Five features we’d love to see in Ubuntu 12.04

Ubuntu 12.04, aka Precise Pangolin will be the next release of the ‘Linux for human beings’ distro that is Ubuntu. Ubuntu has gained worldwide popularity because it is safe, secure, simple and above all, its free! Ubuntu has long been the favourite of geeks and enthusiasts, including myself. We’re eagerly waiting for the release, that’ll take place in spring 2012. Here is a compilation of five features that we ought to see on the next major installment.

1. Integrated WINEWINE is one of the first package someone installs, when he/she installs Ubuntu. My simple advice is, integrate WINE into Ubuntu. For those of you who don’t know, WINE (Wine Is Not a Emulaor) is an application that allows unmodified Windows applications to be run on Linux using open source dlls.

This software is a must need for all and it should be integrated into the liveCD, as most Ubuntu users who are migrators from Windows, do miss their applications.

2. Dual Interface Windows 8 with its dual metro and classic UI was able to win many fans. With native GNOME3 support in Ubuntu 12.04, Canonical can do some serious changes with the native UI and make a new UI, something more usable and flashy than the boring Unity. Ubuntu has a nice consortium of visual effects, that can be done more with if users have a choice, just like Aero Flip.  I think all users can submit their versions of the same, if they wish to and there’s enough time for canonical to integrate them in the Pangolin!

3. Touchscreen supportUbuntu does support touch input but the output is haphazard, with no application optimized fully for touchscreens. Take the case of LibreOffice, its all buttons and buttons, some of which are too small to be used for touch based devices, Touchscreens, becoming the norm of the day, with tablets and touch monitors do have a nice future. A guy, superfoor has given a nice implementation of this on a fan art…

 4. VLC integration into the shellAfter Rhythmbox and Banshee, now its the time of the most popular open source media player int he world, the evergreen VLC. I really liked how Banshee and Rhythmbox were integrated. VLC with its wider format support, smoothness, quickness and its plethora of options is awesome. It is a request to Canonical to do it as quickly as they can.


5. Cloud MenuCloud apps on Chromium can be shown on the Applications menu by the name of cloud/online category. It’ll help faster computing on high speed networks. Also cloud apps must be given some privileges to the system, so as to help in better integration. Just like Ubuntu One, more cloud based apps should be added.

Give us these five features and Ubuntu 12.04 will be a definite hit. If someone agrees/disagrees with the points stated by me, he/she is free to comment. Also you may add more points if you wish to!

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