Best eBook Readers Available in Market

eBook readers have gained considerable popularity over the past few years and its ubiquity continues to grow among the reading population. The simple-in-looks devices have opened a new chapter in learning as they offer access to information anytime, anywhere and at any place.

That said; there are dozens of eBook readers available today so certain factors should be considered before buying any of them. What are those? For those who are not aware, there are two basic classes of eBook readers:

  1. Black-and-white E-ink models – These eBook readers are capable of offering much longer battery life. Moreover, they employ Pearl E Ink technology that offers superb ‘paperlike’ reading experience in direct sunlight and are available at affordable prices.
  2. Color LCD models – These types of eBook readers are much like miniature tablets in function. They include apps, video, music, games, and more. In short, Color LCD models function as full-blown tablets.

Besides this, color LCD models with touch-screen are useful for buying new books and search terms over the air using an on-screen QWERTY keyboard. Also, some models come with memory card slots and headphone jacks for listening to audiobooks or music.

So, let’s dig-in a bit deep to find Best eBook readers available in market till date.

Kindles from Amazon: All the devices allow you to browse, download, buy eBooks and read newspapers and magazines.

Amazon Kindle

The first generation eBook reader from Amazon makes use of E-Ink display technology on a Black-and-white screen. The 6-inch device has 3G/ Wi-Fi connectivity option and has a browser support too. Unlike most gadgets (laptops and Smartphones), the device does not get warm. This makes reading a more comfortable experience. The price starts at $79.

Amazon Kindle Keyboard

Kindle Keyboard like many eBook Readers uses E-Ink display technology for delivering crisp and clear texts and images. It carries up to 3500 books and can last up to two months with a single charge (based upon a half-hour of daily reading time with wireless off).

The device also gives real page numbers that correspond to print editions so you can easily remember where you last stopped reading.

Kindle Touch

If you prefer turning eBook pages just by swiping over a screen then you should find Kindle Touch as a solid pick. It supports EasyReach touch technology that lets you read easily with one hand and new X-Ray feature which allows you to look up characters, historical figures, and interesting phrases.

The device is more like a tablet computer is available in both versions, Wi-Fi as well as 3G.

  1. Kindle Wi-Fi $ 139 (with no ad-support)
  2. Kindle 3G $189 (with no special offers)

Kindle DX

This device uses E-Ink technology which produces clearest texts and sharpest images on the 9.7-inch humongous screen. Besides this, it has the ability to Hold up to 3,500 books, periodicals, and documents.

Kindle DX Display auto-rotates from portrait to landscape when you turn the device. This makes it easy for you to view full-width maps, graphs, tables, and Web pages.

Barnes and Noble Nook Color

The Barnes & Noble Nook Color (aka Encore) is a touchscreen eBook reader manufactured by Barnes & Noble. The E-Book reader behaves much like a miniature tablet. Its color interface is the most essential feature. For comfortable reading experience, it offers different text sizes, fonts and background colors.

The Nook Color includes a library section which is organized neatly with books, magazines, and newspapers. One can also give options for creating his own sets of content (“my shelves”). That apart, Nook Color supports a variety of file formats, including PDF, ePub, and text files; JPG, PNG, GIF, and BMP image files; MP4 videos; MP3 and AAC audio files; and Microsoft Office files (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint).

After reading the content on Nook Color for long periods I bet you will be thoroughly satisfied with the reading experience that this device offers.

Sony Reader PRS – T1

Sony Reader PRS-T1 has a 167ppi 16-level grey-scale screen that uses E-Ink pearl technology. Being a touch-screen reader it allows you to swipe to the left or right to turn pages and pinch to zoom in a newspaper article or a web page. The Sony eBook reader offers up to 1.3 GB space for books.

One important feature of PRS-T1 that needs to be highlighted here is that you can hold down on any word to see a dictionary look-up. The device offers some entertainment too as it allows you to play music files.

Apart from English the device supports 12 more languages. Sony makes sure that its avid readers never fall short of books and therefore makes available about 2 million books in their eBook store. Currently, Sony Reader costs approximately £129. That is still £40 more than the Kindle 4

Kobo eReader Touch

The Kobo’s third generation eReader , Kobo eReader Touch is the smallest and lightest 6-inch E Ink e-readers  offered by the company till date. It weighs 0.44 pounds only and its other dimensions make it the easiest tablet to hold in one hand.

Since Kobo eReader Touch is a touch-screen device, you just need to tap the screen lightly to open a book, turn a page, and select a menu and more. If you’re reading a PDF, you can double-tap to zoom in to a page and make it bigger. You can carry out the same operation to zoom out.

Also, you can use the swipe gesture to page through books that you are reading. To page forward, simply place your finger on the right edge of screen and quickly move it horizontally to the left. The page will turn just like a real book.

Infibeam Pi/Pi2

Infibeam has come up with a new version of Infibeam Pi, Pi2 or better known as Pi Square. The new model now features Wifi connectivity, and a touch screen, both of which were absent in the first generation Pi.

Besides, there is also a web browser added for internet surfing on the device. That said; Pi2 comes with a pair of earphones and supports a music library and as mentioned, there is Wi-Fi connectivity for enabling the purchase and download of e-books over the device.

The six inch e-ink based Pi2 costs approximately $ 180 (12,000 INR) and is available at Infibeam’s online store.

Let’s have a look at full comparison chart:

ebook reader comparison



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