How to Download anything legally for free

Internet is huge and due to loads and loads of websites muddled on search engines on every topic sometimes it gets difficult to find what you are actually looking for. I can say this because I have faced this situation many times.

I sometimes find very hard to find some specific files like PDF books, wallpapers, music, free software or videos etc on file search engine just because of the similar results displayed by the search engines. I am glad that I found General-files website as it is a perfect mode to find such content in an easier way.

Why I love General-files

  • It has over five millions downloadable files which include software, video, PDF books, wallpapers and much more content which I always looked for.
  • I can set my most used keywords as alerts here so that when any file with that particular keyword is shared on the General-files websites I get an email alert.
  • All files shared here are refined and the best part is that the moderators here keep changing or repairing the crappy files or the broken download links.
  • I can locate any of my desired files easily with the help of General-catalogue.
  • I can download all files for free here.
  • The filter in the website helps me refining my search.

General-catalog is a free file directory great collection of downloadable files and the best part is that each file is described with detailed description and is categorized in a well suited category. This makes it easy for a use to locate a file.

The categorized database of free directory General-catalog can complete all our needs of downloading different kind of files. General-files started the service by name General-catalog to meet with the requirements of the visitors. It helps a user to identify the correct file. It not only helps a user locating the file but also provide the detailed description about every link.


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