How to Open a Wine Bottle Without a Corkscrew

Wine, said to be the first alcoholic beverage discovered. No wonder it still has so many lovers all across the globe. But as we know, wine bottles are traditionally closed with corks. There are corkscrews to open these corks. It’s understood that you are not always carrying a corkscrew but should that stop you from having the taste of your wine? It shouldn’t. There are many ways to open a wine bottle even if you don’t have a corkscrew at any moment. You can use a knife, screw, and pliers, scissor, a towel or a shoe, keys, a screwdriver, a toothbrush or even a blowtorch. Here, screw & pliers, knives, keys, and scissors are used in a similar method.

Method 1: Opening a wine bottle using screw & pliers, knives and scissors

Screw & pliers. First, take a screw and a screwdriver. Then drill the screw with the screwdriver in the middle of the cork of the wine bottle. It will make a firm grip with the cork. Make sure you keep the screw out enough to be grabbed by the pliers. Hold the wine bottle with one hand and use your pliers to pull the screw out with the other hand. While pulling out, twist it upwards so that it will go smooth with the cork and pull it along. That’s it.

A knife or a scissor. As mentioned in the beginning, it will also be used the same way. Stab the sharp point part right into the middle of the cork. Push it approx. a centimeter inside so that it will make a firm grip with the cork. Once it is in, pull it upwards with a twist. Remember, twisting always helps. It will take the cork out enough for you to pull it out afterward.

A key. It also follows the same method. But the opening of a key is not as sharp as a knife or a scissor. So you will have to insert it diagonally through the cork. When it’s inserted enough through the cork, twist it upwards with a little force. You will get enough of cork pulled out along with the key. Then just pull it out.

Method 2: Opening a wine bottle using a towel or a shoe

When we mention that you can open a wine bottle using a towel or a shoe, it doesn’t mean that you have to use them as openers. In this method, we will show you how to use either of them as a medium. This method follows Newton’s 3rd law of motion. Full marks if you still remember it. It says, every action has an equal and opposite reaction. So we will open the wine bottle using its own force.

You can open the wine bottle by gently hitting the bottom of the bottle on the wall. Make sure you don’t hit the corners of the bottom. But before you start the proceedings, cover the bottom of your wine bottle with a towel or a shoe. Well, for obvious reasons. Covering the bottle will prevent it from breaking the bottle. You can fold the towel to the bottom of the bottle as many times as you feel will be enough to save it from cracking. Or you can use your shoe as well. Put the bottom of the wine bottle in the opening of the shoe. And then hit it on the wall. Keep the process continue until the cork is out enough to be pulled by hands. Or it will open the cork by itself and you may end up wasting a bit of wine on the floor.

Method 3: Opening a wine bottle using a blowtorch

You can also open the wine bottle using a blowtorch. Light the blowtorch first. Blow it at the point where you see the bottom of the cork. It will raise the temperature of the area and will force the cork upwards. Keep moving the torch with the moving cork. At the end, the cork will be blown out of the bottle. Care for your lips and don’t sip the bottle right away.

Method 4: Opening a wine bottle using a screwdriver or a toothbrush

When nothing works right and you are running out of these things, then also you can have your wine. All it matters is the wine, no matters how it comes. So be a thug and get rid of the crock. Just push the cork inside the bottle using a screwdriver or a toothbrush or anything that can push it inside. Place the object in the middle of the cork and push it side. Keep pushing it until it completely falls in the wine. Of course, it will float on the surface but it won’t be any obstacle as it will get to the bottom of the bottle when you move the bottle to pour wine in the glass.

So that’s it. You don’t have to worry about the cork from now on. When there is a will, there is a way, they said. Well said. Not all good things come to an end.