bypass icloud activation

How to bypass iCloud Activation on iOS Devices

When you buy or reset an iOS device like iPhone or iPad, the very first thing you need to do is to activate the device using your iCloud account. If you have purchased an iOS device and it’s still locked, you will not be able to use or operate it until you unlock your device first. Good thing is that you can bypass iCloud activation of your device by yourself as well. You can bypass an iCloud activation on your iPad or iPhone by following these steps right as mentioned here.

Step 1: Start Over. When you haven’t unlocked your activation yet on your iOS device, you will be shown “Activation Lock” screen on your device with ‘Apple ID’ and ‘Password’ fields. Tap the Home button of your device. You will see an option of “Start Over” on the bottom pop up. Tap on it.

 Step 2: Select Language. Tapping on “Start Over” will bring the list of languages on the screen. Tap on the language of your preference. For instance, Tap on “English”.

Step 3: Select Region. After selecting your desired language, you will be redirected to the next page. This page brings you the list of the Countries and Regions. Tap on your country. For instance, click on “United States”.

Step 4: Choose a Wi-Fi network. You will need to choose your Wi-Fi network. You will see an option of “I” at the right corner of your Wi-Fi network, which is the icon for More Information. Tap on it.

If you don’t see the icon, press the Home button, it will show you the option of “More Wi-Fi settings”. Tap on that option.

 Step 5: Enter DNS. Tapping on more information icon, you will be given a look at the options for your chosen Wi-Fi network. Go to the DNS field and tap on it. Enter the DNS according to the Region you have chosen. For instance, enter for the USA.

DNS server IP addresses for the USA:, Europe: and Asia:

Step 6: Connect to Wi-Fi. Once you are done entering your DNS, tap on the “Back” button at the top left of your screen. You will be brought back to the Wi-Fi lists page. Tap on your Wi-Fi network to connect to it.

If you have set a password for your Wi-Fi network, then you will be asked to enter the password. Enter your Wi-Fi password to continue.

 Step 7: Tap on Menu. You are now connected to the server. You will see options for “Language” and “Menu” on the screen. Tap on Menu to access the iCloud DNS Bypass functions. Tapping on it will show you the lists of services. All these services are absolutely free.

Now you can use all these services on your iOS device. These steps are compatible with all versions of iOS. Just remember to enter the DNS according to your chosen region before connecting to the Wi-Fi network. And as we know, all these services are absolutely free. I hope these steps were clear enough to help you out.