Installing Skype

How to use Skype

Skype is the most popular service that allows you to chat with voice over the Internet. By installing Skype on your computer you can freely speak to another person that has Skype installed. You can also use Skype for instant messaging and you can also connect your computer directly to a landline or mobile phone if you buy credits.

Well, here we are going to guide you how to use Skype, follow the guidelines below:

1. Install Skype: Go to official Skype webpage and download the free application and install it on your computer.

2. Create Skype Account: Now you have to create Skype Account, for that Go to Skype Signup form Page. And fill up the form, then simply start Skype Program( that you have installed in Step 1).

3. Login in Skype: Now, login to your Skype Account using the username and password that you have created in step 2. Once you logged in you will see following screen:

4. Test the sound: When you logged in you will see there Echo/sound test service in the contact list. Echo/sound test service is used to test the audio quality of Skype and see if your microphone is working properly or not.


Note: To make voice calls, you must have a microphone and speakers or headphones.

5. Add contacts: Want to add your friend in the contact list, so that you can reach them fast. Then Simply click on Add a Contact. Now, you have to enter your fiends details like Email, Phone number, Full Name and Skype Name.

Once you have filled the form then simply click on Add button to add your friend in your Skype contact list.

6. Call friends for a chat: In the left column, your contacts appear. The icon next to the name of who is online appears in green. Click on the name. In the right column, the screen conversation.

You can chat via text by typing at the bottom. To make a voice call, click on Connect and the program will call on your friend’s computer.

The latest version 5.5 also allows you to chat with your Facebook friends.

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