How to Change the Visited Link Color in the Google Search Results

I feel uncomfortable when I see the Google search results because both the visited link color and ‘not-visited’ link color on the Google search appears same for me. By default the Google shows the visited link color in the light blue and unvisited link color in the dark blue.

So, I felt I needed a custom color for the visited  link in the Google search results. If you are the person who may have problems with the  color vision and want to change the default visited color in the Google search results then here is a small tutorial which helps you to change default visited link color in the Google search results with the User Script


User Style

User Styles Add-on for the Firefox

The User Style scripts empowers your browsing experience by adding custom interface to the web. The User Styles Add-on for the Firefox helps you to write a custom user style and execute it. After installation of this Add-on go to Firefox Add-on page by hitting Ctrl+Shift+A keyboard shortcut. In the Add-on’s tab go to User Styles tab which is on the left side of the Tab. In User Styles tab hit the ‘Write New Style’ button at the top, later give the title for the user style and copy the following code in the text box.

User Style Addon for Firefox

@namespace url(;
@-moz-document domain(“”) {
a:visited{color:black !important}


User Style Extension for the Chrome Browser

Chrome extension User Style

This extension is also available for the Chrome browser and it works far better than the Firefox extension to the Chrome extension. After the installation of this extension for the Chrome browser an user styles icon is displayed besides the wrench icon at the top right corner of the browser. Then hit the icon and hit Manage installed styles link which navigates you to the stylish there hit Write new style button at the left and enter the above code.

In the last line of the code we have described the color as black instead of black choose your own color which displays the best color for visited links in the Google search results for you.


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