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Facebook Launches the New Subscriber Button

Here is some good news for Facebook users. Facebook in its latest releases adds up a Subscriber Button, making it more optimized.
Subscribe button is already on the roll and soon will be available for usage. (For some of the user, it is now available.)

Until now it hasn’t been easy for you to choose what you want to see on the news feed page of Facebook. As usual if you aren’t a gamer on Facebook, you definitely don’t want to see your news feed page flooded with game posts. Or simply you want to see updates from friends and coworkers, Well the solution is here in Facebook’s subscribe button.

How does it work?

The subscription option will be available on the top right of the profile page. Listed all the options in the drop menu.
Your friends are already subscribed you for see updates from you and same with you.

If you choose to allow public subscribers, only that particular people can see things that you share are marked public. This is in contrast to follow model of twitter.

Adjusting options: Subscribe button will appear on the profile page’s weather it’s your friends page or some ones else. Use the options below to set what all you would like to see from him. Now this is an optional service says Facebook.

This feature will come handy when your brother plays Mafia Wars game and generate too many posts or some of your friends posts inane status one too many. This is going to help if want to get updates from Celebrities, Journalists and high profile personals.

How to find subscriptions:

It is not at all difficult to you to find subscription. Facebook will be showing suggestion of people you should subscribe based on the mutual friends subscriptions. These suggestions will appear on right sidebar somewhere around where friend suggestions are displayed now days. Facebook’s “Subscribe for Public Figures”.PDF document details everything about this module.

The mechanism it follows could be better understood as, Suppose you subscribe to the TheGeeksClub profile on Facebook, You will now be able to see all the public updates from us such as photos, videos, updates and all stuff. On other hand we will never be able to see your updates unless you have set “allow public subscribers” to your profile and we have subscribed with your profile, simple as that.

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