2001 and Apple has now released it with some modifications. There are some minor changes in design and a few features like remote and microphone are added to it.

I don’t know about all but yes I am fascinated with the new oval design of next generation Apple EarPods.

Let’s talk about its features in details-

  • Design- As per the statement given by Apple officials the new Earpods are designed in a specific manner so that they get perfectly fit in every ear. Apple has changed the rounded geometry into oval shape in order to make them comfortably fit in the ear. Apple officials have mentioned it in their official website that they scanned hundred of ears and picked out a common shape and a common value which helped them in designing the oval shape ear pods.
  • Durability- Apple claims it to be durable and according to the statements given on the official website they have tested the new ear pods with more than 600 people. Testers were made run on treadmills wearing the Apple EarPods and were tested in both extreme cold and hot conditions. The Apple EarPods are claimed to have best protection from water and sweat. The testers were also asked to shake their heads wearing the Apple EarPods to test the stability in the ear.
  • Sound Quality- The new Apple EarPods are designed in a special geometrical shape so that they throw the sound direct in the ear. Apple has built in a series of ports in the ear pods which provide the consistent listening experience even in the fluctuating frequencies.

The new Apple EarPods are however released with the smartest Smartphone of Apple iPhone5 but it will work with all models of iPods, iPads and iPhones. So if you own any of these Apple devices you can have the enthralling experience of the newly designed Apple EarPods.

The new Apple EarPodsare not yet available in the physical stores but you can order them online at iStore by paying $29.99.

Check out the video below to know more about the all new Apple EarPods.

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iPhone 5 is finally released and what do you think…will this bigger iPhone claim the fame of being second giving of Steve Jobs? Will it be the best phone ever by Apple?

iphone 5

I don’t think so!!! All I think is that it will just be a new Smartphone, that’s it. And if I compare the goodwill of iPhone and the wide range of Android Smartphone around my notion becomes even stronger.


I have logical reasons behind that.

Look, as far as I know…

Android phones are sold out worldwide and it leads the iPhone sale by a wide margin. Even with it’s all the hypes and hysterics in market iPhone comes second to Android Smartphone.

You don’t believe me right? Well let me tell you the exact stats released by IHS, I read somewhere…

The shipment of Android Smartphone is cumulative ever since its inception in 2008 and by the end of 2013 it will break the record of 1.1 billion. And now if we see the shipments of iPhone from Apple, this is supposed to reach just 527 million by the end of 2013. IHS further states that iPhone won’t reach 1.1 billion mark even by 2015.

Android Smartphones are the first choice of people in the age groups 18-34 which is the major segment of Smartphone users. Even the recent triumph of Apple against Samsung in U.S. courtroom didn’t make any difference in ratings among the two.

In fact this case in courtroom brought benefit for Android Smartphone and many of the Americans think that if Samsung Smartphone actually looks like iPhone, why spend more.

What an Irony!

Well moving further with my post I would now like to add a few reasons of saying NO to iPhone 5.

Reasons For Not Buying iPhone 5


  1. None of your old accessories would work

Though, I am not sure but if you are planning to buy an iPhone 5; you probably own an iPad or an old iPhone already. So if this is the case, let me tell you that none of your old accessories could be used in iPhone 5. You have to buy all new accessories with new iPhone 5 because none of the old ones are compatible to it. Everything means everything, right from the charger to the new Apple EarPods.

2.      No Memory Card Slot-

The most important thing that we need in a Smartphone is memory. I’ll tell you why. Smartphone have so much to do with and to install and use any app or feature you need good enough memory and how would you react if your Smartphone is not having a memory card slot?

Yes that’s true. iPhone 5 don’t boast a memory card slot so if you want to have some extra space in your new iPhone 5, I am sorry to say but you need to buy another phone. (Witty). Though Apple always sells out iPhone with different memory capacity at different rates but still I feel that Memory Card Slot is one of the basic needs.

3.      LTE is not accessible everywhere

If you are planning to shell out a good enough amount on iPhone just to get super fast connectivity of LTE  or 4G, let me tell you that it is not accessible everywhere. Though the carriers claim to provide it but to tell the truth Carriers stick the 4G over the old 3G services. LTE or 4G is accessible only in vast areas of US only and moreover if you get LTE somewhere by luck, you will get faint seeing the usage plans.

4.      The larger display isn’t that good

I agree that the display is larger from the predecessors but do you think that all the apps might look good on this bigger display. I don’t think so and the reason is that not all the apps are designed according to this new and bigger display. I know that the apps may get updated soon but for now, you won’t be able to enjoy most of the iOS apps on your highly paid new iPhone 5.

5.      Months Long Waiting

If you want to shell out your hard earned money for this iPhone just for the sake of owning the latest gadget, let me tell you that it will months to come to your hands. Furthermore it is not yet available worldwide.

Even after reading the reasons above you are still willing to buy the iPhone 5, I would suggest you to have patience and wait for a few months till the vendors update the apps and who knows, LTE might be available in your area by then (Witty).

I am a big Android Fan and your notions might vary but this is what I feel about the new iPhone 5. You might want to also check out comparison chart of iPhone 5 vs HTC Windows Phone 8X vs Nokia Lumia 920 vs Samsung Galaxy S III.

Would love to your have comments here.

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People who like to play new and Latest Games are getting bored with the old collection of games. After few dry months for gamers, here is good news for them. Gaming season was boosted with some exciting Latest PS3 Games in the last few weeks. If you are one of the game savvy people and saving your money for buying some exciting games, here is the opportunity for you. Some really mind blowing games are just launched in the month of August.

And to add more excitement, all these Latest PS3 Games are different in approach and concept. You will get a variety of games from First person Shooter games to even adventure games. So, this gaming season is likely to make excited both a newcomers as well as experienced gamers.

Latest PS3 Games

Here is a sneak peak of some of the most exciting and latest PS3 games that have arrived in the market.

1)      Sleeping Dogs

Sleeping dog is a game that has got the inspiration from Asian and classic Hollywood action thrillers. The two most renowned companies named Square Enix London Studios and United Front Games has developed the game. Gamers here will act on a role of secretly cop named Wei Shen who has to take charge against the criminal organizations. The game is available in all three versions that is Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

2)      Darksiders 2   

Darksiders 2 is one of the most awaiting sequels of the Darksiders I which has just launched in the second week of August. It was developed by Vigil games and marketed by THQ. Here the players will play the character of Death. The plot of the game is more or less similar with the previous version. So, as a fan of this game, you will be in familiar environment. In this game, Death will set on a journey to rescue his brother, War. Death will search for evidence to proof his brother’s innocence.

3)      Transformers: Fall of Cybertron

Transformers: The fall of Cybertron, the latest addition in the transformers series, was released on 21 August, 2012 for XBOX 360, Microsoft Windows and Play station 3. It is definitely the game that you have longed for. It will take you to the most thrilling climax where there is a fight between Deceptions and Autobots. Here the gamers have the opportunity to create their own character as the way they want.

4)      Counter Strike Global Offensive

After a long waiting, finally the latest version of the most favorite games of gamers, Counter Strike Global Offensive was launched in the third week of August. Though the most exciting features of this game that is cross play platform has been removed from the latest version, it has many other features that you will definitely love. It is available in the most of playing devices like PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 and XBOX live arcade etc.

5)      Ratchet and Clank Collectionlatest games

Ratchet and clank collection is a trilogy that is exclusively designed for PS3. The game is divided into three parts. They are, Ratchet & Clank, Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal and Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando.  The latest version has 3D support which will add another dimension in the game.

Hope my list of Latest PS3 Games will bring some enthusiasm in the game freaks all around. I would like to know if you have some more of latest games in your list.